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Pretty cool that OWC is one of the few big brands worldwide not discriminating DataHoarders! Like they don't discriminate Reddit or Telegram too! Video they released here

With OWC you will never have storage, dock or cable issues, because is the only brand in the world offering all what you need for your MacOS | #owc via
The sad reality of Telegram. Invite your friends to join Telegram so we can change that.
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🚨LIVE: Millions on alert as dangerous storms take aim l For more infos check @WarningAlertTelegram

We will implement a warning channel for America in future too.
VPN are talking about DataHoarder too, meanwhile we are of the idea that most of such definition, symptoms, people included, etc. are just made wrong and bad, like this available on Wikipedia. Maybe it's time we will write what DataHoarding is in future | If you want to read bullshit

For those that want a small preview of what a DataHoarder is, just check the description. We need to write a full article, because currently DataHoarder are just discriminated! Even if many other professional can be considered as DataHoarder too. So the main problem is that brands and people simply don't know what this means, why they do that, how they do that, what are the benefits for the whole world, etc.
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If you follow what is said in this video and what we already said previously, then you are in the right way to be a good person.


1) Keep always in mind what you desire

2) Less bla bla and complains; instead act and do things better

3) Never be happy of what you are doing, thinking you reached the perfection. There is no perfection, you can always be better.

4) Create a circle of people having same goals. Give a shit to people who complain on your projects or don't trust what you are doing. You need to focus on what you desire!
We tested it now with multiple account and we were able to change the public Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer by OpenAI answers, without even need to wait approvations by them ... plus they even provided different answer to the same questions ... Just you know how informations could be even wrong with ChatGPT. Like we previously told: cool, but DON'T TRUST IT

PS: we don't mean the answer on the same chat, because obviously they adapt it to what you wrote previously...

Especially if you have a mentality like a scientist as we have, never trust the informations they are writing. It can be useful during your workflows, but never generate articles or things using such AI, like tons of YouTubers are suggesting. Meanwhile except the fact that what such AI writes cannot be trusted, we can simply say that is amazing how the answers are generated based on what you are writing.
Vivaldi implemented our suggestion. Now you can install previous versions directly by visiting the homepage. Brave, Opera, Edge instead still ignore it. Google still ignores the Mojave removal for Google Chrome and the batch Apple MacOS ban (up to High Sierra) for the login on Google services
This weekend we tested AI for our current scientific project we are working on. What we can conclude? High Quality work need an human behind. Using AI you miss tons of informations and stats, such infos are almost not trustfully, but you can use it for your brainstorming phase.
And what about using AI for your other hoarding activities? It depends from what you need to do (script, list, infos, etc.). Here just an example of an epic fail result, where all suggested channels don't exist, are not channels or are not related to animals.
So and what is the conclusion about AI? Like the limited TikTok AI, you can use it, but don't expect to have god in front of you. The answer is always "use multiple services and strategies at the same time to maximize your workflows".
Few days ago Telegram dev already told us that he is probably removing MacOS Sierra due to Xcode. Last compatible Telegram Beta and Stable for last Journaled Extended compatible MacOS is available here @SierraTelegram
Is possible to run @InstallersTelegram for Windows on MacOS, without @ParallelsDesktopTelegram (in such case you would use other MacOS installers...)? Yes, we tested it out today using Crossover and in this way you can even increase the amount of Telegram apps running at the same time.
Why MacOS is the best OS ever? 1) all best apps are available ONLY with MacOS! 2) easy & fast (productivity 100K%) 3) you can run Linux, Windows and other MacOS at the same time 4) run Windows apps (=incompatible MacOS apps) without Windows 5) patch MacOS 6) there are over 20k Mac Apps!

How to run Windows and Linux on MacOS? Just install it or use Parallels Desktop

How to run Windows apps without Windows? Just use CrossOver

More infos here