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One of the recommendations we outlined in the Sde Boke Initiative, our comprehensive plan to save the Negev, is the establishment of a special enforcement unit to protect national infrastructure. You can read a summary presentation of the Initiative here >>
In our 2018 “Measure for Measure” report, we examined the High Court of Justice's treatment of dozens of petitions filed by both sides of the Israeli political divide regarding violations of building and construction laws in Judea & Samaria.

The study tracked identical, objective, quantifiable parameters – and the comparison revealed ongoing, deepseated, undeniable judicial bias.

Read the full report here:
Over the past month we've been working intensively to insure that preelections commitments and campaign promises are translated into operational plans by each of the relevant ministries.

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Is Democracy Really Under Threat in Israel?

Join Douglas Altabef, Chair of Im Tirzu, for a webinar this Thursday.

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Ahead of tomorrow's deadline for the government to submit its response to the High Court regarding Khan al Ahmar, we invite you to watch this short CBN News report from last week that explains the issue >>
For the ninth time: the State of Israel asks the High Court to allow another postponement of its response to Regavim’s petition for the evacuation of the Palestinian Authority’s flagship outpost, Khan al-Ahmar.

This is an extreme case of ‘lack of reasonableness’ and will prove whether the High Court applies the same reasonableness standard to cases from both sides of the political divide, or whether the reasonableness standard is nothing more than a judicial fig leaf for a particular agenda. We await a final judgement for the relocation of the Khan al Ahmar outpost in a manner that is consistent with Israel’s national interests.

We continue to repeat the same demand: we call upon our representatives in the government to to evacuate this illegal encampment – as well as dozens of other PA outposts created in the same mold – not 300 meters away from its present location, but to the neighborhood near Abu Dis prepared precisely for this purpose.
Yesterday, the government asked the High Court of Justice for an additional 4-month extension in the case of Khan al Ahmar.

Director of Regavim's International Division, Naomi Kahn, spoke to KAN English radio about the latest developments and what we demand and expect going forward. Listen now »
There’s a lot of hysteria and misinformation being spread about the judicial reforms.

We invite you to understand what is actually being proposed, why these changes are necessary, and why judicial reform will make Israel a stronger democracy.

We’ve created a Resource Page on our website with various sources that assess, explain, and analyze the reforms >>

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This year, we celebrate Regavim's 17th birthday with a summary of another year dedicated to protecting Israel’s most precious resources and restoring the Zionist vision to the very top of Israel’s national agenda.

Watch our year-end video for a taste of this past year’s activities – in the field, in the Knesset, in the courts and in the media >>
The Supreme Court is once again covering for the government’s failure to formulate and enforce comprehensive policy or to articulate a cogent vision for Judea & Samaria.

Regavim’s original petition for the removal of the illegal outpost known as Khan al Ahmar went to court over 13 years ago – and ever since we have been attempting to shake the Israeli government out of its reverie. Khan al Ahmar is more than a collection of makeshift shacks and tents. It is the flagship of a systematic, well-funded program of annexation by the Palestinian Authority. As such, it has also become a flashpoint of international subversion of Israel’s national interests and sovereignty.

The time has come for the State of Israel to grow up, to stand up, and to take itself seriously. Otherwise, no one else can be expected to do so.