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To make money you have to be discipline.This channel is for educational purpose only,I am not SEBI Registered ,Before taking any trade plan you risk. I am not responsible for any losses.
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Too much volatility , look like bnf plan to make a new low , move out from 39000 ce.
Power Of Stocks
now trading at 35 rs more then 1:2 profits in re entry , initially due to volatile market hit out trailng sl.
Hi good morning every one.
38000 ce looking good.for short
Power Of Stocks
38000 ce looking good.for short
Made low of 145 more then 1:2 profits from short level.
Power Of Stocks
38000 ce looking good.for short
made a low of 70 more then 110 points profits ,1:5 profits on this.
Today I am not available to make video.
Media is too big
For those who miss the youtube JOIN video, in the morning we saw clear price action for the selling side, I shorted 36800 ce ATM more than 8k qty , with 70-80 points sl still holding for Positional now it's giving more than 20lakh , I used to give in telegram idea with max 30-40 sl trade similar way I planed this also, please don't see the profits learn the price action used here, and those who are new please watch all previous classes video in the membership tab after became a member. and make sure to do all the homework whatever I mentioned in the class, see you in the next class. Link :- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE5wDMNEZElnuRDk6TDPOYg/join
Price Behaviour :- Why did I mention yesterday for me is the best place to sell if the market open gap up in the last analysis video, this is price behavior I will l explain in today's video. I don't have any open positions from yesterday. Today morning I short the market in the money 37200ce and 37000 ce and it's giving good money as of now.
We regret to inform you that the Pune ACIT scheduled on 18th and 19th December 2021 is now postponed to 8th and 9th January 2022 due to the busy wedding season we could not find a proper venue. If someone wishes to take the refund please inform us before 15th of December through email. New schedule details will be shared on the 20th of December 2021.

Note- Right now seats are full for the session, Depending on the refunds we may open the registrations again.

In case of any query please send an email to us we will revert back to you.
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Good morning everyone ,Today don't take any big qty trade as volatility can increase due to budget in next week, will make a video this weekend on how we can plan trading for the budget.
Just Yesterday we launched traders Journal and what an amazing response we have got. We are already sold out in one day. Thank you POS family for the love and support. We will restock it soon.