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Antispam service for Telegram.

Think your ban is wrong ? Ask in
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If you are a User of Rose you can join the SpamWatch Federation using /joinfed 1c2221d9-aa27-4baf-b77c-8822b36254d2
It will include all IDs in here and all Users that get automatically banned for spamming.

The Log can be found here: @SpamWatchFederationLog
Decided to make a Graph showing the amount of users banned for each reason.
Incase you have a list with IDs from Spammers and some proof feel free to send @SitiSchu a private message so they can be banned.
Also thanks to Andrea for providing a list with 267 Spammers.
Thanks a lot to baalajimaestro and Andrea for providing another list with 464 Spambots. Since the Spammers are getting creative with domain you can also send @SitiSchu with the Domain so they can be blacklisted and all bots can be banned.
Thanks to Fabian for discovering the group of Spambots from which I got the 2712 users that were imported recently.
It appears that some people were wrongly banned by automated methods. I apologize for that.

Please unban the following IDs: 122513158 172811422 211931420 254318997 260150652 394312580 609517172 492124491 610434395 445279481 677489199

If you are part of the SpamWatch Federation or you're subscribed to it you don't have to do anything. Rose will do everything.
Even though I post the ban list here, I strongly discourage importing it if you are a User of Rose. When using Rose, you can subscribe to a Federation and you will receive the Federation bans and unbans aswell. If you don't use Rose, I suggest diffing the list with the previous list to see if anyone was removed.

You can subscribe to the SpamWatch Federation using /subfed 1c2221d9-aa27-4baf-b77c-8822b36254d2

If you're not part of a Federation you can join the SpamWatch Federation using /joinfed 1c2221d9-aa27-4baf-b77c-8822b36254d2
SpamWatch Support Chat

There's now a Support chat in case you have trouble setting up Rose to join the Fed or subscribing to the Fed.
In this chat, you may also ask for a unban if you think you were banned wrongfully. Once the API is done, the chat will also serve as a place to get help with the API and the Bot.

Should a JSON based RSS Feed be provided next to a regular XML RSS Feed ?
Final Results
No (specify why in the Chat if you want)
SpamWatch API
The API is currently in a testing phase. If you want to help with testing send a message to @SitiSchu to get your API Token. A bot to generate a token will be done soon. Incase you need help using it join and someone will help you.

SpamWatch Feed
The Feed has been deprecated in favor of the API.

Telegram Feature Suggestion
Since Telegram doesn't seem to do anything about spam adding members I suggested a way they could fix it on Twitter. If you agree with my suggestion feel free to like the tweet in the hope that Telegram finally does something about it:
Bots with SpamWatch Support
If your Bot supports SpamWatch and isn't listed below just ask for it to be added in @SpamWatchSupport.

Bots with a Star(*) have Global Bans by the Bot Owners. Consult the corresponding Bots help to see if and how they can be disabled if needed.

Administration Bots
Federation Support
To join use /joinfed <Fed ID>
- matticate
Fed ID: spamwatch
- Rose
Fed ID: 1c2221d9-aa27-4baf-b77c-8822b36254d2
- Sophie
Fed ID: e47eb95f-a93a-4afb-8059-fe3fa3ab4042

General Support
Enabled by default
- Aigis
- JoinCaptcha
- PolyBot
- SpamBlockers*
- ZiZi*

Enabled by default (Marie Forks)
- Haruka Aya*
- Hitsuki*
- Kigyō*
- Lucifer*
- Lynda*
- Natalie*
- Skylee*

Misc Bots
- RSS Bot

Self-hosted Bots
- The Guard
SpamWatch API
To use the API, you can now get an API token here. This token is required to access the API and is used to rate-limit specific requests.

To add the API to your bot, you can use one of the official libraries for Python, NodeJS, Crystal and C# or implement it yourself using the documentation at

When adding the API to a userbot, please avoid mentioning the group admins for banned users since that gets annoying quick. Instead, don't do anything if you are not admin in the group.

In case you notice any issues with the API or have some questions join