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Hey guys,

Today's forecast on Gold played out nicely and the market dropped as I predicted.

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​​#Forecast #GOLD
GOLD (XAUUSD): Still Bearish! Next Support is

Hey traders,

After a bearish breakout of an expanding wedge pattern on Friday,
🔻gold tried to return back within its boundaries.

However, after a retest we see a consequent bearish reaction & very bearish market opening today.

It looks like the price will drop lower.

Next support - 1723.25

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​​#Forecast #SILVER
SILVER (XAGUSD) Important Breakout & Swing Move

In comparison to gold , 🟢silver looks very bullish on a daily chart .

After a long-lasting correction cycle within a falling wedge pattern from the beginning of February,
last week the price managed to break its resistance to the upside.

Now the market is trading above that and so far it did not manage to return back within its boundaries.

I am bullish on silver and expect a bullish continuation.

Next resistances:

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GBPUSD: Bullish Move From Key Level

Multi-time frame analysis on GBPUSD .
Technical outlook & trading plan.

Link -
​​#Indecision #USDCHF
USDCHF: Important Decision Ahead

⚠️USDCHF is approaching strong daily structure support .

On 4H the price is slowing down within a falling wedge pattern.
It is a clear sign of weakness & local indecision.

To catch the next move, focus on breakout:
🟢In case of a bullish breakout of resistance of the wedge ,
a pullback will be expected to 0.93 structure

🔻In case of a bearish breakout of yellow support,
bearish continuation will be expected with the next goal 0.915
​​#TradingPlan #SILVER
SILVER (XAGUSD) Be Prepared to Buy

Based on my yesterday's analysis, ⚠️SILVER is retesting a major daily trend line .
On that, the price formed a local horizontal range.

❗️I am waiting for hourly candle close above that to buy the market.

Intraday goals:

In case if the price sets a new lower low lower close, setup will be invalid.
​​#TradingPlan #USDJPY
USDJPY: Potential Key Level Trade

⚠️USDJPY is trading in a strong bullish trend .
After the price reached 111.0 level, we see a retracement leg.

Currently, the price is retesting strong daily support (previous structure high).

❗️To catch a trend following move, wait for a breakout of a resistance line of a falling wedge pattern on 4H.
It will be a perfect confirmation.

First goal will be 110.4

In case of a new lower low formation on 4H, the setup will be invalid.
​​#MarketBreakdown | EURUSD, GBPAUD, EURJPY, WTI OIL

1️⃣ EURUSD - Daily time frame

From 30th of March the pair remains strongly bullish .

1.195 - 1.2 is the first strong horizontal resistance from where the market may pull back.
Let the price reach that structure and look for intraday confirmation to short.

In case of its bullish breakout though, further bullish continuation will be expected.

2️⃣ GBPAUD- 3 Days time frame

The price is trading in a mid-term bullish trend .

After a recent bounce from a major trend line , the price retests that again.
It looks like bears are preparing for a breakout attempt.
In case of a trend line breakout, a strong bearish wave will be expected.

3️⃣ EURJPY - 2 Days time frame

The market is trading in a strong bullish trend .
The price is growing within a major rising channel .

Now the price retests a current structure high.
Chances are high that we will set a new higher high this time.

Wait for a bullish breakout & buy on a retest.

For shorting, we need a bearish breakout of a support line of a channel.

4️⃣ WTI Oil - Daily time frame

The price is still stuck within a narrow trading range on a daily.
It looks like the market is preparing for a test of its resistance.

For intraday trading, look for shorting opportunities from the resistance.

To catch a swing move, wait for its bullish breakout.
​​#StructureAnalysis #INDEXES
DOLLAR INDEX (DXY) Potential Reversal Zone to Watch

⚠️Greenback keeps losing its value against major currencies.
However, technically speaking the trend still remains bullish .

Currently, the price is forming a retracement leg.

The next zone to watch for a bullish continuation is 91.0 - 91.4 area.

As a confirmation, rely on a bullish breakout of an underlined expanding wedge .

❗️In case of a bearish breakout of the zone, the index will most likely go even lower.
​​#Forecast #OIL
CRUDE OIL (WTI) Range Breakout! What is Next:

Hey traders,

🟢WTI broke and closed above a resistance line of a major daily horizontal range with a high momentum bullish candle.
After a 1-month long consolidation, such a breakout indicates a prevailing bullish pressure on the instrument.

Now I expect a bullish continuation to 65/67.4

For entries, I wait for a pullback first.

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#TradingPlan #NZDCHF
NZDCHF: Waiting for Breakout

⚠️NZDCHF is trading in a correction cycle since February.

However, in a long run, the market still remains sharply bullish .

To catch the trend following move,
wait for a bullish breakout of a resistance line of a bullish flag pattern (1D candle close above).

After a breakout, a strong bullish wave will most likely follow.

#Forecast #EURUSD
EURUSD: Time to Fall

Based on my yesterday's analysis,
🔻EURUSD reached a strong daily structure resistance .

The price was slowing down within a rising parallel channel
and after a short consolidation, its support finally went broken.

Now I expect a bearish continuation to 1.193
#TradingPlan #BITCOIN

Hey traders,

⚠️Bitcoin has recently set a new higher high higher close.
Now the price is retesting a previous high.

On 4H the price has formed a double bottom formation with a higher low.

❗️I will wait for its neckline breakout (4H candle close above) to buy on a retest.

1️⃣The first goal will be a retest of a current high.
2️⃣For the second goal, I will apply trailing stop and will try to catch a pump.

Let's see how it will play out.
​​#Forecast #GBPNZD
GBPNZD: Bearish Move Continues

hey traders,

It looks like 🔻gbpnzd is preparing to fall even more.

The price was consolidating within a descending triangle on a 1h,
and during London opening its support was broken.

Now I expect a further decline.

Next goal - 1.914

1️⃣ USDJPY - Daily time frame

The pair keeps falling within an expanding wedge pattern.

Strong horizontal support is ahead.
108.3 - 108.5 is a strong area, from where a strong bullish wave may initiate.

Your confirmation to buy will be a bullish breakout of the wedge .

2️⃣ EURAUD - Daily time frame

Major rising trend line breakout.

Its retest may give a great opportunity to catch a bearish move.

Let the price retest that, then look for an intraday confirmation before you open the trade.

3️⃣ EURGBP - 2 Days time frame

0.873 - 0.875 is a major horizontal daily resistance.

Taking into consideration that the pair is quite overbought,
chances will be high to see a pullback from that structure.

Again, wait for a confirmation on 4h/1h before you short.

4️⃣ EURCAD - 3 Days time frame

The market is trading in a strong bearish trend .

Now the price is forming a retracement leg.

A trend-following move will most likely initiate from a major falling trend line .
Let the price reach that and then look for entries to catch a nice short.
​​#StructureAnalysis #GOLD
GOLD (XAUUSD) Key Points to Watch

Bullish rally continues on 🟢gold .

The market is currently trading within a rising parallel channel .

Here are the main key levels to watch:

1️⃣ The closest support is based on a support line of a channel
and the confluence with a major daily underlined horizontal support
2️⃣ The closest resistance is based on the resistance of the channel
3️⃣ The next major resistance is 1815 daily structure cluster

Key levels serve as save points to trade from.
While the price is within, it is better to stay away.

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