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What word is similar to coiffure?
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Word of the day

tribulation • \trib-yuh-LAY-shun\  • noun

Tribulation, which is often used in the phrase "trials and tribulations," refers to a trying experience. It can also mean "unhappiness, pain, or suffering."

// The young, ambitious chef knew of trials and tribulations of opening a new restaurant, but he was ready for the undertaking.

// Her son's illness has been a source of great tribulation.
Which word is similar to cacophony?
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What is another synonym for Appalled?
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Some of the closest synonyms for appalled are dismayed and disgusted.

Dismayed implies a sense of sadness or disappointment about something that has happened. Appalled implies not sadness but extreme distaste or disgust, and the same thing is implied by disgusted.

Appalled also often implies a sense of shock or surprise.

In fact, appalled is often used alongside the word shocked, as in We were shocked and appalled.

Shocked implies extreme surprise, but it can be positive or negative. Appalled is always negative—it’s a combination of surprise (about how bad something is) and outrage.
Which word is similar to iridescent?
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Word of the day: Perspicacious

adjective that means "shrewd" and "wise."
Which word is the opposite of apocryphal?
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Here's a practical usage of the word chicanery:
"As the walls begin to close in on them, she nonetheless claims ignorance of his financial chicanery."

Chicanery - the use of tricks to deceive someone (usually to extract money from them)

This word was used in a New York Times article

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The word penchant is used in the article ( as such:
"This penchant to maniacally control his own narrative came back to bite him during the recent scandal surrounding his handpicked biographer. "

Penchant: strong inclination

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Endemic is used in this article: as such:
"Corruption, in other words, cannot be isolated to poorer societies in which many people need to bend the law to make ends meet. It is an endemic to politics at all levels and, in my opinion, deserves greater consideration in IR."

Endemic: Restricted or peculiar to a particular region

Endemic is a recurring GRE essential word, found in reading comprehension texts, sentence equivalance and text comprehension questions.

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This is mentioned in official ETS website (ETS is the org that conducts the GRE):

"In addition to reading widely in a range of fields, you should cultivate the habit of reading closely and critically as you prepare for the GRE Verbal Reasoning measure. Focus on paragraphs that seem particularly dense in meaning and engage actively with the text: how would you sum up the author's larger point? What does a phrase used by the author mean in this specific context? What is not said but implied? Why does the author highlight this particular detail? Where is the argument most vulnerable to criticism? Ultimately, to succeed at GRE reading comprehension, how you read is just as important as what you read."

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Opprobrium means harsh criticism or censure

This word is used in this article ( as such:

"Those so inclined should go right ahead, for there is no insult, no criticism, no mockery that you can direct at Lévy that he has not already heard and probably cited, somewhere, in a self-deprecating comment. The list of his detractors is very long, and even his admirers describe him in unsparing terms: “Pomposity and self-promotion are his vices,” wrote Paul Berman, as far back as 1995. In the book as well as a new documentary Lévy has written and co-directed, also called The Will to See—now showing at film festivals in English, and perhaps to be more widely released next year—he makes several wry references to the opprobrium his various engagements have inspired (“There is the war in Libya, of course, for which I have been lavishly criticized”

The source of this article is The Atlantic
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