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God's Bounty Deep Dives Premiere 🌱🌱🌺🌸❤️🌱🌱

This is the link to view many videos and signup for Deep Dives to watch the God's Bounty video:
Thank you to all of you who were able to attend this beautiful chat with Sergio. The recording is availalbe in Deep Dives (free 3 day subscription): https://www.genedecode.org/programs/2023-11-28-spanish-community-chat-a18442?category_id=128644.
Si estás viendo este correo electrónico después del evento, la grabación se publicará una vez que nuestro equipo de edición haya terminado el vídeo. Lo encontrarás en la sección de "Últimas Grabaciones" de Deep Dives (Inmersiones Profundas).
Please also enjoy the many videos we have availabe on the Surface Area of the Website: https://www.genedecode.org/categories/surface-area
Here’s the link to our Rumble video.

👉 THIS THURSDAY, November 30, 2023
6:30 pm MT (UTC-7)

Available for Deep Dives Subscribers
You can sign up here for this Q&A -- pre-register or sign up for Deep Dives and enjoy access for a full month for $7 ($77 for a yearly subscription with monthly Q&As, chats and many other events and videos available only to Deep Dives subscribers: https://www.genedecode.org/programs/live-dbzy8_zllmu)

We look forward to being with you. It will be a wonderful and lively time with gene Decode!
This Journaling with Stephanie class was so lovely that gene Decode has decided to reply it two weeks from now as a LIVE Deep Dives Premiere. More information will be forthcoming. In the meantime, here is a link to other wonderful "Surface Area" videos and a link to the Blessed For Service website which is filled with a lot of valuable information: https://www.genedecode.org/pages/surface-area
gene Decode does monthly Q&As at genedecode.org on Deep Dives. Join Deep Dives so you can get your questions answered live with gene Decode. https://www.genedecode.org/programs/2023-11-30-qa-with-gene-decode-b8055f?category_id=128644
This is the link to gene Deocde's rumble: 👇