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Brutally honest insights about Russian Combat Arts. And whatever else I feel is relevant to understanding systema, and Russians.
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Great Lent starts for the orthodox Christians tonight.
It starts with the service of Forgiveness, when everyone asks forgiveness from people in their world, in the hope to enter this period with a clean heart.
I too ask forgiveness of you, my friends, for all my transgressions, and I wish you strength, and kindness.

I hope that those of us that attempt the fast, will give up not just eating animal products, but will also manage not to consume other humans, at least for the next 47 days.

Peace to all.
And those that are not interested in great lent, please have a look at this picture, and see what’s wrong with it.
Good training of your observation skills.
Kinda like that scene from Man in Black:)
Unintended Systema.

A rather interesting observation by the authors of this video.
While both ways are effective, the one with a green tick is more like systema.

Comments as to why this is?
Excellent comments from all, thank you!

I also wanted to attract your attention to the origin of movement. In the first case, the movement starts from the ground or the hip, then the wave travels up the arm, to the fist.
More visible and a fraction slower.

In the second case, the movement starts at the fist, faster and harder to notice.

That’s the mechanics, the intent and depth of impact is something else.

The bag, if used correctly is a very useful tool!

Wishing everyone a pleasant Sunday evening, hope you had a chance to notice the beautiful sunset!
Very good and useful conversation about women’s safety on the chat section!

Would people be interested in a virtual meeting to discuss this?
Another one from a time long ago.
Traditional Russian cossack outfit.
King of Jordan with his personal guard.
There are plenty of stories of Cossacks guarding Chinese emperors, and other VIPs... thought this was a nice photo.