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Forwarded from Emmanuel Goldstein

We are inviting DAO members who we respect to be members of the BSC Railgun DAO too!
Long term vision is the only criteria, and we judge that by long term staking.
Yes, there are two snapshots, August and September.
You have to be staked for BOTH SNAPSHOTS. If you have done so, you shall receive 2 BRAIL DAO tokens per staked RAIL.
If you unstake RAIL between August 31 & Oct 1, you will not receive any BRAIL DAO tokens at all for those RAIL. (Zero.)
If you missed the August 31 snapshot, but stake before September 30, you will receive 1 BRAIL DAO token per staked RAIL.
If you provided Uniswap, Balancer or Sushi liquidity during both August snapshots, you will receive 0.5 BRAIL per RAIL in the pool.
Forwarded from Emmanuel Goldstein
We are all extremely proud of the early progress of Railgun!

Railgun is transparent, decentralised, and anyone can read the code and audit.
Railgun is my first and only privacy project and token -
It was designed to be strong and economically secure for the future, with no central admin coding power - only a DAO that requires a week of voting to pass anything new, and all voters must commit for a month at least.
The RAIL token has an excellent and fair distribution, from the careful DEX launch process and variety of liquidity pools.
There was no front running at all during RAIL launch! It was a DEX launch with antibot script. Only liquidity adders could use more than 18 gwei.
Liquidity adding was useful for everyone :)
All the deployed functions of the RAILGUN contract are working as intended, the beta tests so far are successful.
Currently the RAILGUN beta test version is live for everyone, and privacy of token and token amounts is complete for Railgun to Railgun transfers! The only thing currently visible to others is the gas paid - this is only for the current beta test version - and this will be hidden too in the upcoming version which has a relayer network (hiding your gas payments!)

In two months, RAILGUN has already achieved much more then 99% of new projects, and will continue to be a shining example of a resilient, decentralised privacy solution - the first for effective DeFi.
Forwarded from Emmanuel Goldstein
BSC RAILGUN DAO deployment will be OCTOBER 7th. that's when you will receive your BSC RAIL and see the contract deployment!
Forwarded from Emmanuel Goldstein
POLYGON RAILGUN DAO deployment will be OCTOBER 17TH.
Snapshot dates will be released soon!
The second snapshot for stakers& DEX liquidity providers will ONLY apply to stakers & Sushiswap LPs (not Uniswap)!
If you want to be eligible for the BSC Rail LP airdrop, Uniswapv3 and Balancer is NOT counted for the second snapshot.
So, either move your LP to Sushi, or stake!
Forwarded from Emmanuel Goldstein
Polygon RAIL (POLYRAIL) snapshot will be October 10th. One snapshot.
If you are staking RAIL at this time you will receive 1:1 POLYRAIL DAO tokens.
Forwarded from Emmanuel Goldstein
Please beware, if you "unlock" / "unstake" then you will be treated as unstaked for the next 30 days - no rewards.
I'm sure our $RAIL stakers will be happy to hear the second BSC RAIL airdrop snapshot is COMPLETE!

Snapshot time was a huge success thanks to RAILGUN DAO members - over 24 million RAIL in the staking contract!

(PS: The snapshot for the Polygon airdrop is in only ten days!)
RailBSC: 0x3F847b01d4d498a293e3197B186356039eCd737F
Polygon airdrop snapshot is in ONE DAY!
Very soon!
You can only be eligible for the POLYGON RAIL token airdrop if you are staking RAIL on Ethereum!
You can stake here:
1. DAO Rewards to RAIL stakers will be coded in the coming week. Note: if you delegate your voting to someone, they will be the one to receive the rewards! Also, anyone in the unlocking process cannot receive rewards.

2. The Polygon airdrop snapshot is complete! Congrats all! The airdrop will also take place within a week from today.
Coming soon for the RAIL stakers!
Privacy has come to Polygon.
Updates will follow.
RAIL Polygon address: 0x92A9C92C215092720C731c96D4Ff508c831a714f
The airdrop for POLYGON is complete!
Congratulations to all stakers!

We will announce the snapshot dates for SOLANA and POLKADOT chain Railgun DAO tokens soon!
The RAILGUN project has formalised a partnership with University College London and their Centre for Blockchain Technology. In association with the Right to Privacy Foundation, the parties will continue their technology-sharing partnership.