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Why Telegram directories are shit? We already wrote about that

Let we see another example. Looking the picture it means they approved our "all in one" channels, but rejected the single channels, EVEN IF THE ALL IN ONE CHANNEL got approved and CONTAINS the single channels ... Our comment "just idiots..." they do with all topics the same 💩 and many other similar directories do the same shit ...

Army channel with air alert approved, army channel without air alert rejected ...

We saw similar thing 100000x times before, no matter the topic or language ...

Conclusion: like we said multiple times, don't think to find channels on Telegram directories ... since who manage such websites, do it just in shitty ways ...

Just think 🇮🇹, approving porno channels and rejecting decent channels ...

Start to learn how to search channels properly on Telegram @SearchTelegramChannels
(part 1) Well, now our second statement to the bullshit article wrote by CTech.

Probably you are so retarded, that you missed our statements before Pavel Durov wrote an answer hours later

"While other social platforms like X, Meta, and TikTok have been working to take down incendiary and graphic content posted by Hamas and its supporters (not always successfully), Telegram has taken an opposite approach" —> bullshit, like the bullshit the fake italian "social expert" said about other type of YouTube illegal / criminal / etc. videos. We already reported that in our channels.

Cool that even all pornographic content related to Israel is still online (and we don't speak about Telegram!).

Without considering all bullshit available on such plattforms, where TikTok is nr 1, like we said multiple times!

You are again so retarded, that you probably haven't found any of our channels, if you write such bullshit. So if you already was not able to find us, where we can be founded in 3 seconds with all our 2000 channels if people use the brain during the search, then how the hell you can find terrorists channels ... considering that you are writing in English, so probably you cannot speak their languages too ...

Journalists are always great in say bullshit, thinking to be social network / big data / etc. experts, even if most of them have 0 knowledge on how to do things properly. There are still some good journalists.

"Durov also made an absurd claim that in Telegram users only receive content to which they subscribed, ignoring the fact that content spreads quickly when users share throughout different groups"

Well, again you have read anything and probably you are just using the classic social networks, like all journalists .... so:

a) start to discover and use all social networks available, even not in english, instead of using the classic 3-5 like 95-99% of the people are doing, except the smart people, who know where to get the infos.
Part 2: Well, now our second statement to the bullshit articles wrote by CTech.

b) if a is done, you can see that such content is available on such socials too, and maybe the content has more violence too!

c) "when users share throughout different groups" —> this has NOTHING do to with TELEGRAM, because even a video posted on Reddit can get shared, no matter if maybe 2 months later Reddit bans such subreddit. Once banned, you just open a new subreddit! In case of a TikTok etc. accounts, you open another one ... This is how social networks work. But if you say such shit, you have 0 knowledge ...

d) so again related to c) you can share videos from the social you are using, where fake news are posted. So videos are not coming only from Telegram! Plus such socials are even the source of many videos that users post on Telegram and Twitter!!!

Cool that you just ignore "Instead, they serve as a unique source of first-hand information for researchers, journalists, and fact-checkers" showing exactly that you haven't found any Telegram channel ...

Needless to say, Telegram has been profiting from the situation and its approach, with Durov admitting last week that the platform has onboarded “hundreds of thousands” of news users in Israel and the Palestinian territories —> what are journalists doing? They make money with videos where houses are destroyed, people killed, etc. and they get more followers etc. So say less shit, if you are nothing better!

PS: be happy that currently we cannot open Facebook pages (we will do it once it works again)
and we have the 0 views issue on TikTok, like others (especially those using it as agency), that TikTok is giving a shit without fixing it, otherwise you would find all our content on such socials too, near other socials where we are already active. We really hate when people make bullshit articles just to make clicks
TelegramFreaks : Telegram Channel Freaks from Росси́я, Україна, Deutschland, Italia, Schweiz, España, UK, USA and more
Part 2: Well, now our second statement to the bullshit articles wrote by CTech. b) if a is done, you can see that such content is available on such socials too, and maybe the content has more violence too! c) "when users share throughout different groups"…
Additional comment related to and the bullshit article we wrote previously

We already said that directories are 💩 and they discriminate languages too, like they did 2 years ago ...

Well first let we check the most followed channels (real or fake bought followers is another point ...). No matter, 3 identical crypto shit channels approved! = spam on such directory, since is the exact same channel, but obviously they say nothing about that ... like they don't say anything about illegal full movie sharing channels or other spamming things ...

Ok, no matter, we already said that directories are the worst way to find channels, but we said that Telegram has a shitty Telegram search feature too @BetterTelegramUsage, so related to the previous comment, how the hell are you able to find such content, if already for us is complex to find some channels, and we need to implement tons of strategies to find them, "wasting hours". And obviously we don't search just in one language ... and we don't keep track just one topic, but almost all. Most journalists and users don't do what we do, so ....

So if you are already not able to search using the basic search feature, for sure you are not using complex strategies too, to fix the shitty search feature issue on Telegram ... and such strategies doesn't mean just using Telegram to find content ...
People always think to be able to use and search social networks, even if this is NOT the case at all, if we exclude the 3 smart cats in the world.

Well let we check the most UNUSED feature on Telegram people are not using, near the pinned message feed

This means SEARCHING THINGS IN TELEGRAM. We don't talk about searching channels, this is another point @SearchTelegramChannels

IT'S CRUCIAL to check previous messages

via media panel, tags, link number, date of publication, searching specific words etc, without need to check each single post available! if you want to be over the average and don't be stupid by saying "informations are not available"

Well TELEGRAM is not Twitter, we already said that related to the scientific research about terrorism

Twitter search is working totally differently compared to Telegram.

In Telegram YOU CANNOT search:
- a if you want to search #a
- #a or a if you want to search or ä
- a if you want to search ab, even if ab CONTAINS a!
- synonyms
- open the media panel and search directly there, even by date! except files links
- complex

In Telegram you CAN search:
- a if you want to search A
- ab if you want to search Ab
- aB if you want to search AB
- search by media (= photos, videos, ..) USING TELEGRAM STABLE!
- "a b"

In Telegram you cannot search posts inside the folder of channels! because they search inside all channels (💩).

Yes, we know Telegram search of channels is shit
and we already asked Telegram to improve that (near 100+ other features), to make Telegram even better to what already is ...

We already said how people and socials are terrorists against Telegram too

Discover more on:
Oh Telegram, ...
we released a message about how to search posts with 🧠
because searching on channel at the end is not so bad, even if this could be improved

searching channels IS JUST 💩. YES 💩, SHIT, 💩!

Here we go again with another example, where Telegram show NO SENSE channels to what we are searching.
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Remember, NO DISCRIMINATION! every country is accepted, like Netherlands does, without getting influenced by religion bullshit too!

🇳🇱 best country worldwide! Not perfect, but still better than most! At the end there is no perfection and no one is innocent ...

🇸🇦 🇦🇺 🇨🇳 🇷🇺 🇮🇳 ....

🙅‍♂️ crimes / vandalism / double face people / 💶 mind!
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