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The Rose support channel. Contains the answer to all your questions.

@MarieNews for update news.
@RoseSupportChat for the support chat.
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Welcome to the Rose Support channel!

Feel free to either read the /help or go to for more information.

Note: this is NOT a news channel! See @MarieNews for update notes.

This is how buttons are made in Rose. They follow the same logic as normal markdown links - just add a buttonurl://.

The following button syntax will create 3 buttons. Button 1 and 2 are on the same line, because of the :same tag on button 2.
Button 3 is on a newline, separate, because there is no :same tag.

[Button 1](buttonurl://
[Button 2](buttonurl://
[Button 3](buttonurl://
To add Rose to your chats, simply click here and select your chat. You should add her as admin if you intend to use any of her admin features.

You can also click on @MissRose_bot, and go to the three dots on the top right of your screen, and select "add to group".
If you would like to see a new language appear in Rose, or fix a broken translation, please come join us on Crowdin!
Spammer protection:

Basic measures:
- Use antibot measures. Read the help about greetings, specifically about welcomemute. This will stop bots (but not necessarily userbots).
- If spammers are using links, open the /help and read about blacklists. You can blacklist certain things, like specific links, and Rose will delete messages that match the blacklisted items.
- If your spammers are flooding your group (sending a lot of messages at once), open the /help and read about Antiflood.

Intermediate measures:
- Join a federation that bans spammers. Open the /help and read about federations and how to join one. To find about federations, type #feds to see their IDs. You can join only one federation.

Advanced measures:
- Create your own federation, join your group to your federation, and subscribe your newly created fed to up to five feds that ban spammers (for example the ones available in #feds). To read about that, go to the Federations section in the /help.

If you need more help, head to the website or just read the /help
Muting new users (captcha):

One of Rose's feature is CAPTCHAs. These allow you to mute all new users until they've clicked a "prove you're human" button. This helps to fight spammers, by stopping bots from being able to speak when they join the group.

You can enable this using: /captcha on.
If you would like to edit the CAPTCHA button text, use /setcaptchatext Whatever you want your text to be..
You can change the CAPTCHA mode to one of:
- button: Require users to simply press a button. Easy to circumvent.
- text: Require the user to select which text is contained in the image shown.
- math: Require the user to solve a simple maths question. The hardest captcha.

If you want to check your welcome settings, use the /welcome command.

Read more in the /help, or on the website.
Saving Rules:

To set the rules in your chat, use /setrules.

You can then add a button which links to your rules in your welcome message by adding {rules} to your welcome message.
Formatting your messages:

On top of buttons, you can add lots of cool other feature to your rules, notes, filters, and greetings. This is done through mardkown; you can read all about it in the markdown section the /help.
Admin permissions:

To avoid slowing down, Rose caches admin rights for each user. This cache lasts about 10 minutes; this may change in the future. This means that if you promote a user manually (without using the /promote command), Rose will only find out ~10 minutes later.

To force this, you can use the /admincache command; this will refresh the cache, and update the permissions for all the admins.

If you are getting a message saying:
You are missing the following rights to use this command:
This has nothing to do with Rose's rights; this is all about YOUR permissions as an admin. Rose respects admin permissions; if you do not have the Ban Users permission as a telegram admin, you won't be able to ban users with Rose. Similarly, to change Rose settings, you need to have the Change group info permission.

The message very clearly says that you need these rights - not Rose.

This change was announced here.
Channel Overview:

Here is the current list of posts in this channel:
Adding the bot
Admin permissions
Message formatting
Message Buttons
Saving Rules
Spam protection

This list will attempt to remain updated as future updates come out.
Speaking of updates - join @MarieNews for the latest information on new Rose features.

If you still can't find an answer to your question after reading this channel, ask in @RoseSupportChat.