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Scotiacon TV Release: Sing Me To Sleep

Another surprise video for you all tonight as our wandering videographer Wolfbite has brought together some more footage from the convention to share with you all. Please enjoy this latest trip down memory lane in "Sing Me To Sleep".
Scotiacon TV Premiere: Fursuit Highland Games

Join us at 8pm on Wednesday as we remember our Fursuit Highland Games from this year's convention and premiere the recording of the event on our YouTube channel, ScotiaconTV. Watch the fur fly as our suiters compete for ultimate victory and bragging rights!
Reminder! Scotiacon TV Premier: Fursuit Highland Games TONIGHT 8PM

Join us at 8pm tonight for the premiere of our Fursuit Highland Games recording from this year's convention. The fluff will fly as our fursuiters compete for the right to be crowned our 2024 champion!
Scotiacon TV Premiere: Group Photo Drone Video

We had so many fursuiters at our event this year that a photo wasn't enough to capture everyone (also some of you are quite tall). Fortunately our drone pilot came to the rescue and we'll be sharing the drone video of the photoshoot on Wednesday at 8pm!
Reminder! ScotiaconTV Premiere: Group Photo Drone Video TONIGHT 8PM

A reminder that tonight at 8pm we're releasing the drone video of our group photoshoot on our YouTube channel, ScotiaconTV! See all of our wonderful fursuiters in high aerial resolution and come back tomorrow for the release of all the photos from the shoot.
Scotiacon 2024 Group Photos

With the release of our group photo drone video, we also wanted to release the rest of our photos from the shoot as well. We'll also be releasing the fully uncompressed versions of these shortly for those who demand the highest quality!
Scotiacon 2024 Uncompressed Group Photos

But wait, there's more! The following are the uncompressed images from our group photo, for the enthusiasts out there to load into their favourite utility and tweak to perfection. Share your efforts and point out where you are in the shots!
Scotiacon TV Premiere: Big Bot Blasphemy

Hungry for some mechanised carnage? Come join us at 8pm on Wednesday for brutal robot-on-robot combat as we premiere the recording of Big Bot Blasphemy from our 2024 convention on Scotiacon TV!
Reminder! ScotiaconTV Premiere: Big Bot Blasphemy TONIGHT 8PM

Join us TONIGHT at 8pm for the ScotiaconTV premiere of the recording of Big Bot Blasphemy from our 2024 convention. Watch as our robots go toe to toe (wheel to wheel?) to find out who will be crowned champion!
Scotiacon TV Release: Time

Another video for you from our wandering videographer Wolfbite tonight, bringing together more memories from our 2024 convention for you all to remember. Take some Time and reminisce with us.
Scotiacon TV Premiere: Closing Ceremony

And already, so soon, we come to the end. Relive our Closing Ceremony with us at 8pm on Wednesday on our YouTube channel as we bid farewell to the Prehistoric Panic and sneak a glance at the Magical Mayhem to come...
Reminder! Scotiacon TV Premiere: Closing Ceremony TONIGHT 8PM

Come join us at 8pm TONIGHT to relive our Closing Ceremony and the reveal of the magical mayhem to come in 2025!

Actually, you know what? Let's not let it end here. Come back next week and maybe we'll have one last video for you. 💙
Scotiacon TV Premiere: Into The Fire

Join us on Wednesday at 8pm for one last look back at our 2024 convention and reminisce as we remember the fun and chaos of our Prehistoric Panic.

From one extreme to another, we say goodbye to 2024 and look forward to the Magical Mayhem to come in 2025!
And That's A Wrap (Again!)

And with Into The Fire this evening, our 2024 recap videos come to an end. We hope you've enjoyed this look back through the memories of Prehistoric Panic.

Don't worry though, we're not going away! We'll be back soon with a new edition of Scotiaconnect and more. Stay tuned!

You may now begin asking us when we are going to open registration for Scotiacon 2025: Magical Mayhem (but we aren't going to tell you just yet!)