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DAO Progress Report

Hello! It’s been a busy week for the DAO Committee. We’re continuing to work on creating a governance framework and sorting out exactly how the DAO will function. To that end, we’ve been working on the following this week:

• Creating a Memorandum of Understanding between Useless and All For One to establish a legal agreement between the two entities for use of Eclipse and the DEN.
• Establishing and configuring Snapshot as a voting mechanism for Useless Proposals.
• Exploration of other resources for DAO voting and proposals (CommonWealth).
• Researching different legal options for formally incorporating the Useless DAO to provide maximum protection for both members and the DAO.
• Talking with two different potential Eclipse listings!
• Meeting next week with a possible partner to integrate Eclipse into their platform.

Thank you for being patient as we hibernate through this bear market with you. We’re working hard to not only establish a DAO structure that can grow along with the token but also work with current and future partners to make Useless as successful as we know it can be.

The Useless DAO Committee
App update 🥳🥳
We just launched a big update! 🥳🥳🥳

Make sure your app version is 1.8.10 and enjoy that the app now supports the Ethereum network with incredibly low gas fees😊
DAO Progress Report

Hello everyone! We’ve had another week of hard work on the DAO Committee! Progress is continuing in the background, even if things are pretty quiet here during crypto winter. Here’s what we’ve been working on this week:

• Continuing exploration of legally incorporating the DAO.
• Working on a guide for holders to vote using Snapshot (here’s a preview: Trustwallet doesn’t like it!).
• Ironing out the details with a partner to incorporate Eclipse onto their up-and-coming DEX.
• Creation of an Eclipse referral program.
• Figuring out what needs to be updated on the Useless website to align with the new DAO.
• Finalizing the Useless Constitution laying out the governance structure.

Also, as one more added treat, we’ve finished the Memorandum of Understanding between the DAO and Decentra, Inc (parent company of AFO) with regards to the DEN and Eclipse. If any of you have been keeping an eye on US regulatory statements (hi SEC interns!), this is a vital step in making sure that the token and All For One are protected.

Thank you for your patience.
The Useless DAO Committee
App update 1.8.11 🔥🔥
DAO Progress Report

Hello Useless people!

Do you know a project that might like to list on Eclipse? We’ve started a referral program that will let you get your favorite projects on Eclipse and earn 1 BNB for doing it! If you’ve got the lead on a project, send a DM to 5X and he’ll work with you on closing the sale.

This week we’ve had some interesting developments. We’ve reached a deal with Aequinox ( to move a small portion of our BNB liquidity pool (5%) to their exchange. This will not only get us in on the ground floor of a new and exciting DEX, but it also opens up the ability for all of us to provide LP staking to the pool. By pairing your 1USE with BNB, you can offer up more LP in exchange for a cut of the emissions. Oh, and one last thing, they’re going to incorporate Eclipse onto their website and pitch future partners to list there! We’ll have more details (including an AMA with their team) forthwith.

Finally, we’ve also been working on the following:

• Finalizing Commonwealth and Snapshot for DAO governance.
• Making sure the DAO has control over all Useless assets (e.g., website access, LP moved to multisig)
• Putting the finishing touches on the Constitution.

It’s been an exciting week behind the scenes! We’re making sure to not announce anything until deals are done, but don’t worry, we’re hard at work. We know the price right now is criminally low, and we won’t stop working until it reflects our value as a project.

Thank you everyone for your continued support.

The Useless DAO
App update 🥳
DAO Progress Report

Hello Useless people!

What a fun week we’ve had! Things were nice and boring until Binance got hacked. We’re now two for two in chains we’re on being hacked. Luckily, your Useless is safe. The Binance hack is no threat to your 1USE holdings and trading was only momentarily paused. Centralization sure is fun, isn’t it?

This week we’ve mostly been waiting for things to happen. We’re trying to line up the final details on the Aequinox deal and counting the days until All For One launches. Other than that, here’s what’s been happening:
• The DAO now has full control over all Useless assets!
• Waiting for Commonwealth to fix a bug we found in integrating Snapshot.
• Working with a developer to see if we can get a widget to integrate Eclipse onto websites.

The draft of the Constitution is complete! Check out the PDF below. Remember, this is a working draft. If you find any errors, please report them to me (Harry Backman) or any suggestions of things you think we missed that need to be included.

Finally, if you’ve got a lead on an Eclipse listing, reach out to the team. If the project ends up listing, you earn a 1 BNB commission.

Thank you all for your continued support!
The Useless DAO Committee
Hello Useless Family!

Quick update to fix the whale watching tab on the Chart Screen. It might not be fully functioning like it was yet, but it is something we will improve over time.

The new version of the app is 1.8.14 Please verify that the version in the app settings tab is up to date before reporting any issues.
DAO Progress Report

Hello Useless people!

This progress report is going to be a little different because we’ve got two things to announce.

First, we’ve finalized the movement of 5% of our Binance LP to Aequinox. This provides those of you with 1USE the opportunity to stake your paired 1USE and BNB to provide liquidity. By staking your tokens, you get a percentage of the fee for any transactions on the Aequinox Dex. This is just the first step in our partnership with Aequinox. They’ve also agreed to host an Eclipse widget! We’re currently working with a developer to create the widget, but once it’s ready they (and other future partners) will be able to host Eclipse on their website, bringing greater visibility to Useless. We’re working on sorting out an AMA with their team, so look forward to that in the future!

Also, a huge shoutout to Faclano for introducing us to the team at Aequinox!

For transparency, here’s the token hash for extracting the LP and moving it to the multisig:

The second announcement is that the Useless Commonwealth is live! Simply go to and you can check out where we’re going to handle the business of being a DAO. Our first debate topic is available, and it’s about adopting the Useless Constitution draft put out last week. To post, simply click the ‘Log In’ button in the top right, connect your wallet (it’s a read-only transaction), and let us know how you feel. Voting on the proposal will begin in one week. Also, if you have any ideas for future votes, please put them under the ‘Ideation’ forum (click the + button on the upper right to create a new thread).

That’s all for this week! Keep on being Useless everyone.

The Useless DAO Committee
Hello Useless people!

It’s been another slow week in the crypto world. No news is good news, or so we’ve heard.

This week Harmony launched their first set of trustless bridges to start restoring functionality after their hack. Right now, the bridges only function for BNB, ONE, and Ethereum and they’re going to have to manually add contracts for projects that want bridge operability. This isn’t an ideal solution but luckily, we’ve got an ace up our sleeve. Our very own Jackie/2pacsofcoors happens to have a good relationship with one of Harmony’s admins and is working on getting us on the shortlist of tokens for bridging. We’re not promising the bridge will be open soon, but hopefully, we’ll be in the first round of tokens to be added.

Our partners over at Decentra are working on getting the All For One app verified on the Apple App Store. Google was easy, but Apple has a notoriously fickle and challenging verification process, so it might take a bit. Once the app is verified, it’ll be launched and they’ll start marketing All For One! As a reminder, here at Useless, we get a percentage of all transactions made using the app and we also get all of the Eclipse decay and onboarding fees. If the app really takes off, selling Eclipse will get much easier and more people will compete for the top spot, channeling those funds into the DAO’s treasury and the Furnace!

That’s all for this week. Keep on being Useless!

The Useless DAO Committee
App Update 1.8.16
App Update - 1.8.17
Hello Useless people!

This week has been unfortunately active in the crypto world, but quiet around Useless.

FTX has become insolvent and suffered a potential hack. This just goes to reinforce the adage of “not your keys, not your crypto”. Centralized exchanges are dropping like flies and people are losing millions, if not billions, of dollars in the process. A decentralized wallet that is user-friendly and safe is necessary. If only we knew of one…

Also this week, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US issued a ruling against LBRY, a decentralized publishing platform. In short, the ruling argued that if you have a centralized power structure to a project it is a security. This could be a killing blow for centralized projects. Luckily, Useless isn’t centralized. Whether this ruling sets a precedent for all cryptocurrencies is still to be decided, but it shows that moving to a DAO was the right decision!

That’s all for this week. Keep on being Useless

The Useless DAO Committee
App update 1.8.18
@everyone The proposal to decide on rebranding and relaunching is up! Apologies for the late hour, but it will be available for seven days.