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What is a Three Percenter? What’s up with the OK hand symbol 👌? Is it still OK🤔

Our own Erik Rohde found some time when he’s not chasing off Nazis from Convoys, ( something Antifa has yet to accomplish ) or pissing off the left to chat from Saturday’s GRIT Rally which we estimate at over 1500... people ( This is probably why Erik had the all the streamers at one point turn around and film the crowd not the stage 🤔🤣)
Good info if you’ve built an 80% firearm, also they didn’t explain in the video and myself as an 07 FFL am waiting for clarification, it does not appear a background check needs to be ran when having the serial number affixed, just kept in the dealers log book
House of Representatives Passes Gun Control to Override State 2A Sanctuary Laws in Recent Bill

Buried in the 1.5 Trillion dollar bill, which includes “relief for Ukraine”, includes attacks against our 2A.

“The Federal Govenment is going to control our gun laws, whereas including ATF, who will be able to deputize local law enforcement to enforce their rules.

It will go to the senate floor before March 15.

Go to Gun Owners dot Org to protest this bill! This is the specific page on the Gun Owners Site we need to fill out. The email is already pre-written for you.

Bill H.R. 2471 sections 1101-1103

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Tonight at the Washington Action Pac and Rise up Washington Legislators Appreciation Night, Washington 3% was awarded with the grassroots group of the year award
Hope so see a Huge Turnout there to support our Brother Tiny!!!% I’ll be there with a ton of activist and Patriot friends and hope you come on out to help the Brother out

Erik Rohde WAIII%
Forwarded from Patriot Prayer Joey Gibson (Joey Gibson)
Calling on everyone to come tomorrow (Saturday) to Brock's Bar and Grill in Woodland (134 Davidson Avenue) at 5pm.  As of right now because Portland's DA Mike Schmidt made a motion to challenge Tusital's bail, we don't know how much money we need to raise to get him out of jail.  He's already served almost 4 months in jail and we want to get him home.  Tomorrow we will have a silent auction for several items and 100% of all money raised goes to Tusitala's bail and/or legal funds.  Portland is extremely corrupt and it takes unity by Patriots to challenge the establishment. Whether or not the courts grant his bail, we need to raise money for his legal defense. I can't overemphasize how important it is for him to have a strong legal advocate in a corrupt system like Portland.  His lawyer Angus Lee is a combat veteran and one of the few lawyers on the west coast willing to enter the ring for a patriot like Tusitala. 
Forwarded from Matt Marshall
3 times this week I've been asked, who is Lavoy?

Lavoy Finicum gave everything for what he believed. He was a husband, father, and patriot.

Lavoy was harassed by federal officials for years and later murdered by the government in cold blood.

Officers lied about what happened and charges against said officers were dropped in the kangaroo courts.

Lavoy is a HERO.

Our 4th Adopt a Highway along highway 2 is in the books, 58+ bags of trash cleaned up!!!
Today WA3% Zone 2 honored our fallen veterans cleaning headstones and planting flags
Media is too big
Awesome work from one of our zone 1 members jumping into action assisting getting this driver out safe
Forwarded from The Real 3%ers Idaho
Freedom from tyranny was established on this day. It is our honor to continue the tradition as established by the founders of this republic.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."