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Forwarded from Patrick Casey
Following a Media Matters hit piece, YouTube terminated my channel, which was in good standing. It's a shame but by now we're all familiar with the nature of big tech.

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We're running out of food! We're hitting peak oil! Not enough rare-earth metals!

We'll discuss why panics over resources keep being wrong.

With Black Horse

In one hour.

So many lies about our history! Science began well before the Renaissance. Science did not rise in war with the Church.

But this much is true: Modern science built on the ancient Greeks. Our story begins 1,000 years ago...


By the way, I'll also be covering the origin of the University in Western Europe.
The Justin Trudeau government recently made the decision to reduce mass-migration to Canada.

What has to happen for one of the most liberal, pro-migration governments in the world to voluntarily force cuts to migration?

Our discussion starts soon.

With Black Horse.