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Counting the Blessings this year... We Thank God for YOU!
Counting the Blessings this year... We Thank God for YOU!
Merry Christmas, from Public Advocate of the United States!
Archbishop Viganò is perfectly correct in recalling the danger and mortality of these serums......Waterford is the county in Ireland with the highest rate of SARS-CoV-2 infection, even though 99.7% of its residents are vaccinated.[9] Gibraltar is the place in the world with the highest percent of vaccinated people (119% [This includes the 19% who travel from abroad to the island]) and the absence of those who are not vaccinated, and yet is recording a continual exponential increase in COVID-19 infections.....All this is not science. It is a criminal scam..... I thank Abp. Viganò for his precious contribution to the search for truth, the thing we scientists ought to always do. Apparently, the Archbishop is more of a scientist than us.

Massimo Citro Della Riva, M.D.
Backup Backup Backup, that is what we recommend as liberal media continues to purge conservative voices!
What: Joe Biden Woke Poke Checkpoint
Where: Justice Department, Constitution Avenue, 10th Street Northwest
Who: Public Advocate of the U.S. Inc, a non-profit policy group
Why: To oppose restrictions on civil and religious liberty
When: Friday January 21 2022 12 noon to 1 pm