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So #Patriots would need "F-15s and nukes" to tackle the Elite Abuser Class Empire at home, but the same Empire is getting run out of #Kabul Saigon-style by the #Taliban?

This helps explain the desperate #PoliceState fortification of #WashingtonDC.

Something to think about...
50 years ago this weekend, Tricky Dick Nixon attempted to consign us all to fiat slavery by giving the Elite Abuser Class the power to effortlessly counterfeit wealth out of thin air and then use that fake wealth to buy every real thing on the planet. This system was and is designed to allow the Elite Abuser Class to effectively own and control everyone and everything beneath them.

The good news is that this system is dying, and spectacularly so...


As we transition from the shambling, confused, and mostly disabled #Marxism of Creepy Sleepy Joe and into the more aggressive and malignant Marxism of Kooky Commie #Kamala, remember: We deserve this. And the worse that will come next until and unless we repent and submit to King Jesus as King over our crumbling empire.

So the Amerikan Empire want's to keep dangerous weapons like AR-15s out of the hands of We the People while gifting the Taliban with billions of dollars in machine guns, armored vehicles, and attack helicopters.

Oh, and let's not forget that the Amerikan Empire expects it' taxpaying human resource cattle to cover the cost of this transfer of power.

In the surest sign yet that the Elite Abuser Class is in full-blown desperation mode, the U.S.S.A. Department of Homeland Security and Political Narrative Enforcement recently released a laughably Orwellian list of behaviors that will land perfectly healthy, intelligent, thinking citizens on their “Potential Terror Threat” list...

As the current installment of the American Empire’s Forever Wars draws to a close, the victorious Taliban are now issuing orders to an increasingly confused and delusional Resident Biden.

But perhaps even more important than the Taliban’s opportunity to dictate terms in this scenario are the many ways in which the Afghanistan implosion has revealed the Amerikan Empire to be an increasingly gay paper tiger as its woke, transgender-recruiting armed forces are revealed to be incapable of subduing Afghanistan after twenty years of war…while, at the same time, the Resident claims that Spirit of 1776-minded Patriots at home have no chance whatsoever against his empire unless they are armed with “F-15s and nukes”.

Oh really? Do tell...and remember to get out of Taliban territory by September 1, or else...

As the Big Business, Big Tech, and Big Government blitzkrieg against individual freedom and liberty continues, it's become clear that we may soon have to fight in new ways if we want to secure our freedom and avoid the chains of slavery that the Elite Abuser Class is draping around our necks at this very moment.

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Hellrazer Report 2 is live! You can find the online version at https://www.hellrazerreport.com/newsletter-2.html.

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The new Hellrazer Report (#4) is live! Here's a link: https://www.hellrazerreport.com/newsletter-41.html