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' Pennsylvania
American colony, later U.S. state, 1681, literally "Penn's Woods," a hybrid formed from the surname Penn (Welsh, literally "head") + Latin sylvania (see sylvan).
Not named for William Penn, the proprietor, but, on suggestion of Charles II, for Penn's late father, Admiral William Penn (1621-1670), who had lent the king the money that was repaid to the son in the form of land for a Quaker settlement in America.
The story goes that the younger Penn wanted to call it New Wales, but the king's secretary, a Welshman of orthodox religion, wouldn't hear of it.
Pennsylvania Dutch (adj.) in reference to the German communities of the state, which retained their customs and language, is attested from 1824. '
Blessings Sylvanae, and all others -- in this living bounty, such wonders to discover.

We have been working long and passionately to reconnect our vital energies to the spirits of the land that nourishes us so generously.

Sylvania IPR -- this t.me/IntuitivePublicRadio -- anchors the Pennsylvania and greater Mid-Atlantic region of what's called the United States, or Turtle Island — Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, all points between, and all other points reachable from where each of our coordinating Intuitive groups happen to be.

Intuitive Public Radio Pittsburgh (at t.me/PittsburghIPR) has been anchoring regions around us for a long time, along with t.me/NortheastIPR. We have begun and joyfully sustained grateful and profound collaborations across these spaces.

Yet, we have yearned to establish more consistent content streams and resource hubs all through Pennsylvania's lush space-scape, and to help one another increasingly amplify collaborations throughout and beyond our individual locations.

Now we're starting to build t.me/SylvaniaIPR's public platforms, and we'd like your help.

Will you tune in here, join our conversations, and bring your vibrations of beauty and sweetness to this place with us?

Here is our group gathering -- foraging -- connecting -- space in which to share living nutrients: t.me/+q1-whQtq6VhmYjZh

Foraged this morning: mint leaves & flowers, persicaria longiseta, hibiscus syriacus, vitus riparia (wild river grape leaves), aegopodium podagraria (ground elder or bishops goutweed), musk mallow, yarrow, viola sororia, taraxacum officianale (dandelion leaves!), rubus idaeus (raspberry leaves), beautiful little clover bunches...

...with rain descending, still, from what seems like a clear blue sky,...

...the early morning sunlight waking my skin, magicking my photoreceptors,...

...and glinting golden vital life-force upon every living being in sight.


IntuitivePR • market resonance & attuned relational integrity

At IntuitivePR we promote individuals and communities dedicated to eliminating human trafficking pathways from all social spaces.

We especially center the work of survivor-professionals at intersections of severe disablement, as well as the courageous beings and organizations that most honorably and effectively resource them.

We teach collaborative fluency in attunement with relational integrity, which itself eliminates human trafficking influences from projects and processes.

In our group activities, we practice tending the community body with care and respect, knowing this is inherent to our collective livelihood, income streams, business interests, life vitality, and success.

There is no wiser, stronger, or wealthier market than this.

We co-create miracles because living beings are miraculous.

Come make public media with us -- you are welcome, appreciated, needed, essential, and invited.

Foraged violet & dandelion greens, musk mallow, aegopodium podagraria, mint flowers & leaves, lemon balm, hibiscus syriacus, lavender leaves, russian sage flowers, mock strawberry & leaves, lady's thumb, plantain leaves, yarrow, clover.
  Added rainbow carrots, heirloom tomato, avocado, farm eggs, diced ginger root, golden flaxseeds, fresh rosemary & oregano leaves, crushed garlic; apple cider vinegar, olive oil, turmeric powder, dried oregano pearls, pan salt, cracked black pepper.
"Our investments in Intuitive Infrastructure came about because we came face to face, belly to belly, with a monstrosity hidden in all of the spaces in all our communities… that we had no idea had been embedded… cell by cell, organ by organ… multi-generationally, in all our families… through the trauma that populations have been targeted with through psychosocial engineering… that has gradually (or swiftly) changed our perceptions of the meanings of our communications, our words, our languaging, our symbology.

We suddenly recognized… and then again (and then again, and then again)… that if we did not change the game we were playing, we would be dead again (and again, and again).

Fighting for the lives of our loved ones on these front lines has taught us what economics is — and how wealth must be rooted in relational integrity and collaborative fluency in order to be true and real in any way.

Our interconnections… our interstitia… the pathways traveling between each of us (all of us) from one to another… many, many, many of them all the time… as if the seemingly empty space, the empty air between you and everyone else… is full with skeins of physiology through which travel oxygen and nutrients and electric impulses… the stuff of psychic activations and shared dream experiences.

We are a body, all of us together.

The wealth of the collective body is wealth we must continuously be tending, to honor the resourcing inherent in the living body.

Everything around you is part of your dream experience in the living waking physical world we all find ourselves in."

Listen now (29 min) & read along | Intuitive Wealth, by Intuitive Public Radio • intuitivepublicradio.substack.com/p/intuitive-wealth 🌿

Forwarded from A Joy To Be Me
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You are at your bravest when you stand on the edge of change and open your heart to feel at all, no matter how messy it gets
Dave DiCello writes,
"Before capturing the moon above the incline last night, I made a quick stop to the 16th Street to capture it over PPG Place. I used multiple exposures in this image to give the moon a 3D look and really highlight the shadow side of the moon (last night's was a single exposure)."
Open Line 1
by Megan M. (t.me/maxmorris)
A) I provide a verbal ongoing account of everything I'm encountering within some unique, non-linear, tem-por-ially emergent time frame
B) YOu send your recordings for me to intersperse into my days and respond to on the open line
Ready? Set -
Q) where do we send things?
A) share your premium community shares as some form of media contribution for me to encounter and discuss plainly or creatively or in dream traveling on the open line — in public (🔊) broadcasts on multiple platforms.
Your share might be curious, questioning, innovative, theatrically expressive, resource coordinating, respect-oriented dialogue, top mastery communications supportiveness, art, music, storytelling, life honoring nourishment.
Even better, tell me what it is and what it means to you.
Put your links, pieces of text, conversational contributions, artful images, audio and video files directly in our public chats (🔊). (t.me/CommunityIPR is a great first stop if you're choosing a space.)
Include a note from yourself about your contribution.
Include credits for items you share whenever you know them (or mark credit unknown).
When you share these media offerings with us directly in our public chats (🔊), I and others can understand quickly that it's acceptable for us to publicly reshare them and talk about them openly. You're on the open line.
Q) but I already sent you something you didn't respond to!
A) I am in gradual+intensive recovery from experiences of extreme violence that left me with long-term compounded neurological injuries. Knowing me is a unanticipatable theurgy of depth and substance found nowhere else in the cosmos. I hope you will bring up your share again and look for ways to support me in being able to communicate with you. Neurological repair collaborations are my favorite.
Q) How can I most helpfully ask questions about how this works?
A) Ask directly (with patience, care, and respect) in our public chats (🔊) and whoever may become available can help out answering your questions.
Q) how can I support you?
A) join this adventurers' quest
Live (in the) (Simulti-) Stream • Reflections on learning curve, personal growth, and triumphs over technical and physical adversities. Holy moly!

Have you caught our Intuitive Public TV Simultistreams? Read more: www.intuitivepublicradio.network/p/live-in-the-simulti-stream

Artpeace ❤️ t.me/IntuitiveGallery/319

Here is a review of some of the ways we often create together in the Intuitive Network:

1. We dialogue in community spaces until we identify a particular project we'd like to work on together. Then we take it to a dedicated space, often a private chat on Telegram messenger. (This chat, t.me/CommunityIPR, is a great space for ongoing dialogue to start to find community members who want to collaborate in particular ways.)

2. We produce collaborative media to raise important conversational points where others can join us and help us invite more others into our conversations. We connect these media projects to outreach so that we have the increasing strength of speaking and expressing ourselves collectively. We use this approach especially to help ourselves and one another, amidst challenging situations, find and create access to resourcing that can most effectively meet our real needs.

3. We practice awareness of our own bodies' signals to proceed wisely, for safety, as we're getting to know one another. As we help one another increasingly connect with physical and vocational recovery resources, we also practice building group-coordinated income generating platforms. Then, we gradually increase our resourcing for building our own individual income generating platforms, supported by group activities and interconnected webs of related projects.

We can talk about any subject or type of project, as long as we practice care and respect toward one another and are very patient with the challenges all are navigating on a day-to-day basis.

We always remember that everyone is dealing with a very unique and unknown kind of situation, and that there is a great mystery of who we are to one another even when we feel excited and activated by finding one another on similar frequencies.

We tend to the well-being of our individual bodies first always, listening very closely to what our bodies need; we anchor there, then discover how we can bridge with one another; we improve our attuned presencing; and strengthen our collaborative fluency.

I do my best to be available for questions and to provide assistance where I can; and other co-facilitators and community members (who may have a personal account here on Telegram that is visible, or may show up anonymously as a chat heading as in this message here) like to help out wherever they can.

When network spaces are very quiet, we can plan new threads and future engagements for those spaces.

There are many, many public channels and public chats in the Intuitive Network on Telegram, and many private chats too that are either created or tended as part of our efforts here together.

Our space at t.me/IntuitiveCommunity and the attached discussion chat intermittently publishes streams of invitations to a wide variety of different Intuitive Network spaces that all are welcome to explore, learn about, collaborate with, and support.

Always follow, re-share, and comment frequently at https://www.IntuitivePublicRadio.network/subscribe on Substack to increase the public media conversations around this work. This helps us increase the resourcing we can flow into the network and then to specific group projects.

Respond here or reach out to me directly at t.me/maxmorris if I can be helpful to you in any way.

Love and blessings,

Megan Max Mo
We’re looking for people and organizations that will help significantly amplify our social media presence and newsletter outreach with repeated invitations to a much wider audience to come into collaboration with us in the Intuitive Network.

This is of significant inherent benefit to the organizations that build with us.

All individuals and groups are encouraged to connect — whatever your skills, there is a way you can collaborate fruitfully with us.

If you will help us with our outreach amplifications by social media, email, and/or other avenues, I will give you my time and support with whatever of my own skills and focuses may best serve your needs; and I will bring resources from the Intuitive Network to support you as well.

Our treasures and capacities are prodigious, yet there are certain missing pieces that we have not been able to achieve ourselves because of physical disability circumstances.

Please reach out to me and offer your strengths.

I'll offer you the very best of mine and ours.

Megan Elizabeth Morris
Direct Telegram contact: t.me/maxmorris
Email: max@intuitive.pub
Call: +1.412.353.9378