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Now it's time to talk about shit social networks and pro pollution social networks that are not fighting for good things. We already talked about Flickr weeks ago, where they disabled all climate changes projects, like all other projects, so no matter the topic.

Flickr is definitely one of the worst in 2023, in fact we included it (months before this story) in the list of social networks that downgraded the service in the last years, near many other (last picture).

Flickr like said prefer to promote abuse / spam / sex / etc. by even banning legit paid accounts, just read Flickr reviews ...

We launched years ago FacebookDisabledMe on Reddit and many other socials, against the no sense random Facebook account ban, even for ads account etc. The same shit problem available on Reddit (obviously on Instagram too, since is made by Meta ...) and in parts on Twitter, no matter if you are a brand, celeb, government ... Tumblr is nothing better too, they act in the same exact way! We never launched new projects on such shit social, but still doesn't change the fact they do that since few years.

We already reported few days ago that Facebook temporary banned Telegram, by disabling various projects, even climate change related, if they contained a Telegram link. So they disabled such things, even when we promoted the official climate change Facebook page ...

Obviously #facebookdisabledme is not fixed at all and still present in 2023! They maybe disable just accounts used to post manually things to Facebook, means you could lose your pages ... No matter who is doing that ...

Well, last social is TikTok, a social network that if you use it as an agency (means multiple brands) they shadow ban all your account with the 0 views issue. Reason why on TikTok there is a lot of bullshit and almost no content with facts released by us, since all is shadow ban, no matter in which language we post or about which topic. So TikTok remain full of bullshit.

In conclusion: Flickr, Meta (Facebook, Instagram), Reddit and TikTok 0 views
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Every death and every story behind that is important to make a better future.

Rehtaeh Parsons, Avicii, Robin Williams, Chester Bennington, Anne-Marie Ellement and all other death person due to abuse, or other serious suicide reasons, didn't die just to be forget! Such story need to remain in our books forever.

The past is our future! It's time to don't have fear to talk about tabu topics and start to see even "positive points" from "bad situation" that can be used to improve our planet!

We will keep such important stories alive forever.
Our current situation.

1000 projects, where we get every day new ideas, making the todo list longer and longer. We need to give huge priority to what really matter now for the future. But we try and tried to do our best.
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Woman's suicide leads to calls for better treatment of rape

Again, it's time to change laws! It's time to remove shitty laws available in many countries, like we reported previously and to change it to something like France or America or India (but using a different method ...), means

so again proper sentence (using proofs not bullshit), considering how this rape has been done ... the consequences (suicide, mental issues, etc.) and starting to consider such things like indirect homicide, with 20-40 years, life or death sentence, based on single case, the amount of proofs, etc.!

and to stop to do such decision just based on religious bullshit aspects

Plus it's time that newspaper talk about suicide, euthanasia, abortion, mental health problems, porno (but with facts), etc.! We cannot create a fake reality, just to look better to what we are. Only if we speak things directly with no fear we can improve the situation.

About suicide (due to abortion or rape)
or just search "suicide" on the rape channel
About laws

Are you depressed and do you think about suicide? Get help here /
We want to thank Telegram devs.
Now we are doing our workflows to keep active all our accounts and we discovered, that this huge issue with Web Telegram finally has been fixed.

Telegram for MacOS works even better. Plus devs are doing more compared to what they promised.

We hope one day you will implement all other suggestions to Telegram, to make Telegram nr.1 social worldwide. To be honest is already nr.1 for the features not available on all other socials, but with such additional features there would be no competition anymore.
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Sorry, but such people need to get sentence in proper way! This is nothing different than doing a terroristic attack (just to 1 person)!

A teenager who went viral after pushing her friend off a 60-foot-high bridge was sentenced to 2 days in jail

Taylor Smith, 19, pushed 16-year-old Jordan Holgerson off the Moulton Falls Regional Park bridge in south-western Washington state last August. She suffered punctured lungs and six broken ribs as she landed in the water below.

Smith was sentenced to two days in prison, ordered to pay a fine of $300 and have no contact with Ms Holgerson for two years at the district court hearing in Clark County yesterday

This is just to show HOW LAWS ARE SHIT!
Media is too big
Canada, you are just a shame!

Remember that people that say things direct without having fear are those who change the world, not the sheeps following the mass and bullshit giving a shit to all issues on this planet!

Reason why we will NEVER don't say what we think, if there are facts behind such things. We will always talk directly, even if some people call that rude! Nope it's not rude, are facts that people that don't want to change or reflect about it consider it as rude.

Jordan Peterson even talked about such topic.

There is an huge difference between saying something just based on opinions or based on facts. But even if just based on (bullshit) opinions, everyone has the right to say what they want!

Canadian Court Rules Against Dr Jordan B. Peterson, He Will Be Punished for Exercising Freedom of Speech

Jordan Peterson is being disciplined for his tweets. Why some say that raises free speech issues
We are happy that at least the most important channels have been released in time. We will continue to work
We already wrote multiple times why GDP, ø, pro capita and all such values are just SHIT! and doesn't reflect anything! It's just a bad value to wrongly compare countries ...

Well, now we added some additional infos on
Dear Prime Minister Støre,

We write to you as the undersigned civil society organisations to raise the importance of preserving the deep ocean from the threat of deep sea mining, in light of Norway’s alarming proposal to open up large areas of the Norwegian extended continental shelf in the high Arctic to deep sea mining.

The deep sea supports the multiple ecosystem processes necessary for Earth’s natural systems to function, including the absorption and storage of vast quantities of the carbon emitted into the air by human activities. Scientists believe that as many as 10 million species may inhabit the deep sea, the majority of which are yet to be discovered. The high Arctic is an environment of international significance, and is home to important marine species.

Contrary to the argumentation of deep sea mining companies, mining the seabed is not needed ...

Prime Minister Støre, your co-chair of the Ocean Panel, Palau, and a growing number of governments including from European countries like France, Germany and Spain have taken a precautionary position, advocating a precautionary pause, a moratorium or a ban on deep sea mining. Scientists, Indigenous groups, fisheries and seafood organisations, civil society organisations, and major businesses including Storebrand, BMW, and Google are all calling for a stop to deep sea mining. The European Investment Bank has excluded deep sea mining from its investments as it is deemed ‘unacceptable in climate and environmental terms’, and the European Parliament has called for a moratorium multiple times.

It is not too late to live up to the responsibilities as co-chair of the Ocean Panel and to establish Norway as a leading country in the increasing opposition to deep sea mining. We urge you to step back from the brink of introducing this destructive industry and to support a global moratorium on deep sea mining. Unless the Norwegian government stops the opening process, we believe Norway should resign from the Ocean Panel.

Yours sincerely