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ETH gw will go into maintenance today.
We will migrate the gateway towards polarity.exchange
Forwarded from Polarity.Exchange News & Announcement channelπŸ“¨πŸŽ™ (𝔾𝕣𝕖π•ͺπ•Žπ• π•π•— 四川狼)
🐒 TurtleNetwork Community Announcement 🐒

Polarity.Exchange has upgraded, and taken over operations of the ETHEREUM gateway.

Users no longer have to create deposit tunnels and can now natively deposit ETH the same ways as any ERC-20 token supported at Polarity.Exchange.

Please always read deposit instructions regardless.

Thank you @Black_Turtle for the collaborative effort.
Coinmarketcap added the TN/USDN pair.
So the TN price is now calculated over 2 pairs.
It might break everything.
It's untested on testnet.
The TNDex matcher will go in maintenance.
It will be unavailable for several hours.
Funds are safe
The matcher should be running in stablemodus again
We will be updating Bitcoin Core.
Small hiccups might happen. Don't worry funds are safe
Bitcoin Core update finished
The nodes and infra has some connectivity issues.
To avoid this, make sure to connect dapps/infra/tools you create towards your own nodes.
Funds are safe.
We are adding nodes to our infra cluster. We hope that the issues are fixed shortly.
We are working on it.
All should be to normal status
Reverse proxy's are being updated.