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Forwarded from Derek Blighe
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Micheal Martin:
Ukraine sovereignty good.
Ireland sovereignty bad.

Got it.
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High Security Migrant Centres: Driven by Compassion or Cash? #Breaffy #immigration #ireland
Forwarded from Open Éire
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Malachy Steenson asks protestors to return on Monday at 5PM with twice as many people.

"Ensure that you bring not just yourselves, but your wives, your husbands, your children, your neighbours and everybody else. This meeting was called at very short notice and a massive crowd has turned out. We want twice that crowd on Monday evening."
Help us inform the masses about the globalist agenda to destroy society by wearing our #WEF #SantaKlaus #ChristmasJumper and spreading some Christmas cheer / fear #GetNothingBeHappy

Forwarded from THE PEOPLE'S PAPER
Four Dutch Navy warships are coming to Cork next Friday, these are part of NATO which is an active and aggressive military alliance.
We have organised peaceful assemblies to express our opposition to their presence in Ireland, they are in violation of the Hague Convention on Neutrality.
Government should not allow NATO forces into our national territory, but we are not surprised that they do, they already have us collaborating with the creation of an Army and working with NATO.
Last week the Fine Gael Ard Fheis voted to abandon the ‘Triple Lock’, to remove the requirement of UN sanction on the deployment of our military overseas.
Let’s defend our NEUTRALITY and demand an end to all warmongering.

Organised by:
"Sometimes the oppressed become the oppressors" Senator Eileen Flynn states, referring to the protesters in the disadvantaged community of  #EastWall, where a horde of unchecked, fit, young males have been dumped without consultation.

The irony is lost on Ms. Flynn (a member of the travelling community) as she displays a perfect example of a once oppressed person becoming the oppressor the moment she uttered these words.

The dictionary definition of oppressor is an "unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power."
What authority or power does Eileen Flynn think the people of #EastWall have exactly? The reason they are protesting is because they have been given no power or authority  and indeed have been oppressed by an unjust and cruel authority. A corrupt machine that Senator Flynn is a part of.

She herself can no longer claim to be oppressed, standing in her role as a now privileged, well paid woman with power, besmirching a community where mothers are rightly concerned and locals don't want to share their already lacking resources or amenities with economic grifters.

She tries as others have, to pass these men off as genuine refugees. Addressing them directly, she arrogantly speaks for both the travelling community and the rest of the country, asserting that "millions" of Irish welcome them.

It's infuriating. But also a good thing. Finally Flynn and many like her are showing the public exactly who they are and what rights they think the Irish working class should have, which is precisely none. It can only serve to go against them, adding power to the momentum of Irish communities rising up and standing their ground, in what is a historical watershed moment in Irish history, perhaps the most significant since the Irish civil war.
Just in:

Quarter 2 Irish Central Statistic Office figures released.
There has been a 39% increase in deaths in this 3 month period compared to previous years, including the pandemic years 2020 and 2021.

However, don't look too much into this, as according to the CSO it's difficult to compare figures accurately due to the HSE cyber attack.

Yes, they're really saying that. That's the level of plausibility being presented at this juncture. Along with the claim that 621 deaths occurred from Covid 19 in this 12 week period.

How is it possible that 621 deaths occurred in such a short space of time, post vaccine rollout? In a freedom of information request to the CSO, they stated that 156 deaths resulted solely from Covid 19 throughout 2020 & and the first three quarters of 2021 combined. At the height of the Pandemic.

What spin will the media put on all of this, that is if they even decide to report on this huge increase in deaths at all.

It would appear as if there is a deliberate attempt to ignore or misrepresent the facts.

It would also appear as if a lot of distraction and misdirection is being created now.

It is vital to keep our attention on the issue of mass migration, but we must also be careful not to segue our focus away from the vaccine fallout, especially in light of the recently released documentary #diedsuddenly.
Forwarded from Tracey O'Mahony
Just to be absolutely clear, Raise the Roof are a pack of communists whose "manifesto" seeks to enshrine a right to housing for "all" in the Constitution. Once that right is enshrined, the Government will have a positive obligation to defend and vindicate that right. How do you think they will do that? It may start with increasing taxes to build more public housing but it will end with "you will own nothing and you will be happy". The right to housing says nothing about ownership, just that you must be provided with a house. Be under no illusion, your Government hate you. Your Government want you dependant on them and this is not possible while you retain the right to ownership of private property.
Forwarded from Late Stage Ireland
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Social Democrats TD Gary Gannon says every county in Ireland is going to be enhanced by asylum seekers which he admitted are impossible to vet as he condemned the protests in East Wall on the Claire Byrne show today.

Gannon says Ireland has an obligation to accommodate unlimited numbers of asylum seekers, the majority of whom fail their asylum applications but are granted Leave To Remain regardless.

In 2018, for example, 99.7% of Albanian asylum seekers were rejected as were 97% of Georgians, 95% of Nigerians and 86% of Zimbabweans. All Pakistani asylum seekers were rejected in 2017.

Asylum applications have quadrupled this year after Government committed to providing all asylum seekers their own homes within four months of arrival.

But there is a long queue of asylum seekers in Direct Provision awaiting their permanent homes as Minister for Justice Helen McEntee issued a blanket amnesty to all asylum seekers in the system over two years as part of her blanket amnesty for illegals earlier in the year.
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Coveney Confronted Over Uncontrolled Mass Immigration Agenda

Irish people are waking up to the scam. Simon Coveney and his cronies will be held responsible for the damage they’re doing to Ireland.



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