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I was sent the above image this morning. The government continues to implement race based apartheid policies by stealth.
Stuff swings into damage control as the Narrative is threatened by “Are we Being Conned?” appearing in Auckland letter boxe's. Not to worry, good old Don (“my wife's from Singapore!”) Brash to the rescue with a piece pointing out that the claims in the booklet are actually correct.
Politicians across the board condemn truth, why? National's Chris Luxon said the document was “Inflamatory...”. They cannot dispute the truth, they can only attack it because they see it as a threat to “Unity”. A false and forced unity based on lies. They view history as a resource to be mined for useful propaganda in support of a world view they are all beholden to. A fake unity at the cost of truth, a kind of 'fast food history' completely disconnected from historical fact.
Starting next year all schools will have the NZ Histories as a compulsory subject from year one to year ten. Read through the draft document here. This is the most extensive excercise in pedagogical propaganda New Zealand has ever witnessed and will irreversibly change our country. They know this, but unlike us they think this is a good thing. By lying to our children about everything they intend to rais up the Maori and deprecate the European in the vain hope that unity and understanding will be the outcome.

The entire thing is a Maori Activist anti-white propaganda programme designed to justify ever more Maori Tribal power, authority and reparations. One thing this pack of lies will not do is creat the much vaunted Unity. I fear for our country as this sort of BS will sow the seeds of suspision and animosity where previously there were only Kiwis! The latest piece from Dr Kerry Bolton is a memoir of dissident activity in support of South Africa leading up to the bizarre situation now with He Puapua and the comparison to the apartheid state that was. How should we respond ?
Kerry dissects the dissident right's response... "Why would the dissident-Right defend the status quo and insist that it is adhered to by Maori, when the dissident-Right is nothing if not a doctrine of restoration that eschews the modern epoch as the cycle of decay within Western Civilisation? "

"Why would the dissident-Right want to impose on anyone else a system and defend an epoch that is a cancerous pathogen to the traditional ethos and spirit of the European? "
Throughout 2020 the enforcement arm of the Democrat party; Antifa and BLM were marching through the streets yelling “No Border No wall No USA at All”. The results on the southern border are entirely predictable and by design. Now the humiliating collapse in Afghanistan confirms the trajectory of the USA. It won't be long now before they will lack the ability to response even if they did have the will!
This video is unbelievably prescient in view of our current locked down status. Although we would take issue with the inclusion of National Socialism with Soviet and Chinese communism as equivalent totalitarian states it still describes in detail what is happening in New Zealand society.
At this point in the accelerating decline of the west, we are out of time for dancing around the issues. Julius Evola: Metaphysics of War. In 1939 he wrote, quoting French physiologist René Quinton …

“Every ideal is a pretext to kill. Hatred is the most important thing in life. The wise men who no longer hate are ready for sterility and death. You must not understand the [enemy] peoples, you must hate them. The more man rises, the more his hatred for man grows. Nature has by no means created males, and peoples, in order for them to love each other.”

In 2022 the Stazi State of NZ will be slipping on its jack boots, the opportunity for meaningful action against state oppression will slip by and despite the government contrived fear mongering, most whites nowadays seem to be completely incapable of Hate. If that's the case then why would the government want to pass laws that make illegal the very emotion from which might spring the spine to resist? Do they have something in mind that free people would resist, if they could?

Here is Kai Murros on Hate
After 20 years on the dissident right there are only a handful of speeches and publications or recordings that really capture the essence of the problem at hand. The Ravage essay of 1928 is one such piece. This is a recoding downloaded from pre-censorship you tube in 2014.
From Judaism Discovered by Michael Hoffman pp940
“The two day Judaic New Year observance Rosh Hashanah, occurs on the first and second days of the month of Tishri. On the first of Tishri, the rams horn is blown, the “heavenly court” sits in judgement and “Torah” scrolls are paraded - all intended to lend a Biblical resonance to what is a Talmudic/Kabbalistic holiday.”

Jacinda Ardern appears to be a 'useful idiot', whether deliberate or not she is dangerously naïve. Not stupid, just naïve and ideologically delinquent. To Ardern, Judaism is just a sweet harmless religion and the knife attack had nothing to do with Religion or Culture...Wrong and Wrong.
With the appearance of He Puapua, Maori activism has taken on a decidedly political tone. It has changed from simply ripping off the system for financial gain to something far more insidious. The latest piece on TENZ takes a theoretical look at the implications of considering Maori Activism as we would the actions of any other foreign nation state actor. One that is working tirelessly to undermine and subsume the sovereignty of New Zealand.
MIss Uganda , Kenya, Congo are all black and proudly so, does that make them Racist? Western countries are completely deranged on the subject of Race.
Forwarded from Mark Collett
Miss England and Miss Ireland - it's almost as if there is a concerted effort to replace Europeans...
Gavin Newsom retains his seat in the California recall election. Another reason why democracy in the information age is the absolute worst possible form of government. The population becomes accustomed to being told 'What' to think instead of 'How' to think.
This graph from the Taxpayers union shows in a single image the staggering effect of appealing to the feminine desire for safety over freedom. From Forrest Maready's blog; Why so many people Don't Want Freedom
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A kiwi woman has a strong, straight to the point message for her fellow countrymen, before she makes her way up to Hokianga to be with the family of a 38 year old care worker, she's says, died 2 days after being pressured to get jabbed for work.

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