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I'll be jogging around Bedok Reservoir with some volunteers this Sunday morning to get some much needed exercise and also say hi to residents along the way. 🏃 Look forward to running into some of you. Stop me for a chat anytime -- it gives me an excuse to catch my breath! 😅

Join Sengkang GRC MPs He Ting Ru and Jamus Lim as they answer your questions live next Thursday evening on Instagram. Feel free to send in your questions earlier to or post them on IG live :) See you!
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(19 Sept 2020) Had an encounter with a very furry and cute resident today ☺️ We met with residents across two blocks in Bedok North to continue refreshing our database for our food distribution programme.

One of our volunteers raised a great question - How do we ensure that we can accommodate all of the resident requests we encounter despite limited funding. I thought about exploring this from 2 angles. First, we acknowledge that we do not have the deep pockets of government funding and where possible, point residents in the right direction of official avenues such as ComCare, MUIS, medical social workers etc. Ultimately, helping them reach official channels will ensure that residents are aware of the schemes out there and get the right help they need. Sometimes falling through the cracks could simply mean that they have not been met by the authorities, and we try to connect them where help is required.

Secondly, while we might not be able to provide the full spectrum of assistance in terms of meeting medical needs, or the full scale of monetary assistance, where the WP East Coast team will and continue to help is to provide the heartware. The gotong royong spirit, stopping to take a breather to listen and empathise, and take the time to fully understand residents will help in ensuring that we get to the root of chronic or deep seated issues. With lower income families especially, the problems they sometime face are not easily resolved with a quick bandaid but sometimes a result of complications in their family history or personal struggles which we can help to unravel with empathy and patience.

Over the past week, I also made an emergency delivery of adult diapers and bedsore cream, a significant cost which caregivers of the elderly would be all too familiar with. Did some research and found out that the Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF) helps to subsidise home healthcare items such as the ones mentioned above. I’ve shared the information with the resident and will check in on their application and eligibility.


Join Sengkang GRC MPs He Ting Ru and Jamus Lim as they answer your questions live tonight at 8.30pm on our Instagram page! Feel free to send in your questions them on IG live :) See you!

For this month’s #WPCommunityFund #Bluecycle, we delivered two fridges, a chaise lounge, a TV console, and a dining table set. We are, of course, grateful to the generosity of those who donate, as well as our amazing volunteers (including a demonstration of #WomanPower in moving). Our challenge, as always, is to ensure a match between those residents who have need for such items, and the donors who wish to pass them on. At one of the pickups, I also passed by a massive bunch of bananas, growing right by the parking lot! 

#TeamSengkang #SengkangGRC 

(Photo credits: @sorami772 and @calista.lim)

What a heartwarming Sunday spent with our Team Serangoon volunteers. In the morning, we were at the Serangoon food distribution event @ Blk 224 Serangoon Ave 4. Our volunteers truly are the best – they came early to set up, pack the groceries, and distribute them to our constituents. They worked tirelessly, with the spirit to serve, and ensured everyone had a good experience. In particular, I would like to thank volunteers like Way, JJ, Weishi, Raj and Mr and Mrs Chee, who have been helping us at these events for 9 years. Our volunteers make it all happen.

In the afternoon, we did house visits in Tai Hwan Drive, Serangoon Gardens. A big shout out to the constituents and friends we met! Our team loved the interesting chats with people of different ages...not to mention hanging out with many dogs!

Thanks to all the people who make Serangoon such a special place.

#AljuniedGRC #SpecialSerangoon