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Been growing this MONSTER lettuce (Red Oak Leaf) using NO electricity, NO soil, NO lights, NO pumps, and almost zero effort. This is the non-circulating, suspended not pet hydroponic system. Super low-tech. 100% resilient. Requires near-zero maintenance. I only added nutrients ONCE, then just added water every week or so. Almost FORGOT about the lettuce! And here's the result:
If you have not yet heard this interview, you'll want to give it a listen. "Doom, Gloom and Kaboom!" It's myself (Mike Adams), Steve Quayle and Gary Heavin. Powerful talk. All hosted by Sheila Zilinsky. Rave reviews from listeners.
Brilliant street art
Situation Update, Jan 20th, 2022 - The vaccine holocaust is America's #chernobyl
It's WORSE than the Soviet Union's cover-up in 1986. At least then, the soviets weren't actively trying to MURDER their own people. Today in America, over 800,000 Americans are KILLED by the #vaccines and the government is actively carrying out #genocide against We the People.