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در این کانال قوانین و نکات مربوط به ریویو کردن در آمازون ارایه می‌شود.
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دوستان، لطفا به تفاوت بین برند و فروشگاه دقت کنید. بهتر است که در فاصله کوتاه برند تکراری خریداری نکنید. ولی حتما توجه کنید که خرید و ریویو کردن دو کالا از یک فروشگاه یکسان به احتمال زیاد باعث فلگ شدن اکانتتان خواهد شد. لطفا سعی کنید حداقل یک تا دو ماه بین دو خرید متفاوت از یک فروشگاه یکسان فاصله باشد.
کانال ریویورز اینفو
آپلود ویدیو
ممکن است در بعضی موارد فروشنده کالا از شما بخواهد که بجای ریویو برای آن کالا ویدیو آپلود کنید. برای اینکار به طریق زیر عمل نمایید:
از لیست خرید، کالای مورد نظر را پیدا کنید و با کلیک بر روی اسم آن به صفحه‌‏ی کالای مورد نظر بروید. صفحه را به پایین بکشید تا به بخش Video برسید. این بخش معمولا زیر بخش Product information و بالای بخش Customer questions & answers است. در بخش Video می‌توانید ویدیوهایی که سایر خریداران از این محصول آپلود کردند را مشاهده نمایید. برای آپلود کردن ویدیو خود بر روی دکمه Upload your video کلیک کنید تا صفحه آپلود کردن ویدیو باز شود. در این صفحه برای ویدیو خودتان یک عنوان انتخاب کنید و ویدیو رو آپلود کنید.
شما می‏توانید ویدیوهای مختلفی از کالا تهیه کنید. یکی از ویدیوهای متداول Unboxing است که شامل باز کردن جعبه کالا و نمایش محتویات داخل جعبه می‌باشد. نوع متداول دیگر ویدیوها نمایش عملکرد کالا یا مقایسه با کالاهای مشابه می‌باشد.
دقت کنید که آپلود کردن ویدیو در بخش Video از آپلود کردن ویدیو به همراه ریویو در بخش Customer reviews متفاوت است. ممکن است شما به هر دلیلی نتوانید برای یک کالا ریویو بنویسید ولی در اکثر موارد میتوانید ویدیوی خود را در بخش Video آپلود کنید.
کانال ریویورز اینفو
If you want to make sure that your account won't be flagged, please consider the following notes:
1- Please surf as far as possible. Please visit similar product pages before you order a product. Also, please search for different random products between your orders. If you only login to order or review, your account will be flagged soon.
2- Keep your reviews less than 10 per months. Many reviews in a short period of time is not safe for your account.
3- Keep the average of the ratings of your reviewed items less than 4.2 (You should give 3 stars or less to the normal purchases you made for yourself and you are not happy with their quality).
4- Do not use VPN while ordering on Amazon. Do not buy and review if someone else with the same address has ordered the same product.
Reviewers Info @ReviewersInfo
Gift Cards:
Please do not use gift cards to pay 100% cost of your purchases. Please keep the following notes in your mind:
1- If you use gift cards for more than 50% of your purchases in each month and you review most of those items, it is a big red flag for Amazon and your account may be flagged.
2- If you use gift cards to pay for more than 90% of the value of one order, there is a chance that your reviews for the items in that order, would not be published as "Verified Purchase". Reviews without "Verified Purchase" notation are useless and can not be refunded.
Reviewers Info @ReviewersInfo
Average Rating
The most important factor for keeping your account safe is to have an average of 4.2 stars (rating) or less for all your reviews. For this purpose, you should review your normal orders which purchased out of Reviewers Channels and which you are not happy with their quality, with a rating that they deserve.
If you do not have any purchase other than our channel, you can surf Amazon and find cheap products with low stars. You can buy them, review them with the same score that they already have and return them to Amazon.
Remember giving 1-star to a product with 5-star average rating or giving 5-star to a product with 1-star average rating is not safe. Try to review items with plus/minus maximum two stars difference from their current rating.
Please kindly note an order from Reviewers Channels with less than a 5-star review cannot be refunded. If you are not happy with the quality of our products, please return them to Amazon. If two persons return an item we will stop promoting that item.
Other important factors to keep your account safe are: not to review too many items per months, and to take at least 5 to 10 minutes after finding the product to see the photos and read the descriptions before checking out.
Reviewers Info @ReviewersInfo
A wonderful opportunity to become our partner 🤩

If you refer a friend we will pay you $1 for each purchase and review of your friend within the following cap. The minimum amount of the cap is $10, but it can be increased without any limit, if you continue finding new customers for our channels. 💵💵💵

This is how it works: If you refer at least n reviewers who reviews at least n items then the cap of the reward for referring all reviewers referred by you in the past or future will be increased from $10 to $n. For example, if you refer 100 persons and 50 of them can review 50 items or more then the reward for all 100 reviewers would be $50 and you can receive $5,000 and more for referring those reviewers. These numbers can still increase if you continue finding new reviewers. 💪

👉 You can receive a referral code from the channel admin and give this code to your friends and family.
👉 If new members contact us with your code or your Telegram name/ID (before their first purchase) then we pay you $1 for each of their reviews with the above conditions and we also give them $10 if they make 20 successful reviews.
👉 There is no need for your friends to mention your code or your name for the referral program if you can give us a list of people you introduced to the channel before their first purchase. This way you will only receive the referral reward, not your friends.
👉 You can refer any person with any language or any nationality to any of our channels. All will be counted.

Please do not hesitate to contact @ReviewerAdmin, if you have any question.
Frequently Asked Questions

Reviewers Info @ReviewersInfo
✔️If you face any problem in our channels, you can ask your question in our Reviewers Admins group:

⚠️As soon as you receive your answer you should leave this group, otherwise you will be banned from all Reviewers groups and channels⚠️

⛔️Please do not join this group if you do not have serious problems or if your question have been previously answered by admins or agents⛔️
Reviewers Info @ReviewersInfo
Account Security
Amazon can notice if you take screenshots from your Amazon App. We are not sure if this is a measure for Amazon to flag accounts, but it is a good guess. Please try to take your screenshots from the Amazon website (not App) in your phone browser or on your computer, or you can take a photo by another phone from the screen of the Amazon App.
Thank you for keeping your account safe.

Reviewers Info @ReviewersInfo
Forwarded from Reviewers Channel
Dear Reviewers,
Please kindly note we have transferred the ownership of @CodesCoupons channel. Although the new team is professional and trustworthy, we will not be liable for any future problems. Please contact their new admin if you have any question.
👉 We also highly recommend buying discounted products from @CodesCoupons because it will improve the health of your Amazon account. If you review all the purchased products, your account can be flagged by Amazon very soon. Buying products without reviewing them or leaving less than 5-star reviews (if they deserve it) for the products from @CodesCoupons will be very good for your account safety. 👈
Siavash @ReviewerAdmin
🔈🔈Important Reminder🔈🔈
If you have previous purchases from our Telegram channel, you do not need to sign up in the website. You can sign in with your PayPal email and then click "Forgot password?". You will receive an email to change your password.
After you login with your PayPal email, you can find all your previous orders and their status in your account, as well as your referral reward.
If you are not sure which email was used to register your orders, you can ask it from the channel admin.
Reviewers Channel Team
Website Hints
When the Search in the request status bar is green, it means your search has been confirmed. Then, you can make your purchase on Amazon website and register your order details on RC website.
On this bar, the last colored tab shows your current order status; the yellow color means your information has been registered but not confirmed. Turning green means the information has been confirmed, and you need to register the next step information.
Reviewers Info @ReviewersInfo
To avert injection attacks, we have decided to only accept files with a valid name. In case you had problem uploading your files on the website, these are the valid formats.
Valid name characters: Characters [a-z]+[A-Z]+[-,_]+[0-9]
Valid file formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, Mp4, Avi, PDF
Reviewers Info @ReviewersInfo
Website update for requesting a product again:
As you know, if you do not register your search or order in 3 hours your request will be canceled and maybe assigned to someone else.
Now, if you come back after 3 hours and your request was canceled, you can click “request again” and if the product is still available you will be able to continue your request and register your search or order.
If you have any suggestion about the website, please do not hesitate to contact @RCDevManager.

Reviewers Info @ReviewersInfo
How to find the product link
On a browser (pc or mobile) you can go to the product page and copy the product link from the address bar.
On the Amazon app (mobile only), again you can go to the product page and find the share button above right of the main photo. Click on the share button and click on copy the link.
Reviewers Info @ReviewersInfo
If you want to make a new Amazon account but you don’t have a new phone number for it, you can use Google Voice to make a free number. Please note you can always delete your phone number from your Amazon account after you make the new account.
Please find more details about Google numbers in the following link:

Reviewers Info @ReviewersInfo
Account Safety
As you have been reminded many times before, you should have many under five stars reviews in your Amazon account to keep your account safe:
👉 Review your everyday purchases (not from ReviewersChannel) with a rating they deserve if you are unhappy with their quality.
👉 You can buy free or inexpensive products from codes and coupons groups like @CodesCoupons and review them with an arbitrary rating.
👉 To keep your average rating low, you can also review many books and movies on Amazon even if you have not bought them
Reviewers Info @ReviewersInfo