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WhatsApp for iOS, Android, Windows, Web/Desktop, Business and Beta news.
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Before starting, I want to thank you all for following me.
I started publishing changelogs and screenshots of hidden features for iOS, then I was finally able to give you Android, Windows Phone and Web news and hidden features.

I presented @WABetaBugs on Twitter, a service where I retweet your simple bugs report, that will be fixed by WhatsApp (this is because WhatsApp reads my tweets).
I alert you about new WhatsApp jobs (only important ones), new important FAQs and when WhatsApp is down, with the highest accuracy.

Today I'm ready to present you a new service: http://www.wabetainfo.com
You will find here WhatsApp news discovered by @WABetaInfo, divided into categories.
A step forward is that I'm finally able to perfectly understand when a feature can be remotely enabled in a new iOS update, so you will be able to know if your favorite hidden feature can be enabled in the most recent version, or if you have to wait. You will find all information in the website.

I have also noticed how many users are interested about #WhatsAppDown: so I decided to include in my website a widget that you can examine to discover if WhatsApp has problem, where you can see which particular WhatsApp service is down.

When a beta update contains changes, I will create a post in my website.
I will publish here a post everytime a new article is available in the website.

Take a look, enjoy, give me feedback on Twitter and thanks again! 💚🎉
WhatsApp is experiencing issues in some countries. #whatsappdown
Check the live status here: www.wabetainfo.com
WhatsApp may experience some problems to connect to the server right now!
To check the server status, check the sidebar at http://wabetainfo.com #whatsappdown
WhatsApp is finally restoring the functionality.
Please close and restart WhatsApp to check the connection to the server. #whatsappdown
WhatsApp may still have some problems to connect to the server now.
Seen that WhatsApp didn't confirm yet that the problem has been fully fixed, WhatsApp may stop to work at any time again.
To check the server status, check the sidebar at http://wabetainfo.com #whatsappdown
WhatsApp is starting to experiment the Facebook servers for allowing you to connect to WhatsApp, in specific countries.
This is to improve the quality of the connection. Goodbye #WhatsAppDown?
Belgium 🇧🇪 is supported!
You can check server status in real-time using our new detailed service, with data, graphs and other!

WhatsApp is using FB Servers in any country now (or about 80/90% of the world).
For this reason, I've switched to FB UI in my Server Status page, showing some locations.

We will see if it is useful to stop #whatsappdown today.
Happy new year!
WhatsApp is still experiencing issues to send media and text messages (very slow).

Detailed info: https://wabetainfo.com/server-status/
https://wabetainfo.com/server-status should work again.

Facebook services are down.
NEWS: WhatsApp is currently down!

A lot of users are currently experiencing issues to send media. #whatsappdown
WhatsApp is down.. again!