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Forwarded from MILO
Finally, LAPD is diverse.
America is getting a divorce. The cities have been handed over. If you’re still there, you’re in trouble.
BLM is gay, literally. I wonder how many bruthas realize they are waving the rainbow flag.
Forwarded from Faith
Media is too big
Rapper Lord Jamar: “I don’t support Black Lives Matter. It’s not our movement.”
I don’t really like the term “news junkie.” Like, I’m usually aware of the latest events but I’m not about to blow a dude in an alley so I can buy some more news.
I’m kicked off YouTube y’all. 350k subs, 155 videos, 30m views, 15 years. I’m told they are also going after accts that feature me in any positive light.
Proud Boys ended Chaz and all we had to do was threaten to go there. You’re welcome, America.
This is why we always pretend the victims are dogs and not people when discussing white farmer attacks on the show. It’s the only way to illicit sympathy.
Isn’t it weird you can easily buy a human skull online but buying a tiger skull is completely impossible?
Here’s an easy way to donate to JusticeForLiberty. Have me make fun of your friend on Cameo.
Man, I haven’t posted here in a while. I’ll be posting regularly if (when?) Parler dies.
That’s it. They won’t be back for a long time because once the big bosses declare you verboten, nobody wants to go near you. BTDT
Uh, Milo quit. We’re not firing. We’re hiring. Two new shows this week including Josh Denny, Gavin Wax & Isabella Riley.