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The prior post is Jenna's opinion. I still think he probably did what he was told to do because Trump wanted all of this to come our the slow, messy & "bottom up" way.
For the sake of discussion... what would have happened differently if Pence "sent the electors back to the states to rehash their electoral decisions?".

With everything we've seen and discovered in the last 7 months... do you really think people like the AZ legislature would have had the balls to do anything different BEFORE the election fraud came out and shamed them into action... just to save their careers?

I now believe nothing would have gone differently if Pence did send them back because the people didn't have the facts & the momentum from exposing the fraud yet.

We do now, and can feel the momentum building into something unstoppable.

I'm pretty sure it's playing out how Trump intended.
(a little housekeeping)
If you post something violent... don't be surprised when I delete it. I already have CBS & others trying to find me IRL. I won't give them more of an excuse by allowing violent images to remain in the channel. Repeat posts will result in a ban. My wife LIVES on very expensive medical support and her needs are more important to me than you blowing off some steam.
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AZ Senator Michelle Ugenti-RITA just went on a rant over on Twitter. She called Senator Karen Fann incompetent & said she no longer supports “the Trump audit”.

Anyone who’s been following this process clearly knows she’s not considering the novelty of the audit process & the massive pushback by Maricopa County, among many other reasons why it has been so drawn out.

Clearly there is some tension between Ugenti-RITA & Kelly Townsend. Do you think this appearance coupled with her statement here is the kiss of death for a Secretary of State bid?

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So she got BOOED off the stage by the people and instead of humbling herself and agreeing to do the WILL OF THE PEOPLE... her immediate response is to denounce the audit, after all that has been found?

Wow, this bitch will be a Democrat by next week?
Tell Senator Michelle Urgenti-RITA

Who does this audit BELONG TO?
Anonymous Poll
The People
Ok I think that’s worded better. :)
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Lol she deleted the announcement of her "speaking" at the Turning Point USA conference from her fakebook and turned off all comments for every post 🤣😂🤣😂 that poor little democrat snowflake 🤣😂🤣😂
Audit whatever vote elected that biatch.
"The whole world is watching what you're doing."

President Donald J. Trump

Join our Channel today to help put eyes on the election audits, because nothing else matters until we fix November 3rd.


🇺🇸 National Audit Watch Channel: @AuditWatch
Never Forget how arrogant an elected leader was tonight.

They want power for themselvs, and when we are stupid enough to give it to them... they figure we got what we deserved after all.

Let the name Michelle Ugenti-RITA and her PUNISHMENT be remembered.
Let her feel the PAIN that comes from betraying AZ district [23] and her oath to our flag, and the nation for which it stands.

Some highlights of your career for you to remember:
You were exactly 2111 weeks old on 12/11/20, the day you voted to certify electors for Biden.
You were 15,002 days old on the day you publicly announced you're fighting against the will of the people, and it was your 923rd day as a Senator.
Forwarded from FighterNews
AZ Senator Kelly Townsend on Twitter responds to Ugenti-RITA:

“Americans, choose wisely in 2022, support those who support the audit. You know who does, and who does not.”

Short & to the point without a doubt! It sounds as though Kelly doesn’t think it’s a “Trump audit”?

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Forwarded from Qtah
Trump was right about Russia
Trump was right about Covid
Trump was right about Biden
Trump was right about Ukraine
Trump was right about corrupt FBI


God bless America 🇺🇸
Forwarded from Lisa Morales 🇺🇸
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In other news…
E larping as an insider again. This time throwing shade on Mike Lindell’s data packet by reporting he probably got them from a corrupt intel person who E happens to know from past dealings.

Interesting how these guys pop back up to distract at key times.