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Hochstein stressed to President Nabih Berri “the importance of not escalating on the part of Hezbollah or carrying out operations that could lead to an expansion of the fighting and a departure from the current framework.” While the President of the Council responded that the escalation comes from Israel, and “the occupation forces are the ones carrying out assassinations far from the front line, bombing health institutions and ambulances and killing civilians, including children and women, and the resistance only responded to military sites exclusively.” Berri told Hochstein: “Convince your friends in Israel to stop the escalation.” According to the sources, Hochstein “was understanding of the Council President’s words and acknowledged that the recent escalation was caused by Israel.”
🇵🇸🇮🇱An #Israeli occupation soldier displaying money he looted from a displaced #Palestinian family's home in #Gaza

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The hero martyr Captain Sharaf Ahmed Abdul Karim Mahfud of the Syrian Arab Army, was martyred at dawn today due to the aggression launched by the Israeli enemy by drones on two military sites of the Syrian army in the countryside of Quneitra and Daraa🥀🙏🏻
- What should be the ones feared in light of the current state

- As for us, we will continue our support for Gaza, and at the same time we are prepared for all possibilities, and nothing will stop us.

The solution is clear and does not require explanation: “A ceasefire in Yemen, Iraq, and Lebanon can be obtained by a ceasefire in Gaza (according to conditions appropriate to the Palestinian resistance)."
- If a war happens in Lebanon, the situation in the Mid sea will be unprecedented. They are busy now with the Red Sea, imagine what will be in the Mid sea

- We will fight with no red lines and no boundaries. On land, air, and sea.

- We have information Israel is conducting maneuvers in Cyprus in Cypriot mountains and airports, and it believes that if its airports are targeted, it will use Cypriot airports and facilities.

The Cypriot government must know that opening Cypriot airports and bases for war on Lebanon, will make them a target.

We will deal with Cyprus as if it were part of the war
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Animals in Gaza are dying from extreme exhaustion and food shortages given the lack of fuel.
📰 Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant held an assessment this evening on Lebanon with IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi, the head of the Northern Command Maj. Gen. Ori Gordin, and the head of the Israeli Air Force, Maj. Gen. Tomer Bar.

Also participating in the meeting at the Northern Command headquarters in Safed was the head of the Home Front Command, Maj. Gen. Rafi Milo, and head of the General Staff Corps, Maj. Gen. David Zini, among other officers.

Gallant was briefed on "the latest developments in the fight against Hezbullah," his office says.

The Defense Ministry says Gallant "gave a special emphasis" to the Hezbillah drone threat and ways Israel can improve in countering it. He also told the generals to "be fully prepared for all possibilities."

"We are completing the ground and air readiness, strengthening the intelligence systems and preparing for any possibility," Gallant is quoted as saying in a ministry statement.

"We have an obligation to change the situation in the north and return the citizens safely to their homes and we will find the way to do this action," he says, referring to the tens of thousands of displaced Israelis by Hezbullah's attacks.

Halevi tells Gallant in the meeting that the military is “very determined, ready today at a very high level of readiness,” and prepared “to make the right decisions.”

(Quoted as is from an Israel journalist)
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Yemeni military media published the following footage of the Totor ship, being targeted by two armed boats in the Red Sea, that later sank.
Canada just felt a little left out in all honesty
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💔🇵🇸Children are the bank of goals of the criminal #Israeli regime in their ongoing war of genocide in #Gaza

@The Children of Gaza
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I'm still processing Putin's visit to Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the pact that basically makes them a treaty ally of Russia now. Seems like a seismic change in east Asian affairs, and perhaps even the world's, given the US involvement on the Korean Peninsula.

He's already moved on to Vietnam. The GAE accusation that he wants to "restore the Soviet Union" is baseless, of course, but it sure seems he's "getting the band back together."

For what it's worth, these countries aren't united by some kind of "hatred" of the GAE. It's not like the modern Ukraine, whose very identity is defined through hatred of Russia/Russians, based on the same narrative already tested on newfangled Balkans "nations" (going back to the days of Austria-Hungary and the British Empire).

No, I think this is mostly the club of countries that have been the subject of conquest, invasions, color revolutions, coups, pillaging and looting by the "rules-based-world-order" in which no rules apply to the rulers, only the ruled.

As I've been saying, this is much, much bigger than Ukraine. Although I hear rumors from the front that things are happening there too...
The UAE is once again trying to return to controlling the fate of the ports of Aden, which compete with Dubai Ports and Jebel Ali Port, through parties loyal to it in Yemen, especially the “Southern Transitional Council” headed by Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi. This attempt is the first since the cancellation of the partnership agreement signed between Dubai Ports and the Aden Ports Development Corporation in late September 2012, under Yemeni popular pressure. However, it is dangerous because the Abu Dhabi Ports Group, which was negotiating the deal, entered through Al-Zubaidi, in his capacity. Vice President of the Presidential Council as well, and the one who has the upper hand in Aden. Al-Akhbar obtained a copy of a document addressed by Al-Zubaidi to the Prime Minister of the Saudi-Emirati coalition, Ahmed bin Mubarak, in which he asked him to facilitate the procedures for handing over the port of Aden to the Emirates.
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Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah warned the Cypriot government against opening its airports and bases to be used by Israel in the event of an all-out war on Lebanon.
#Hezbollah #Nasrallah #Lebanon #SouthLebanon #Israel #Cyprus
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Escalation In Lebanon? - UK Column News - 19th June 2024

- BBC: White House questions Netanyahu’s criticism over weapons delay
- Al Mayadeen English: Israeli media: Hoopoe mission major security failure for 'Israel'
- Al Mayadeen English: Israeli media: Hochstein returned from Lebanon in state of 'pessimism'
- Al Mayadeen English: Gaza ceasefire key to calming northern front, says Blinken
- Al Mayadeen English: Experts decode messages in Hezbollah's Hoopoe mission video: Exclusive
- Al Mayadeen English: Mossad and its network of little helpers, the Sayanim

Full news and all the source links:
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Israeli occupation forces continue to burn Palestinian homes in Rafah, which constitutes a war crime under all international laws. So far, after 258 days and thousands of videos documenting war crimes, the United States still does not see "any indications" of Israel committing any violations of international or American law.
Egypt arrests football fans for pro-Palestinian chants

In Alexandria, Egyptian security forces detained over 250 Al Ahly fans at Borg El Arab Stadium for pro-Palestine chants and displaying the Palestinian flag, reports a local rights group.

This is part of a broader crackdown on pro-Palestine activism in Egypt since October, with over 120 people, including students and children, detained for protesting Israel's war on Gaza.

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