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"In the military the first message was, you are a peon & less than nothing and we can easily have you replaced... In college, you are amazing & privileged and a future leader (and marginalized and erased) and you will never lose your position here among the future ruling class."

– Rob Henderson

The older I am the smarter Tolkien gets.
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Awwww, is somebody facing the consequences of treating their own native population with utter contempt?
Never thought about Judas and Peter as parallels.

They both betray Jesus.

Does the restoration of Peter demonstrate that even Judas was not fated to destruction?

Could Judas have "wept bitterly", recognized his own failure and, with humility, been restored by Jesus?
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Being one of the local, vax-booted Soldiers, I don't recommend anyone join.

It isn't about service to the nation, it's just imperial aspirations and corporate interests, operationally, and ideological conformity, personally. Lastly, they got rid of the old pension retirement system, anyway. That's been gone for several years already now, now it's basically a 401K.
Wish I could be there, but I can't pop over to the UK every month or two... Yet. 🙃

If you're in the UK though then consider going!

If you haven't been to an IRL event I think you will be surprised how little the cost of going means to you once you're actually there. It is worth it.

"Ursula von der Leyen, who is like a technocrat Stepford Wife..."

Sometimes I feel sadness for people who are not subscribed to Morgoth's Substack.

"The issue is not so much that the centre is under attack from radicals on the periphery, but that the centre itself is the radical element..."

"On February 24th, 2022, the Ukrainian government was filled with fifth-columnists who intended to surrender the country to Russia. This goes all the way up to President Zelensky himself, who was not, in fact, a western stooge, but a Russian one."

So insane I think it is true.

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Any ideology which would require an unrealistic set of circumstances to be implemented is worthless.

Advocating things like socialist economics or strong state power on the pretext of what you imagine yourself doing with them is foolish. It wouldn't be people sympathetic to the concerns of the DR implementing these policies, but the insane hostile elites who would undoubtedly use them against us.

The burning question today is not what we would do in an imaginary situation where we had power, but what we will do when the new system being created is fully implemented.