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A browser extension (add-on) for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera that allows you to quickly get back to the top and/or bottom of a page.

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Improved: don't show button(s) when JavaScript is disabled.

Inspired by uncleal (Opera add-ons) and another user (Chrome Web Store).


* Button(s) wouldn't hide in fullscreen mode.

Bug reported by Сергей Кателина.


* In case of multiple open windows of the same browser profile, the browser action (a popup that shows up when the Scroll To Top Button icon next to the address bar is clicked on) might show a wrong URL.


* “Dual arrows” mode wouldn't work properly on Bing and, sometimes, Google search result pages.

Bug reported by Miss Vasquez.


* Unable to scroll Options page on smaller screens.

Bug reported by Jeff Seymour & Michael Rhum.

@ScrollToTopButton v6.5.2

* Make Scroll To Top Button (STTB) work on sites with full-screen iframes (e.g., @ZeroNet).
(Issue reported by 赵名字.)
* Disable STTB on Transifex when viewing/editing translations.

@ScrollToTopButton v6.6.0


– Scroll To Top Button translated into Russian. / Scroll To Top Button переведён на русский.

Thank you, Пётр Михайлишин and Руслан Алеев!



– You can now support Scroll To Top Button development with Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC).



– Amazon badge notification and its settings wouldn't work.

Make us your referral – support project development in one click!
(Go to Amazon and click the Scroll To Top Button icon next to the address bar to learn the details.)

#new #translation #bugfix #improvement
@ScrollToTopButton v6.7.0


– Scroll To Top Button translated into Dutch (Netherlands). / Scroll To Top Button vertaald naar het Nederlands.

> Thank you, Michael Atsma!

– Scroll To Top Button partially translated into Czech.

> Thank you, Michal “Bedami” Bedáň!



– Button wouldn't have the right size on some pages.

> Issue reported by Devia Jeff (Kslr).

#new #translation #bugfix
@ScrollToTopButton v6.7.1


– Options page would flicker when language is not English.

> Issue reported by Pampero Cool, Michael Atsma.

@ScrollToTopButton v6.7.2


– Make Scroll To Top Button work on Google News.

> Issue reported by phil reilly.

@ScrollToTopButton v7.0.0


– Scroll To Top Button works in Firefox & Edge* now, too!

> Idea by Michael Yarlot, Fabrizio Morrone, Keluen Mier.

* We reached out to Microsoft for approval to have our extension in the Microsoft Store.

– Scroll To Top Button settings are now synchronized with your browser Sync account.



– Updated Dutch (Netherlands) & Chinese (China) translation.

> Thank you, Michael Atsma & Pluwen!

#Firefox #new #improvement
@ScrollToTopButton v7.0.1


– Extension no longer outputs log to the DevTools Console on a page.

> Issue reported by Ben Russell.

@ScrollToTopButton v7.1.0


– Ability to specify scroll up/down speed value in milliseconds instead of selecting a pre-set one.

> Idea by Phil Reilly.

@ScrollToTopButton has reached 20,000 users in the Chrome Web Store.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback, dear users!
@ScrollToTopButton v7.2.0


– Scroll To Top Button translated into Galician. / Scroll To Top Button traducido ao galego.

> Thank you, antiparvos and Navhy (Iván Seoane)!

– Ability to change language in Options.

#new #translation
“It's like an extension of my hand, not my browser!”

Thank you so much for your kind words, Myrtle in Maine! :)

@ScrollToTopButton v7.3.0


– Scroll To Top Button translated into Polish.

> Thank you, MusicInMe_TH (Ireek)!

– Scroll To Top Button translated into Turkish.

> Thank you, E.Tas (Eren Tas)!

#new #translation
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@ScrollToTopButton v8.0.0 AVG


– Ability to set a custom button size (min – 1px, max – 500px) in Options.

> Idea by luikhh.

– Ability to click an element underneath/behind the button.

> Before, you might have wanted to click an element located underneath/behind the button, but the button was in the way and there was no way to get rid of the button.

> Now, you can hold a Ctrl (Control) or Shift key on your keyboard and hover over the button and the button will disappear, allowing you to comfortably click the previously inaccessible element.

> Idea by Natalia Smirnova.



– Updated Chinese (China), Dutch (Netherlands), Galician, and Turkish translations.

> Thank you, pluwen, Bright X, Michael Atsma, antiparvos, Iváns, Eren Tas!



– Prevent a possible exception in tab checking logic.

> Issue reported by MagicAndre1981.

– In some cases, the button would not go back to the transparent state when not active.

> Issue reported by Anton Kizernis.



– Bumped minimum supported Chrome version to 49 (last version supported on Windows XP and Mac OS X Snow Leopard).

#new #improvement #translation #bugfix #change
@ScrollToTopButton v8.1.0 AVV


– Options page now gets open in a new tab instead of being embedded into the extensions management page.

> Based on feedback from MagicAndre1981 and Ronen TheLion.



– Button look would get affected by website's CSS.

> Issue reported by phil reilly.

– Extension wouldn't work in Chrome v49.

> Issue reported by Julian aka Ronen TheLion.

– Extension wouldn't work in Firefox.

– Options page would close sometimes even when language not updated.

#new #bugfix