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"We don’t become illumined by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious." C.G.JUNG

The Wetiko dreamspell projects its madness through us in the world.

Recognizing Wetiko means winning yourSELF back and dispelling the mindparasite.
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COGNITIVE WARFARE: The Battle for Your Brain

NATO has taken aim at a new target: your brain. Their 'Cognitive Warfare' report describes a hybrid of biotech/nanotech, social engineering, information warfare & psychological operations, and total surveillance, with a stated goal of "harming brains" of even civilians, to impair cognition and disable critical thinking.

We are approaching not just the end of free speech, but of free thought, by associating any questioning of the official narrative with "extremism" and "terrorism." Christian breaks it down in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.

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FULL SHOW NOTES: https://www.iceagefarmer.com/2021/10/19/cognitive-warfare-the-battle-for-your-brain-part-one/
" Destroying your identity to gain power over you is the modus operandi of evil" [...]

"Benjamin Franklin taught that those who give up liberty to gain security will soon have neither. This is not an idle observation. The pattern of tyranny clearly shows that the entire purpose of presenting you with the need for security is to convince you to yield your liberty. That is everything authority wants. The demand for security is raised by those who seek power over you. This is how they create enemies." Jeremy Locke- The end of all evil

Great read full of wisdom!👇👇👇👇👇
Forwarded from Awake in the Dream
I know the impulse to hate those that are choosing to follow and enforce mandates is strong. I know you want to write off everyone that doesn't agree with you. I know it's easy to cast others as the villain in your story. But guess what - without a villain you wouldn't wake up as the hero of yours. Without tyranny many of us wouldn't be awake to our sovereignty. Without the strong presence of darkness many of us would not feel the compulsion toward the light.

“Throughout history, whenever genuine spiritual realization flourished in our species were also the exact times when the activated invisible forces of darkness were consciously recognized, which is to say that these are not two separate processes—waking up and seeing the darkness—but are one and the same process, two sides of the same coin that always go together.

...the process of descent—as universally exemplified in the myth of the hero—reveals that only in the region of danger can we find the alchemical “Treasure Hard to Attain.” To quote Jung, “The descent into the depths will bring healing. It is the way to the total being, to the treasure which suffering mankind is forever seeking, which is hidden in the place guarded by terrible danger. This is the place of primordial unconsciousness and at the same time the place of healing and redemption, because it contains the jewel of wholeness.”
Timely reflections from Paul Levy

Everyone is in their right place. Everyone is waking up at the pace they need to wake up. Everyone is playing a vital role. Be grateful that you have eyes to see, for you were likely blind at one point, right?

We must not fall prey to the division psyop and harden our hearts to those that have made choices we disagree with. Preserve your humanity and move forward in peace. Fighting with the "others" is a self-inflicted prison sentence in a fruitless and toxic negative feedback loop.

Further reading from Paul Levy:
Restoring a Healthy Brain (1/2)

Hostile beliefs or parasitic memes ("Memes are packets of information that spread from one brain to another"-R. Dawkins 1979) are the software that first infiltrate thought, then hijack the brainhardware and the whole person.

Humans are generally brought into the world with the capacity for healthy thinking. Genetics, epigenetics and socialization either enhance or dull this trait. If one's own distortions in thinking are not noticed, they sink to the bottom of the personality and have an unnoticed (unconscious) effect there on all decisions of the human being more or less powerfully. The human being was so taken over hostilely and is remote-controlled without even noticing it!!!!. To top it all off, it then attacks people with healthy, but uncommon thinking as a puppet of the matrix control agenda and calls them "conspiracy theorists, corona deniers, vaccination opponents, etc."...

The personality (EGO) is usually the accumulation of the individual distorted beliefs and untruths in contrast to the true SELF, which represents the divine truth. Awakening or enlightenment is thus the unmasking of the distortion and dissolution of the mental loops and a manifestation of the true SELF in the personality (EGO). We become the instrument of truth by exposing the lie. This means work and requires skills. First of all, it is essential to observe one's own thinking, which can be learned well in meditation. In doing so, one can always get out of thought loops and whole bubbles and peel the new I, as a perceiving instance outside of this bubble, free of it. Truth is already there, it is only superimposed! The overlaying of the lie requires a lot of effort and toil, while the truth without effort is already there as a natural law, without man having to do something for it. We can take it like a fortifying fortress.

The brain is to be seen more as an antenna for consciousness than as a storage place. Dysbalances lead to distortions in the reception of divine truth and clouding of perception to an individual reality. Wisdom is the recognition of truth by a balanced brain, which can think both rationally analytically in detail, and holistically emotionally and does not lose focus of the big picture.

Dysbalances towards a left brain dominance (male) are:

classical over-rationalization with reduction of the ability to feel (thinking > feeling)
loss in detail
social dominance instead of harmony
Ruler instead of slave
activity instead of passivity
Inability to meditate, because thinking presents itself as without alternative
over-intellectualization with loss of ethics
Science is religion
suppression of sacred feminine

Dysbalances towards right-brain dominance (female) are:

Harmony addiction and emotional neediness, which is not seldom sold as love
susceptibility to manipulation by neglecting rational thinking in favor of an emotional childlike naivety
Slave instead of ruler
blind belief in religion, saviorhood and "all is well" mentality up to complete passivity and slavery, which is not infrequently sold as "devotion"
high susceptibility for new-age religions, because one thinks one can "feel" the truth in them
suppression of sacred masculine

Only a dysbalanced brain comes to unbalanced beliefs and twisted truths. The non-recognition of one's own distortions is precisely because the truth instrument (mind) is distorted, clouded or parasitically infiltrated and the one-sided overload has already had a physical-biological effect on the antenna (the brain). We just believe the shit we see, think, believe and perceive! We are victims of our own or formerly own brain.

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Part https://t.me/WETIKO/457
Restoring of a healthy brain (2/2)

In the most extreme for example, people hijack planes and fly them into skyscrapers in the name of good (GOD), whereupon other people start waging war on terror (as well in the name of good GOD). 🧐🤨🤪

An attack of the NWO (New World Order)on the human system apparently takes place both with parasitic memes:

New Age Religion ("No Resistance", "All is Well", "Don't Get Upset", "YCYOR").
Gender posturing
false feminism (women = men)
over-sexualization of society
Nazification of dissenters
Virus mania
Hegelian dialectic
Social warrior syndrom

as well as with biological Noxae/poison directly on the brain takes place:

neurotoxic heavy metals and other substances in medicine, food and chemtrails
Charging of the metalized human being with electromagnetic frequency cocktail (5G)
Suppression of natural healing methods
Transhumanization with nanobots and consciousness-inserting units (graphene as Black Goo)
Infiltration of foreign DNA and gene manipulationb

Do not believe everything you think and do not think everything you believe!

The search for truth starts inside:

René Descartes coined the Enlightenment with his famous saying "Cogito ergo sum", which is unfortunately clouded translated as: "I think, therefore I am".

In translation, of course, it is complete nonsense, because even without thinking, I continue to be. But we know the word cogito also as process of perception (cognition) and we can translate it new: "I perceive/perception happens, therefore I am!"

And with that we have arrived at the zero point, the orientation of the mind to NormalNull. From there o, we can do rational science and look at and sort out twisted memes and reclaim lost brain terrain.

At present, humanity is as divided between over-enlightened thinkers and over-emotional spiritual heart people as it has rarely been. According to the NWO agenda of "divide and conquer", the human system must also be divided first.

A healthy balance leads to the holy spirit that unites true feminine spirituality with true masculine rational mind and frees from the distortions of false overemphasis.

1 here:
...its all about deception!😂
"Any human endeavor rooted in the pursuit of truth must rely on facts and not feelings. (...) British prison psychiatrist Theodore Dalrymple observed: “[I]s it not the case that we live in an age of emotional incontinence, when they who emote the most are believed to feel the most?” Remember though that one’s heartfelt outrage seldom says anything about the truth or falsehood of one’s position." Gad Saad - The parasitic mind
Toxic distorted memes
Benjamin Franklin taught that those who give up liberty to gain security will soon have neither.
The Benefit of shouting out your opinion and colliding with error:

When its true, all is well and it proved your calibration, when its wrong you've learned about wetiko and can enjoy the exposing of the lie in the name of truth. Please stand the urge to feel ashamed enough to protect the lie hidden in the personal belief system. Go into the fire and see the lie burning. The lie will try to tell you, that you will be burned. Thats another lie of the lie. Use your illusions to grow. Enjoy the "bloody" part of the work by developping joy in exposing Wetiko in your hijacked Ego and watch the fight from the position of true SELF:

“But the peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is, that it is robbing the human race; posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from the opinion, still more than those who hold it. If the opinion is right, they are deprived of the opportunity of exchanging error for truth: if wrong, they lose, what is almost as great a benefit, the clearer perception and livelier impression of truth, produced by its collision with error.” —John Stuart Mill- On Liberty, rev. ed. (Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1863) 35–36.
“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” —Voltaire
Thanks @habbbening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yKJPKzplEE&list=WL&index=6
We do not know, if the wetiko mindvirus needs a(nother) host to operate in 3 D or if it is something like an archetype, a bunge of Memes, a demon, a consciousness without body.... The Black goo, Graphene, Chemtrail/ Transhumanistic/ (jab)/ artificial intelligence (AI), and Toxoplasma gondii agenda show us, that it and/or other demons may be the psychic/mental aspect of a material equivalent. We already know, Wetiko is a multidimensional player. Maybe Toxoplasma gondii is just infected with the mindvirus Wetiko as well and is just anthjer host like us....!? The parasite agenda as potentail source for illnesses is in the civilized countries underestimated, if not suppressed. Ivermectin as a potential, save and cheap killer of bugs is conspicuously suppressed, even if helpful, in K0VVID as well...I had very clearing exoeriences with CDS (ClO2) cures oral and especially with enemas as well. @habbbening told us in the chat his mind cleared up with Ivermectin....As I told before, to detox the mind, we should detox the physical body and brain, too!!!
Win yourSELF and mind back 1/3
To understand manipulation and to regain full power of your brain and mind it is important to look at the neuronal pathways of creative processes. The sacred masculine (mind) must fertilize the sacred feminine (spirit) to bear a child (effect/creation/action/matter).

On the level of brain we’ve got a leftbrain masculine thinking mind and a rightbrain feminine feeling or emotional mind, which is on the mind plane a representative of the spirit aspect (not to mistake with the true sacred feminine: spirit/spiritual heart)
It doesn‘t matter if the masculine starts the process by setting impulses in the receptive feminine or the feminine starts by tempting and alluring the masculine with feelings or longings. None of them is holier than the other one, as often misunderstood in New Age religion, where the thinking mind is demonized and the feeling mind is over evaluated and even mistaken as pure spirit or spiritual heart, which is not emotional sticky in contrast to the feeling mind.

When the principles unify in a creative act on a biological plane a child is born. The immaculate conception may work in the bible, in my usual business the bodies of man and women still have to unify. A strong thought of the man and a strong feeling of the women are mainly not sufficient. On the individual inner plane a thought with a feeling bear an action of the body. The seed fell on fertile ground and the plant could spread…For inside jobs we can use our awareness to balance the masculine analytical mind and feminine feeling mind on our own.

To bear an own or unwillingly one of Wetikos ideas into the world we do not need a partner, too. Against new Age beliefs “Mind over matter”, we can fight Wetiko effectively, if we resist its bad suggestions. From patients with schizophrenia we know, that some of their voices suggest to do horrible things and the patient has to resist to bear their wetikoized mix of thoughts and feelings into the world. They can resist effectively to hand over their body to the voices and not accomplish the creative process for them by acting it out. Jerry Marzinsky and Sherry Swiney developed the great “Its a lie”-program for patients to keep their head above water when attacked.

Following New Age religion, as a rightbrain tool of NWO, they would advise just “to accept” and “never ever resist” and maybe even “love the demonic voice". And further on they proclaim, that it would be enough to bring the (positive) change into world just by thinking and feeling (really strong meditating!) and doing it the “quantum way”. Strangely to me, it should work the other way round on the positive way without action of the body, where schizophrenes can resist the evil???!!! Surely because “love or positivity is stronger than evil” and does not have to obey natural laws!!! 🤪🤨🤦🤮

“Nothing in the world is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo

BUT still action is needed! The NWO misuses meditation and quantumtheorie to tell us, that it would be enough to compare thinking with a strong feeling and when the quantum of people is enough (100th monkey, 144.000 lightworkers) the shift will happen magically. I wish it would be simple as that, but I see the greater potential in a beautiful cage for these spiritual warriors and lightworkers. Wetiko loves to lead us into a false fight. The 100th monkey-effect seems to exist, as we know from Roger Nelsons global mind project and the effects of the observer in quantum theory are distinct, BUT does it directly and inevitably lead to this “You create your own reality” and “mind over matter” cult?

part 2: https://t.me/WETIKO/471
Win yourSELF and mind back 2/3
As we know, Wetiko needs and misuses our creative potential. When we do not use our mind/creativity, Wetiko will do it relentlessly. Who controls the mind (thinking+feeling) controls the body and the whole individuum, as long as the spirit is disconnected and out of order. The feeling mind then, and this is the normal state in the population, takes over the role of the spirit and thinks itself would be the spiritual heart. When spirit awakens the resistance comes from real Monarch of the human.

When somebody wants to use our mind, they use main tactics to enter it and to develop a strategic pathway through your brain right into their aim!

So there are 3 main pathways to get us in action: The cognitive (thinking), affective (feeling) and the conative (behavioral) stages:

To look through the scientific lens on the creative processes of the different stages, Gad Saad (“The parasitic mind”) presents two examples: First is an impulse purchase: He describes how they manipulate us to buy a perfume. They present us black wild horses, white shining moons, red skirts and sexual stimulation in adverts. They want us to think passionate (affective), disable our analytic mind and activate part of your spirit with feeling. They call their product “Obsession, Escape, Allure, Mystère or Désir” and not “Anisaldehyde-Eugenol X2000”!

The affective (feeling) way is the mentioned pathway to activate your (right-brain, female, spirit) passions and emotions by sowing seeds of passionate pictures with strong colours and representative forces. For „impulse products it is feeling–behavior–thinking: a positive feeling leads to an impulse purchase, and the opinion is formed post-purchase. System 1 is composed of fast, intuitive, automatic, unconscious, emotional, and instinctive processes. Its based on trust in your feelings/Intuition/spirit.” Gad Saad

On the other side, when they want to sell us a financial product, they activate the analytical mind (cognitive) with statistics and spice it with basic survival feelings of security, but the thinking mind should be dominant and rational on this pathway to decision.
So the cognitive way is always used to send us the (left-brain, masculine) analytical pathway to action. The operative sequence is thinking–feeling–behavior. That's how they think you might buy a financial product. Giving you the feeling to control the situation, cause you analyzed it. You dominate it, because you know about it. System 2 is made up of slow, deliberate, analytical, logical, and conscious processes.

You remember the scene in the Matrix 1, where Neo is presented the Matrix simulation program and gets distracted by the women in the red skirt? That's an example for breaking an analytical pathway with a distracting emotion.

Inherent to the various sequences is the recognition that both cognition and emotions matter in the decision-making process. The problem arises when domains that should be reserved for the intellect are hijacked by feelings.“1 Gad Saad

„The classic saying “don’t let your emotions get the best of you,” is an apt descriptor of how many people regard sound decision-making. From this perspective, a rational person thinks; an irrational person feels.“2 After the peak of the Age of enlightenment (left brain control system) and the downfall of religion (right-brain control system) most of the people are now left-brain dominant and think the analytical way would be the righter one! For the “still a bit right-brain dominants” the New Age religions with their “integration of quantum and modern physics” offer great new hooks to a colorful Unicornia, a para-scientific wonderland for modern New Agers, self-improvement and solipsism (“Only I create the reality”, “There is no objective truth” and other bs memes).
part 3 https://t.me/WETIKO/473
Win yourSELF and mind back 3/3

„We do not need to construe thinking and feeling as antithetical to one another. They are both fundamental components of decision-making. The challenge is to know when to activate the cognitive (thinking) versus the affective (feeling) systems.” Gad Saad S. 23

At least a third topic of this effect model is interesting. The NWO tries to suppress the action of resistance against it in the world. The new Cage religion is one of their main agendas to do so.
Here they tell us, it would be enough to fertilize the feeling (and again not the true spirit) with an idea and try to suppress the third part of the creative progress to go out into your body and act!

Meditation and yoga are great tools to balance the mind, reconnect to true spirit and train the body, BUT these are tools to prepare us for the great work and NOT mistaken with the great work itself! It is NOT enough to influence the wave function of the quantum by meditating and producing strong feelings, you still have to take action to do the change. And even if you’ve reconnected to true spirit, the fastest and easiest way to change is to act through the body! Here thinking–feeling–behavior. Call me old-fashioned, but a little more rationality in New Age concepts would be helpful!

On the area of microcosomos/quantum the perceptive act changes reality. But is this act action enough? Is this action not a bit too passive? Perception is passive and feminine in its nature. I do not have to do anything to perceive, it simply happens. I cant even stop it! The child/action at the end of the creative process here is a male a acts!

What do you do, when you have a splinter in your thumb? Do you use your perception to extract it? Do you make a quantum meditation and fertilize your spirit with a nice thought of how it would be without?

I hope you dont do. Because the new age deception has spread with wetiko over the world.

So, meditation is a technique to regain mindcontrol and heal our brain. Additional on the quantum level there may be a way to influence the wave function to collide into our wished or manipulated direction. These are methods to get free from Wetiko and free from mindslavery….but every sage comes back to town when he did his preparation in the desert, under the tree or in the cave!!! They didn't say: “I think it will be more productive for the world, when I stay in my cave and do it the quantum way or meditate Wetiko away!” They came back to the world and spread their massage and acted and taught!

To rebalance your mind is like educating a child. You need ratio and emotion in balance. You will always love your child from the heart, even if you have to say a strong emotional “NO!” and „hurt“ the child. „Don t eat too much sweets!“ Do you say this to your child, because you hate it?

And like a child, Wetiko will test you, Wetiko will use your illusion and your false beliefs and shake and twist your house. It will do it as long as you need it to wake up! When you‘ve suffered enough, you can say „NO, I don't support you and your lies anymore.” Wetiko like a child wants you to set clear borders. Wetiko annexes our space, that we don't take! Thats its job!

From the perspective of the spiritual heart all emotions are helpful and should be used as a guiding system. When you invest in a lie, a well calibrated guiding system, like the feminine intuition will sound the alarm. When you don't listen you will suffer. It is our natural system that connects and realigns with natural laws which are the expression of the truth. Intuition is a direct contact to that knowledge in accomplishment, which is wisdom. To host and represent a lie unseen, our natural guiding system must be decalibrated, so that we cant differentiate between right and wrong and we must be disconnected from intuition. Win yourSELF back to win your mind back! Use your brain and mind and heart and regain trust in your own perceptions.
part 1 https://t.me/WETIKO/470