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❗️Welcome to the Crypto Community

‼️Warning & Disclaimer‼️
- Cloud mining sites are largely scams.
- Pump & Dump groups are scams.
- All HYIP's & MLM's are scams, you will get banned from all groups if you are found participating or sharing HYIP/MLM links, dont make money out of scamming others, learn to trade.
- Dont trade off others advice, trade at your own risk!
- There are scammers posing as well known members on telegram private messaging people asking for money, DONT SEND!
- Dont open files posted in these groups
- Careful about clicking on 3rd party links, these can easily be malicious.

We ask all members stick to the following rules:

1. Have a profile image (Avatar)
2. Have an @username
3. No spamming
4. No advertising
5. No referral links
6. Don't ask users to private message you
7. No URL's or phone numbers in names
8. No loans or lending platforms
9. No HYIP or MLM's links of any kind
10. No Pump group links, of any kind
11. We will ban passive spammers, passive spammers are those who forward posts from pump groups.
12. Links must be on topic to the group
13. No buying/selling bitcoin or altcoins OTC
14. No impersonation of any members, admins or groups.
15. Please be respectful to other members

If you break the rules, you may get banned from multiple groups.
If you are aware of a scammer, wish to contest a ban or report an issue, go to @Resolutions.

Mild FUD is allowed but trolling people with nothing but fud is a bannable offense, whilst we acknowledge fud is annoying, it can be a vital counterbalance to disillusioned FOMO.

If you're looking for groups with a specific language, please visit: CryptoGroups.com

For those new to trading we recommend you read @CryptoTips

Got a question about @Crypto? Please read @CryptoFAQs

Hope you enjoy your stay :)