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Katie Daviscourt from Rebel News was on scene of a major scandal involving the city of Seattle and Mayor Bruce Harrell, where a former white employee is suing the city for years of alleged racial discrimination.

FULL REPORT by Katie Daviscourt:
Drea Humphrey brings you a sit-down report with a former B.C. paramedic of over 30 years, who would love to be saving lives of British Columbians but is forbidden to do so by the NDP governments vaccine mandates.

FULL REPORT by Drea Humphrey:

The Media Party throws itself a pity party — and surprise: they want to ban you

Guest: Jenin Younes - New Civil Liberties Alliance

Things the Canadian government has done: promoted suicide and trampled a protester with a horse

David Menzies speaks to Sheila Gunn Reid and Alexa Lavoie
Former Twitter Executive Vijaya Gadde, who headed the company’s Legal, Policy, and Trust department, played a "key role" in the story’s suppression, and that Twitter worked alongside the Biden campaign to censor content on the platform.
Ezra Levant reacted to a panel discussion at a journalism school, in which government-backed journalists preached to students about the ‘dangers’ of free speech, and compared their experiences with mean tweets to those of soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder.
David Menzies was joined by Rebel’s Quebec-based reporter, Alexa Lavoie. The two discussed the woman named Candice Sero, who an Toronto Mountain Police horse trampled at the Ottawa freedom convoy protest in February.
Twitter CEO Elon Musk confirmed on Saturday that he is “not suicidal” in case he is found dead after vowing to release all internal information regarding the platform’s decision to censor accounts and information before he purchased Twitter in a series called, “The Twitter Files.”
Miss Understood No. 42 – The Baal-enciaga Saga

In Episode No. 42 of Miss Understood, Kat and Nat go down the Balenciaga rabbit hole.
"While Alberta is not experiencing a boom, the positive prospects for our oil and gas sector are providing a significant boost that will continue into 2023," said ATB Financial Deputy Chief Economist Rob Roach in a Wednesday press release. The economic forecast said the province will see real GDP growth of 2.8% in 2023 and 2.2% in 2024.
Media is too big
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Until December 31, the Legault government will continue to have exceptional powers to make major decisions for the people. So it should come as no surprise when mandatory masks come back.
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Cry harder!
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▶️ WATCH: Victorian grandmother Kerry Cotterill says she's fighting for future generations: "It may seem like it's all behind us, but we need to make sure it doesn't happen again".