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• Website : https://www.solanacato.com/
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Share your fav meme and win 500 $CATO 🚀
Opportunity for 🐈, this would be a small closed group as we will be targeting and shilling some $CATO on twitter and various other platforms. We do not want to spam this official channel so people who are interested to help and shill some $CATO join up now 🥳 https://t.me/joinchat/zGVZj2uqQMlhZWNl all members here will be getting small rewards at random, just to keep everyone motivated 🚀 group is open for only first 150 members right now
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100 $SPWN Airdrop for top 800 CATO Holders.
Mint $SPWN before 72hrs to receive the airdrop

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