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Heya! I use this Channel to post my sketches and doodles mostly. Thanks for checking it out!
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Stream Sketches from today :D Kreittis Charr, Tiger belongs to me, and Inuki below belongs to Inuki ;D (WIP)
"finished" This one, but I liked it in Greyscale so that's how it will say X,D
Fish people. Still a thing.
WIP but it looks nice so here you have it 8D
The stream was productive today!
Everybody is drawing her now. But I understand, she is cute.
Anubis or ANBS-02 from "Zenonzard the Animation"
Done in Stream today
A little latex experiment 🦎
Done in Stream yesterday. Some of my favorite things! Clowns and Sharks.
BlueSubmarine no.6 Sketches
Finally finished this one! Sarah the Unicorn belongs to me, Jess the Opossum belongs to Shadeba ❤️
Gift for sweet Inuki! A Steak Dream.
She has a Telegram-Art-Channel too over here:
My beloved Wolfy-Nail and I did a Collab!This was super fun, I hope we can do it more often, if time allowes.Our Girls Kelly (belongs to Wolfy-Nail) and my Sarah having a good time together.
Stream doodles from yesterday
More stream doodles :)
New Character Rick ❤️