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Please keep in mind that we are adding an all our server a duplication channel for Reddit, YouTube and Twitter (V2) because 1) the bots work differently and the feeds appear differently. So you can choose if you prefer to use V1 or V2 2) in such way we have a double backup, in case something happens to one of the bot 3) we don't need to remove thousand of premade configurations. via
We released the Review about Internxt. If AppSumo approve it, you will see it in few hours | --- PS: this is not the full review, you should check AppSumo directly in the next hours. We added a lot of suggestions too, at the end we are the "official MacApps suggester with over 6000 done in the last months/years, to provide you better MacOS software."

We will release a full Review with RoadToPetabyte in future, but we first wait they implement new features. via
We just released our Review for Vadootv (it need approvation by AppSumo, so it takes some hours before you can see it...). Keep in mind that you can do it too, and you get 3TB of total storage. Despite that, we wrote what we thought and not only positive points to get more storage space - via
We opened and used all single channels on Telegram until now, we reached the 500 max days ago too, but we can still use multiple accounts in future. At the moment we cannot open new channels, until our sim cards start to work again (about 7 give us problems = 70 channels) and we get new simcards. Check on Telegram what you like, because we added SO MANY channels in the last days (some need to be configured). via
We are still checking how we can upload whole channels on Telegram, because, as you know, we can only upload new video. If a channel contains 2000 video, at the moment such videos are not available on Telegram. via
Conclusion: we see different bot problems. Some devs reduced the amount of posts, so we replaced the bot. We know is not perfect due to bot problems and limitations, but we try to give a unique backup experience not available anywhere. via [this post has the wrong position, it should be after the next one...]
We hope to find a way to save such configuration (video related) to GSuite directly too. At the moment for some video channels we implemented double copy to Discord (short videos, example TikTok style), but we see bot problems with that. For some channel we implemented 3-4 different copies on Telegram too, in case 1 channel get shutdown by Telegram. Obviously we launched many private backups too. In case we can share deleted files, but we don't share invitation links. via
To keep discord server safe we needed to add telephone verification + 10 min security option. We are sorry for that. We hate such things too, but Discord has simply a shitty user ban / comment deletion mode (is not like Telegram). We hope to keep all public channels active thanks this maximal security option. On various servers we just saw all public channels spammed with 1000000 unrelated posts, this is why we implemented it. via
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YouTube big downgrade. Take action now. Backup and change setting for unlisted videos now.
More infos: or in the next video