Crypto Class Action Sue Facebook & Google
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The Crypto Industry is suing Facebook and Google for the banning of all Crypto Ads. You can join the class action to win a damages payout and help fight back against Big tech abuse of power. Signup at
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Facebook: Initial Crypto Ad Ban β€œintentionally broad to better understand the crypto market”

Did Facebook decide to ban an entire industry before they even understood it?
Australian High Court decision invalidating Common Fund Orders puts JPB Liberty Crypto Class Action in stronger position because we have over A$500M in claim signed up to litigation funding agreements and never planned to use a common fund order.
JPB Liberty Web 3.0 Litigation Funding Agreement Ver 2.1.pdf
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Dear Class Members,
due to the 20 March 2020 hard-fork (split) of the Steem blockchain into Steem and Hive, with most of the community and developers moving to Hive, JPB Liberty has decided to move the SUFB Tokens from the Steem-Engine platform to the Hive-Engine platform in order to ensure the security and future operability of the SUFB Token.

You will be airdropped SUFB Tokens on the Hive-Engine platform ( ) 1 for 1 for every SUFB Token you held on Steem-Engine on 12 March 2020 (there has been little or no change in SUFB Token ownership since then).

The new Hive-Engine SUFB tokens will henceforth be valid for claiming a share of the litigation proceeds (damages, settlement etc) in the Crypto Class Action and as of 15 May 2020 the old Steem-Engine SUFB tokens will cease to be valid.

Once you receive your new Hive-Engine SUFB Tokens we recommend, to avoid any confusion, that you send your old Steem-Engine SUFB Tokens to @null to destroy them.
We have amended the Litigation Funding Agreement for the Crypto Class Action to implement this change in clause 18.9 and the definition of SUFB Token in section 22.

We are notifying you under clause 17.4.3 of these variations to the Agreement.

The variations since Ver 2.0 of the Agreement (24 June 2019) are:
1) New clause 18.9:
β€’ (SUFB Token platform change from Steem to Hive) You agree that any SUFB Tokens held by you on the Steem-Engine platform (β€œOld SUFB Tokens”) on 12 March 2020 will be replaced by the same number of new SUFB Tokens issued by JPB Liberty on the Hive-Engine platform (β€œNew SUFB Tokens”) and that you will make no claim for a share of Litigation Proceeds using Old SUFB Tokens. You and JPB Liberty agree that from 15 May 2020, the term SUFB Tokens in this Agreement shall only refer to New SUFB Tokens.
2) Replacement of word β€œSteem” with β€œHive” and insertion of words "subject to clause 18.9” in definition of SUFB Token in section 22.

If you have any objections to these changes please notify us within 14 days.

Your new version of the Agreement (Ver 2.1) is attached.
There was a 6 Month hiatus between Court hearings as the Judge was too busy. A New Judge has been appointed and things are moving forward again.