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But the reality is: almost all usernames are bought by different identical investors, no matter which business brand or topic ...
Yes, even if you just checked Telegram the whole time, you probably noticed an abnormal temperature in Europe (or in your room). Switzerland just published their analysis, with a crazy increase of our temperatures.

Sweat in November is now reality 😞 (and probably a problem for the whole world, if this continues to happens even in future), but you can still get a fresh November thanks @WinterFreaks
Why using 10000000000000 different services, socials and accounts, if you can manage all using Telegram. It's time you start to check your E-Mails thanks @GmailBot

Do you want to be stupid or smart? Then check @BetterTelegramUsage for more suggestions
Be only interested to what happens in just one country in 2022 doesn't make sense anymore. Only if we are united we can get full benefit of all our passions, be correctly informed, save the whole world and make progressions. Are you ready to be a Telegram Freak?
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How various Telegram channels (especially from Italy) are just fake? Here simply an example for an empty channel, where you can exactly see the fake increase every x seconds (compared to a fake channel opened previously). A problem that most socials still haven't fixed at all and in Telegram just create a chaos in the search results, showing thousand of such useless channels.
PS: we show just part of the video. Full video has been sent to Telegram in the hope they will ban such channels and users in future automatically.
Black Friday will never be the same like before: it's time to talk about "Blue Friday", the Black Friday Generation 2.0.

For the first time ever the true Black Friday is coming on the best social network worldwide. Obviously we are talking about Telegram! Black Friday 2.0 will be available on other socials too.
Telegram Premium Bot doesn't work? You are not alone ... Between purchase and subscription end issues the release of Telegram Premium Bot was just a big flop.
Congrats Telegram, you are selling the stolen usernames, but you still keep banned the banned usernames. This makes no sense at all. If you really think that people should buy such usernames to offer better content (which obviously is bullshit), then you should start to sell the banned usernames, not legit usernames! In this case (with your idea), instead of posting pedo, porno and illegal things by many other users, such channel would get better content.
The sad reality of many socials. Telegram allows all type of socials, no matter if there are logos, links, etc. Meanwhile various socials bans accounts / links just because they are related to Telegram.

The only "conflicts" Telegram has is just with WhatsApp (which is not a social network at all).
Yes, obviously we keep track of all what is happening on Telegram and this is a serious issue available on Telegram currently, near other problems.
We need to be honest: the thought "WTF, this is for sure not a miss!" happened at least once for everyone. In such case there are so many other better girls, who simply don't want to compete or whatever. Now we exclude topics like make-up, plastic surgery, etc.
Does now this mean that just because a girl is a miss, she is really the most beautiful girl? NOPE!
The same happens with WhatsApp. Not only because everyone is using that or newspapers and brands just talk about that, means that WhatsApp is the best service in the world.
So stop comparing numbers or popularity with quality, which is just bullshit and makes no sense.
Telegram removed MacOS 10.12 support this week, but thank us they will reimplement in the next update