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Did you know that you can view real-time graphical information of the Veil network with Veil Stats? Now also available in Spanish, Korean, Russian, and Chinese languages.
A very hard problem! Veil cryptographer Paul Moonshine introduces the concept of the Discrete Logarithm Problem in the second episode of his research #blog series.
ChainRift exchange will shut down on February 28th, 2020. Users will no longer be able to create accounts or trade, but can still withdraw. Please withdraw your funds from ChainRift before February 28th.
Veil is now listed on, a popular staking rewards comparison website with useful #data on over 80 cryptocurrencies.

In celebration, we are hosting a 10,000 veil giveaway on the Veil Project Twitter! Check the official tweet for more details:
Take a sneak peek at the Veil X Wallet - an exciting new #wallet focusing exclusively on the user experience.
In the third episode of Veil cryptographer Paul Moonshine’s research #blog series, we explore cryptographic hash functions and their role in secure verification of data.
Our Ternio BlockCard Debit Card is coming soon!

🛒 45 million+ merchants
💳 Anywhere VISA accepted
🦄 Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay

Join the celebrations at BitMart with 100,000 veil in prizes starting March 18th.

Want to see how you rank in our 100,000 VEIL deposit bonus and trading competition over at BitMart? Check out the countdown and leaderboard page!
Could "cash equivalent" be our catchcry? The threats of surveillance capitalism and totalitarian governance bolster the need for a digital equivalent to cash.

Here’s another sneak peek of the upcoming Veil X #wallet experience, where we go into a few interaction details - including the much requested auto-update feature!
Veil is now available on! The privacy-focused non-custodial #exchange offers a quick and convenient way to purchase VEIL with BTC, USDT, major credit cards, and Apple Pay.

DISCLAIMER: Third-party services are not endorsed by the Veil team and are provided for informational purposes only.
The Blockchain Developers, Miners and Investors Forum hosted by Zel last June 6-7th is now available on YouTube! Check out Veil Business Development lead Joshua Marriage's presentation on “Why we need surveillance-free sound money” in the playlist here:
In our latest #interview, we discuss Proof-of-Work with Kristy-Leigh Minehan (aka OhGodAGirl) an original member of IfDefElse and co-creator of the ProgPoW mining algorithm. Kristy shares some insights on ProgPoW, ASICs, and the importance of tweaking PoW algorithms as hardware evolves.
The Veil BlockCard Debit Card is here! Start enjoying the conveniences of shopping with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and anywhere major credit cards are accepted worldwide.

A big thank you to our friends at Ternio for making this possible!
We’re back with another Meet the Team #interview! We chat with Veil spokesperson Joshua Marriage about his background, his work in crypto, and the importance of decentralization.
Veil monthly #update for July 2020:

- GitHub developments
- PoW testing and preparation
- BlockCard and other bizdev efforts
- Community efforts

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As we continue development for Veil’s upcoming multi-algorithm PoW suite, Veil core developer CaveSpectre explains a mining difficulty adjustment challenge in the Veil devnet and its solution.

#devupdate #blog
More details on Veil’s upcoming multi-algorithm PoW update including a more decentralized mining reward distribution, testing, and a tentative early October timeline for a Veil mainnet hard fork.

Veil monthly #update for August 2020:

- Multi-algorithm PoW update
- Mining difficulty adjustments
- PoW testing update
- GitHub Actions CI
- Upcoming core wallet 1.1 improvements
- Community and regional outreach

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