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The objective of canceling someone is not to censor their speech, it is to more or less delete them entirely.

It's a sort of subtle detail, but important to notice. They don't just want to remove or hide what you have to say, they want to get you fired and make it impossible for you to earn a living ever again, and by extension that hinders your ability to live a meaningful life and reproduce.

Sometimes putting someone into such a desperate situation leads to suicide as well, so they do in essence literally murder the person.

It's akin to Hannibal Lecter convincing his cell neighbor to commit suicide.

"I didn't do anything! he killed himself, what a shame. maybe if he had not been a racist he could have lived a better life. :(" - t. canceller enthusiast

They will dance on your grave if you slip into it prematurely. Never give them the satisfaction.
It looks like now if you accidentally hurt a brown person in Canada, you are going to be charged with terrorism.

They claim that this "20 year old home schooled Christian man" ran over an entire family of Pakistani Muslims because he "hates their faith", but the authorities won't reveal what evidence they have that it was an intentional collision, let alone a premeditated act of terrorism.

And to top it all off his trial is under a publication ban, so we don't have any idea what's going on.
Mark Wiseman (Jew): Canada must be flooded with 70 million diverse immigrants as fast as possible, otherwise it won't survive.
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CDC: "Well actually there is not technically a pandemic lol whatever I guess"
Check out these skulls I found
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"This is what systemic racism created."

Native man says there must be a "world wide cry" about the "mass graves".

Quick rundown for those who aren't familiar with the situation:

Some people are going around Canada right now "detecting unmarked native graves" near residential boarding schools with a ground penetrating radar machine.

They're running the radar machine over known graveyards and then saying the bodies in the graveyards are mass graves that are "evidence of genocide".

As a result, 4 churches have been burned to the ground in the past week, and it's been announced that they are going to hunt down the priests and nuns who are still alive who ran the schools where the graveyards are located.
8 (EIGHT) churches have been burned down in Canada in the past week, after fake news about "mass indian graves" was put out by the media and Canadian government.

This is a photo of a 114 year old church in Morinville, Alberta burning down early this morning.
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Here is a list of the 8 (EIGHT) churches that have been completely burned down or set on fire in Canada in the last 9 days, from coast to coast.

All but one (the church in Morinville, AB, just north of Edmonton, video attached) were on native reserves. Seven were Catholic churches and one was Protestant. Two were burned down on National Indigenous Peoples Day (June 21).

The Sacred Hearts Church, Penticton, BC (June 21)

St. Gregory’s Church, Osoyoos, BC (June 21)

St Paul's Anglican Church, North West BC (June 26)

The Chopaka Church, BC (June 26)

St Ann's Church, Hedley, BC (June 26)

Siksika First Nation Catholic Church, AB (June 28)

St. Jean Baptiste Parish, Morinville, AB (June 30)

St. Kateri Tekakwitha Church, NS (June 30)
Forwarded from Thuletide
Churches are being burned down all over Canada.

Globalists, Leftists, and seething brown people have fabricated the myth of an "aboriginal holocaust" perpetrated by a school system ran by the Catholic church. Canada's Amerindians are already comparing themselves to Jews.

The claim is based on the fact that unmarked graves — incorrectly referred to as "mass graves" and claimed to contain bodies of Amerindian children — were found in existing graveyards.

It has not yet been proven that these graves contain Amerindian children.

The people responsible for finding the graves have not been named, but are being shipped around Canada to search within known gravesites in order to perpetuate this myth.

They claim that the genocide is ongoing and that they will hunt down priests and nuns to charge them with committing genocide.

Anti-White propaganda designed to facilitate the very real, actually ongoing, genocide of White Canadians.
Forwarded from Thuletide
The idea that Catholic nuns genocided six million Canadian abbos is completely insane. The more I think about it, the more ridiculous it gets.

"We scanned the ground in a known graveyard and found that people were buried in the graves, Catholic nuns must have genocided them all!"

This whole psyop is completely insane.
The "mass graves of indian children found in Canada" story is psyop pulled out of thin air.

An anthropologist named Dr. Scott Hamilton was hired by a commission funded by the Canadian government to investigate "unmarked graves" near a residential school in Kamloops, BC (a site of one of the "newly discovered mass graves" that the media is talking about right now).

His report concluded:

>Such cemeteries often contained not only the bodies of students, but also those of teachers and religious personnel in the schools who had died while working there. Over time, the wooden crosses marking the graves deteriorated, as did the fencing surrounding these cemeteries. As a result, some of these cemeteries became lost to time.

>Another problem was that these residential school cemeteries were also sometimes used for burials of members of nearby municipalities, but the municipalities did not accept any responsibility to maintain the cemeteries.

>There is no evidence whatsoever of an intent to hide these graves. Further there is no indication that the children buried in these long-forgotten cemeteries died of abuse or neglect. But one is led to believe this by the media's accounts.

>According to the media this Canadian tragedy was the failure of the Catholic Church and other religious organizations, which is outright anti-Catholic bigotry. It is another attempt to discredit religious faith and to drive religion from the public square. The residential schools are the tool which is being used to do so.
There is an organization in Canada called "Anti-Hate Network".

Their sole enterprise is obsessively focusing on and stalking targeted individuals with the intent of ruining their lives and driving them to suicide.

They are funded by the Canadian Federal government.
Forwarded from Thuletide
Testimonies on the historicity of Jesus from sources hostile to Christianity - Romans, Jews, and some Romanized Jews.

This 30 min documentary covers the Roman sources on Jesus: