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First quadruple asteroid system detected

A trio of researchers from the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand, Université de Lyon and Sorbonne Université, respectively, has made the first sighting of a quadruple asteroid system—an asteroid with three moons orbiting around it. In their paper published in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics, Anthony Berdeu, Maud Langlois and Frédéric Vachier, describe how they spotted a third moon around asteroid Elektra and some of its characteristics.
The asteroid Elektra was first seen back in 1873, by astronomer Christian Peters. Since that time, the outer main-belt asteroid has been classified as a G-type—it measures approximately 260 kilometers across and is believed to have a Ceres-like composition. Back in 2003, researchers found that it had a companion moon and then in 2014, a second moon was found. In this new effort, a third moon has been discovered, earning the system a quadruple designation—the first ever observed.

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The gravitational lens effect was predicted by A. Einstein☝️

Back in 1915, as part of the general theory of relativity, he first correctly calculated the angle of deflection of a beam of light in the gravitational field.

By the end of the 20th century several dozens of gravitational lenses were discovered. Some images are indeed in the form of an even or broken ring, which is called the "Einstein ring" or the "Chwolson-Einstein ring".
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Northrop Grumman wins $341 million Space Force contract to develop a deep-space tracking radar

The contract is for the first of three planned ground-based radar sites to be installed in dispersed locations around the world.
The Space Systems Command’s Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC) awarded the contract Feb. 22 for the project known as Deep Space Advanced Radar Capability (DARC).
The radar system to be developed by Northrop Grumman will be located in the Indo-Pacific region. It would be one of three planned ground-based radar sites to be installed in dispersed locations around the world.  The company has to complete a prototype by September 2025.
The DARC program was started by the U.S. Air Force in 2017. The Air Force spent $1.5 billion on the Space Fence space surveillance radar to track objects in low Earth orbit. DARC will  track objects in geosynchronous orbit. The three DARC sites are projected to cost $1 billion...Read More

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Is This Incredible Photo of Earth or Mars?
Tesla got fined for polluting (again)

Tesla is paying a $275,000 penalty after violating the Clean Air Act at its Fremont, California vehicle manufacturing plant. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the settlement Tuesday, which stems from complaints about their handling and monitoring of hazardous air pollutants from 2016 to 2019. 
According to the EPA, the Tesla facility uses multiple hazardous materials during its vehicle coating process, including formaldehyde and ethylbenzene, and failed to have plans in place through the three-year period to minimize such operations emissions. The company also did not calculate whether their emissions during vehicle coating met the EPA requirements and failed to collect and keep all necessary monthly records relating to this process. These emission standards are part of the EPA’s initiative to protect the air quality of communities that are located in close proximity to sources of hazardous air pollution...Read More

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Swiss Plasma Center and DeepMind Use AI To Control Plasmas for Nuclear Fusion

Scientists at EPFL’s Swiss Plasma Center and DeepMind have jointly developed a new method for controlling plasma configurations for use in nuclear fusion research...Read Full Article

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The Robot dog now has a new hand

Spot Arm - this name was given to a robot with an additional manipulator, created by Boston Dynamics.

The robotic arm turned out to be very useful to Spot. With its help he can now open doors, collect items, dig holes, plant flowers and even draw.

Intended use: the use of the robot in hazardous industries, construction sites, rescue operations and even to explore other planets
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Couch Console is a universal organizer for a relaxed stay at home

The Couch Console is a universal organizer and holder for everything you might need during a relaxing holiday at home.

In one slot you can hold a snack, in another a drink, and in the third a TV remote control or a gamepad, and you can also attach a smartphone there. The drink will not spill due to the holder can balance the glass using the force of gravity.

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Ultrasonic prosthesis for musicians

Musician James Barnes had to amputate his arm to the elbow due to injury. However, simple prostheses with electromyogram sensors did not provide the needed control.

Therefore, together with tech designers from Georgia Tech, he began work on a prosthesis with an ultrasonic sensor that could accurately capture the movements of the untouched muscles and correctly reproduced both movement and pressure force.

The actions of the new development are so precise that a musician can play musical pieces.
Many cancer patients that are treated with chemotherapy lose their hair. For some when the hair grows back, it can grow back a different colour, or be curly or straight.
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The world's first cyborg

Neil Harbisson was born colorblind. But he always dreamed of feeling colors.

He managed to accomplish his dream by developing a device implanted in the brain. It consists of a camera that translates colors into 360 different sound waves and transmits directly to Neil's brain, as well as a wearable 1 kg computer and a software chip implanted in his skin.

Besides, Harbisson can see not only the regular optical radiation range, but also the infrared and ultraviolet energy.
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China presents prototype train, accelerates up to 620 km/h

The train runs on the energy of a high-temperature superconductor, which gives the impression of traveling on magnetized rail tracks. The prototype is 21 meters long.

The train was presented to the media in Chengdu for the first time. Professor He Chuan, who took part in the work on the prototype, has already shared his predictions with journalists. He is sure that the train can be put into service in a period of 3 to 10 years.

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Neural network "Deep Nostalgia" will bring old photos to life

With the help of this neural network, you can "revive" the faces of long-gone people, including those who have never been recorded on video.

Technically, the way Deep Nostalgia works is very simple: it has a set of prepared mimic templates on which the face from the selected image is superimposed. The neural network has not been trained for a long time, it works according to averaged criteria, and the result largely depends on the quality of the original photo.

India is extremely close to launching 5G services.

Airtel and Jio Expected to Launch 5G Services this Month; Vi Could Too.

Samsung to launch Crypto Exchange in the first half of 2023.
🔸Samsung is taking a second swing at launching a crypto exchange, with its initial plans reportedly thwarted by a lack of key talent.
🔸Its previous attempts to launch an exchange were stalled last year when the business was reportedly unable to hire the right professionals to run it.
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