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You can now submit vax injuries to us on telegram by sending it to @BurnerPhone3
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Credit: Darlene Mckervill
We will be doing a major clean up of shills and stupid people very soon. I posted a video a few days ago of a guy getting crushed by a truck and clowns commented its fake. How the fuck do you fake getting your head crushed by a truck. Moving forward anyone who's first comment is "fake" will be banned permanently.

If you have supporting evidence something we posted here is fake please post it or PM the admin and will remove it.

Also a member forwarded me a message he got of someone asking him is this group real and why is the admin sending me messages to invest in bitcoins lol. If you so stupid to believe the admin is sending you private messages to invest in bitcoins. You don't belong here.

Thank you.
Wtf 😵‍💫👺
Forwarded from Covid BC (Vax Reactions)
Sandy Wilson 💉🪦
#FullyVaccinated #DiedSuddenly
(September 2023) 🇨🇦 Nova Scotia

“So sorry to hear of your sudden passing Sandy Wilson. I’m in shock. Rest easy girl!”