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PaywithTerra is the information web service for transactions monitoring in Terra blockchain.
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👋 Hi all!

We are started a two days ago and very happy with your warm greetings. So many questions received, we will answer all. The main thing: yes, we will work hard in the coming days to make gateway for Shopify for "one-click" connect. We already contacted and hope it does not take a lot of time.

Thank you all!
👋 Hi all! Few updates:

1. Shopify integration is paused, because now Shopify says it is temporarily not adding new payment gateways. We will shift the focus to other popular ecommerce platforms for now and come back to Shopify later.

2. We started a discussion about funding from Community pool. To grow faster

3. We have a contact with "Terra Station" development team and hope that soon it will be possible to pre-fill the payment window in one click without "copy-pasting".
It seems that our votes (26%) may not be enough to overcome the 40% quorum. Some validators simply ignore this.

If you are staking Luna, please visit the voting page. If your validator has not voted, there will be a banner with his email. Ask him to vote
🏆 I’d like to thank everyone who made funding of the PayWithTerra possible. With financial support of Luna’s Community our project will get a lot of updates based on both, our existing backlog and your ideas. Without help of each of you, this would not have happened. Every voice is important.

We’ve been lucky four times to get votes required for funding:
- Idea was supported by the @d0h0k1, founder of Terra, providing media support
- Idea was supported by Terraform labs members who have provided a lot of advice (Jeff, my hat's off to you)
- Idea was supported by several mysterious sponsors, who made a deposit of 512 Luna (> 9000 $). This amount is a big deal for independent developers or even small teams.
- Idea was supported by a large number of caring people who were ready not only to vote, but also to ping their Validators to overcome the quorum.

Such barriers as 40% quorum and 512 LUNA could block developers who want to make a contribution to Luna's Infrastructure. So I propose to lower the barriers for creators who decide to go this way:
1: Support Proposal 56, to reduce the "start voting deposit" to 50 Luna.
2: Join discussion about lowering the quorum.
🎉 You asked - we did it: the Basic (Pay as you go) plan released.

From now the PayWithTerra user without Pro has the Balance, which may be topped up from $1 to ∞.
The amount from this Balance is used when creating orders. The new plan will be useful for small shops or startups who are not sure yet about a large number of payments through PWT.

The Pro plans (month and lifetime) still here for those who want to support our service development.
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We have released the Summer Update 🎉.
The main changes are:
🌀 The new "Stream" service for watching incoming transactions on specified addresses and receiving notifications by 3 different channels: email, telegram, and webhook. This is a good tool to detect and automate accepting payments with unspecified amounts in your projects. Details:
Our friends are preparing a website where you can see Stream in action (soon, week or two).
🔹 We have created branded UI buttons (CSS) that may help visitors to recognize the Terra payment option on eCommerce websites. Demo + constructor:
🔹 Some changes happen in our core codebase, which improved AVG detection speed from ~15 sec to ~2 sec.
🔹 Our logo has undergone a little refreshing (I hope you like it)
From today you can use Terra extension for making payments in PaywithTerra.

Live demo:
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Just added Terra Station Mobile support (two ways). New integration already available and demonstrated on video.
(YouTube version)
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Our very first "easy to integrate" plugin just released. And yes, this is

New integration is already available for live testing in our traditional coupon-shop.
YouTube (full) demo:

This WooCommerce plugin is based on our another fresh release - the PaywithTerra PHP Library. This library will serve as the base for our other plugins and integrations that will be created in the very near future. Follow the news ;)
PaywithTerra rolled out the small update:
From now it is using the same denom for paying Terra network tx fee as requested for paying order.
Payers (customers) are no longer required to have a little Luna amount for payments via the Terra Station extension.
PaywithTerra today opens the new development season.

After taking a pause and receiving large feedback from our connected users, we have corrected our plans and will make a series of some nice updates in the next months.

🚧 The first update is rolling today (details later). This update will touch our infrastructure, so as a result - our services might be inaccessible for one or two hours with such consequences:
- in a limited period, the creation of the new order (Invoices) through API and plugins will cause an errors
- last created orders might not be marked as "paid" due to the maintenance period
- in a limited period, the transactions signals for the Stream service will be delayed

➡️ After our update will be rolled, all "delayed" transactions will be detected and all signals will be generated properly without any actions from merchants.
We have released an update that makes PaywithTerra Observer lightning-fast. The AVG transaction detection speed is about 4 seconds.
And connected e-commerce website receives related events immediately.
For end-users, it feels like real-time.

Our demo traditionally here