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The SolChicks launch is LIVE! 🚀

We are now officially accepting applications.

SolChicks is the Leading #1 Play-to-Earn Fantasy Game on Solana 🔥

Apply here:
We are loving SolChicks! 🐣🐣🐣

Over $9M has been pledged within the first two of 24 hours 🤯

Want to get in on the action? Apply here:
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The hype is REAL! 🚀

The application forms close in just under 12 hours. Don’t wait! Get in now and be part of one of the most ambitious launches of all time!

If you're ready to get in on the ground floor, apply here:
There are only a few hours left until we close the application window for SolChicks.

Have you had a chance to apply yet?

If not, there is still time! Don’t sit on the sidelines & miss out on joining the SolChicks Revolution.

Apply here:

- Send funds emails will be going out in the next 6-9 hours.

- Approved participants will have 36 hours to send funds.

- USDT and USDC are accepted on ETH and BSC network. Funds MUST be sent from the same wallet that you are staking SWAP from. This is the only way to connect your receiving address (SOLANA wallet) to your identity.

- The minimum guaranteed allocation (1x) = $100. Please plan in advance.

Launchpad Allocation Update:

A long term staking portal is being worked on right now. Staking $SWAP for a longer time-frames will get you higher allocations. More details will be shared once ready 🥳
Metaverse projects are routinely doing over 100x.

Coming soon to the TrustSwap Launchpad.

The "Send Funds" message has been sent via dashboard mail to all the qualified participants. Please check the dashboard mail for the message.

The ETH address to send ERC20/BEP20 USDT/USDC ends in ____2dCE159b8d

You can check your maximum allocation size

Deadline to send funds is 2 pm UTC of 1st December, 2021

Please read all the instructions in the email before sending funds.

$100 is the minimum guaranteed allocation.

Emails notifying the users to check their dashboard mails will be sent out in the next 2 hours.

NOTE: If you are not on the list, it means that you either:

- are not staking enough SWAP to secure an allocation


- your KYC has been rejected by Sekuritance and you haven't responded to their email/message.
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Kitsumon is an NFT game built on the Polygon Network. You can create unique Kitsu (fox-like creatures), master professions, and challenge other players in a multiplayer online battle arena!

Stay tuned - we'll be announcing launch details shortly.
TrustSwap has purchased and staked 50 $KLIMA.

In 2021, we planted 1 million trees alongside Eden Reforestation, which we will continue to do.

50 KLIMA is backed by 250 tonnes worth of Carbon Credits.

Our children and future generations deserve a better earth.

We are excited to announce the upcoming Kitsumon FlashLaunch!

The launch takes place on Dec.3rd at 5 PM UTC.

Read more here for more details:
We have great news! As a bonus, Five “Kitsumon Golden Ticket” NFTs have been minted and will each unlock access to a guaranteed $500 allocation. (pending KYC verification).

The auction will start on December 2nd, 2021 at 5 PM UTC (24 hours prior to launch).

Interested in placing a bid on one of these tickets? Find out how you can here :
Inspired by successful NFT projects like CryptoKitties and games such as Pokémon and DOTA, Kitsumon combines the best of all worlds🔥

Don’t miss out - The launch takes place on Dec.3rd at 5 PM UTC.

Click here for more details:
TrustSwap staking portals on BSC and AVAX are ready to be deployed.

Within the next week or so, $SWAP will be able to be traded and staked on ETH, Polygon, AVAX & BSC.

Each staking pool will add to your launchpad allocations and will also earn proportional staking rewards


Also working on designing $SWAP bonds, inspired by Olympus Dao.

$SWAP will still be deflationary, and we have some great plans on how to deploy the capital acquired from the bonds that will benefit the community very well.
A while ago, Cream Finance was exploited.

Some $SWAP holders were borrowing/lending using Cream.

Although the exploit was not on our side, we have compensated anyone who was staking crSWAP in our staking pool at the time of exploit.

Check your wallets, the $SWAP is there 👍
We're hours away from the launch of one of the most exciting projects in the play-to-earn arena!

We talked to James Kirby, one of the founders of the project, and spoke about his in-depth vision of Kitsumon and its roadmap ahead.

Learn more about the project here:
The Kitsumon FlashLaunch is LIVE!

We are now officially accepting applications.

Apply here:

Kitsumon is an online multiplayer game, where anyone can buy and own Kitsu, collect and create exciting items, and participate in online battles & challenges.
We have received a lot of questions around the "pledge form for Kitsumon".

Yes, you still need to go to and submit your information.

If you are new to TrustSwap and haven't KYC-ed already, you can do the KYC via the pledge form and submit your interest as well.

Those who have previously KYC-ed at Sekuritance via TrustSwap will also need to submit the pledge form. Once you enter the email address via which you KYC-ed already, you will be taken to the last page of the form. You do not have to do the whole KYC again.