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Introducing Galaxy Dashboard, an easy-to-use yet powerful web editor for developers to make full use of our plug-and-play modules, as well as infrastructure that has served 60+ industry-leading projects.

Sign up for Beta Access to it and join the Galaxy adventure now:

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It's that time again, the end of a year filled w/ ups & downs, and also the vision of 2022 being even better.

Everyone's wrapping up the year. So is our docs. We've integrated every bit #ProjectGalaxy's progressed & got ready for greater things.🔜


We are hyped to announce that The Defiant is launching a new innovative hybrid Web2 & Web3 Reward Program on Project Galaxy, along with MetaFactory & Viral Loops.

This reward system is a starting point for The Defiant's future rewards offers. More awaits!

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2021 is coming to an end. Let's invade 2022 like raging bulls!

We, along with our partners present to you the End-of-the-year Rave to turn up this festive season.

No beatdrop. Only upbeat from here.

Join our End-of-the-year Rave now with 12 partners:
Remember to eat your greens during the holidays.

We're excited to announce that Salad Ventures now lands on Galaxy to take its player tracking capabilities to the next level with GalaxyID, & launch series of credential-based NFT campaigns.

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2021 on Galaxy was a blast, and so were the last two weeks. We've officially ended the season with a bright and encouraging episode!

Check out our first issue this year, and the most notable from December, the last we'll see as we enter into 2022 with Project Galaxy.

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OpenSea Wave-riders are wanted by Polygon Network 🏄

Join the OpenSea Wave-rider NFTs forging campaign supported by Project Galaxy to collect 4 Element NFTs and Polygon Genesis Creator NFT.

Claim now & keep SWAGGIN’ and SURFIN’ on OpenSea!

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CoinList now lands on Project Galaxy to launch their first NFT collection: FiatWorks!

The collection is designed by Case Simmons to reward CoinList community of early adopters that has incubated and grown these projects to where they're today. 💪

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Two of our beloved features, Galaxy ID & Galaxy OAT have been launched for weeks. And today we're bringing both of them to you.

Galaxy ID Activation OATs are now here for you to claim GASLESS! Set up your Galaxy ID & claim an exclusive NFT!

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Pleased to announce that Dao Farmer, the next generation PVP + DAO metaverse simulation project, will launch the IGO on Project Galaxy.

Remember to take some exclusive pieces home, starting on Jan 17th! 🧩

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