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I’m hoping it’s just a silly fine. If he gets sent back to prison for this, I am going to fucking LOSE IT!
We are live streaming this rally at FreeSpeech.TV like, NOW!
Tommy gets his sentence Thursday. We’ve got him on the show tomorrow. Will LiveStream it on have it on the podcast with call ins (not for Tommy bit). His new charge for the same “crime” is encouraging his followers to go to the homes and businesses of accused child groomers. Only, he never did that. He said THE MEDIA go to his house and harass his family. Why do they never do that to child groomers? The courts edited OUT the part where he said the media and they INJECTED the narrative it was his followers. The fake news now includes the British courts.
Don’t assume this is only a UK problem. Roger Stone is being hanged by the same rope here in America.
Forwarded from Tommy Robinson News
Media is too big
Please share this everywhere! Corruption in the system for all to see.
Loomer is banned. She sues them for violating her right / personal safety. They make a new rule where it’s ok to violate Laura Loomer’s rights and personal safety. Big tech isn’t just above the law. They’re above the government.
Live-streaming in FreeSpeech.TV today at 2PM ET. Roger Stone and Tommy Robinson on the show. We will be taking calls. This ep will also be released as a GOML podcast and put on my YouTube for free.
Call in # forthcoming.
We are taking your calls on FreeSpeech.TV NOW! The number is 718-400-6959
It’s not anti-Semitic to criticize an atheist who worked with the Nazis. HE’S NOT JEWISH!
Only helping white homeless in Glasgow is like only helping Asian homeless in Tokyo.
This is the amount of hysteria that can be generated by one good deed. Just imagine the headlines when we win.
Aziz Ansari deals with his #MeToo controversy by... becoming Dave Chappelle?
Listen to Kamala at 3:00. She’s from Westmount, Montreal which is basically the most Upper West Side Canada gets. Fakest black accent ever.
Going live on FreeSpeech.TV in half an hour. We will be taking calls.
We’re taking calls at 718 400 6959