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What can we say about all such usernames? All bought by a 75 mio+ Millionaire from Dubai.

Will this bring a benefit for Telegram? YES, because they get a lot of money and NO, since they are just a way to make more money once reselled, so to Telegram users there is no benefit at all!
What can we say about Telegram numbers? Is just a shit to buy and manage such numbers (especially on multiple devices). There is no privacy at all. Obviously there is no security at all, because they could ban all your accounts in batch (even for legit use), since they (and other people too) know exactly who bought that. Plus this would even increase the spam / scam problematic on Telegram. Remember that such numbers works only for Telegram login.
People could maybe think that Telegram virtual numbers work like lifetime virtual numbers or free virtual numbers or true sim cards (or the opposite), but the fact is:
NO! Such idea is just bullshit. You cannot replace one with another one, because every type of SIM has pro and contras. What is the best solution to keep account safe on Telegram? 1) you need to use true SIM cards 2) buy Telegram numbers (it's too early now to know exactly if this is a good option, but we already noticed some things about that) 3) lifetime numbers 4) free shitty numbers is not an option at all.
Like we already wrote previously, you can have a lifetime phone number or a true SIM card by respecting all rules (no spam, inactivity, positive balance, etc.) and they still can ban / delete such numbers. Your Telegram experience will be even different if you use a SIM, Telegram number or virtual number. Telegram AI know that and works differently based on that.
It's time to talk honestly about Telegram, instead of keeping such stories private. Thinking that with Telegram all work perfectly is not the case at all.

Today we share with you our experience about issues fixing and suggestions implementation with Google and Telegram. Since we are the most extreme active users worldwide, suggesting over 10k on over 800+ developers, we made tons of experience. What we can say about such two brands. Like previously wrote Google devs are the worse developers worldwide, but what about Telegram?

Everyone should know how Telegram Support is just shit, a bit like Facebook / Instagram, Reddit, Google or Yahoo. Reporting scam and other bot / things made by Telegram are almost shit too, because they read anything. Even the account unban support is bad. They maybe unban a wrong ban, but they delete all chats (= it’s like you get a new account).

We checked Telegram Bots Developers reclamation about their behaviour about fixing issues / implementing suggestions (shared on private messages / groups or other ways) and we combined it with our multiple experiences.

Conclusion: maybe you think Telegram is doing all that much better compared to Google (maybe because some features have been integrated with Telegram Premium), but the reality is that most important issues get ignored, different issues are available since years even if they continue to write “fixed”, their bug / suggestion platform is useless like this of Chromium or Yahoo ("it’s just a waste of time"), features are almost not implemented (except few not really important features with premium). At the end between Google and Telegram (or even Facebook) there is almost no difference at all: support and dev team are almost shit, even if Telegram is one of the best social worldwide. Telegram, it's really time you wake up!
The sad reality is that Telegram in the last time is getting a lot of downgrades (we don't mean the release of premium, because this is not a downgrade). Fragment is one of this, even if the phone numbers release make sense in some way. The concept behind it is not a downgrade, but how Pavel Durov did it yes. Do you really believe that the person who bought 4000 phone numbers will really improve Telegram? N O P E - They just want to make money by reselling such numbers. What about all dudes who bought 200 - 400 usernames? You can just check this picture to get the answer ... Sorry Durov, but in the last time you are implementing to many downgrades to Telegram, removing features or things used by legit users who really improved Telegram quality. Now you are just focusing on such money freaks who are not active at all on Telegram.
It's time to send a message to Telegram, by stopping to buy new Telegram premium subscription, until they really consider Telegram users and urgent problems something important. Since months they just ignore such issues, by taking money from worldwide people who still want to stop the bot, but they simply don't do that (no matter which app or browser) and obviously with 0 support too. If you really don't want to contribute to this bad Telegram trend, stop and refer other friend to stop buying Telegram premium, until Telegram will really consider such problem as urgent.
The world is still full of people making the wrong choices day by day. Just think all people buying low chinese quality products on Amazon (FBA) or other store (Dropshipping), even if such things are just “bought and reselled” from other sellers at lower prices (50% or more). The same happens with ads and many other marketing strategies, where tons of people fall for them like chickens. Like we always say, don’t be a sheep.

Obviously this happens with multiple other tools and socials too, even if you can do all that much better and safer just by using Telegram. Don’t follow the irrational way of thinking made by the mass of the people, be rational and use Telegram (and all other things) properly: @BetterTelegramUsage
We continue to see and hear so many bullshit about socials, even from big brands. Let we compare Reddit, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Telegram, Twitter and Facebook in proper way. What can we discover? Reddit and Telegram are one of the best socials available.

Keep in mind that we haven't considered things like account security, freedom of speech, support and many other features. Related to account banned you can check this. For NSFW content this (because most people continue to say just bullshit even about this topic).

More comparison in future.
The sad reality of Telegram. Invite your friends to join Telegram so we can change that.
Media is too big
🚨LIVE: Millions on alert as dangerous storms take aim l For more infos check @WarningAlertTelegram

We will implement a warning channel for America in future too.
Media is too big
If you follow what is said in this video and what we already said previously, then you are in the right way to be a good person.


1) Keep always in mind what you desire

2) Less bla bla and complains; instead act and do things better

3) Never be happy of what you are doing, thinking you reached the perfection. There is no perfection, you can always be better.

4) Create a circle of people having same goals. Give a shit to people who complain on your projects or don't trust what you are doing. You need to focus on what you desire!
Let we test what Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer by OpenAI is writing about Telegram bots. Get your answer directly by ChatGPT