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See photo below, and tell me: Whom you trust more?
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World Health Organization
Someone tell George Costanza: the “Shrinkage Factor Rule” does not appear to hold in Italy.
Two Questions:

1) Did THESE black lives matter?
2) What caused the spike?
Intellectuals sneer at business, but in business one observes the world, forms of theory, acts, and then learns if one is correct or not. In time, this forms judgment.

What % of those who backed #DefundThePolice look at these results, and admit it was a horrible idea?

It’s an expression you MUST learn, because Lefty is a one-trick pony and THATS the trick: Lefty likes to bully until there is finally a response, then cry about his oppression.

Interesting watching a debate with a 50 point IQ spread.

Cuban seeks to overcome his gray-matter disadvantage by getting wordy, using jargon, and virtue-signaling.

Exactly like our Politically Correct professors.

Elon’s point is much better so he can make it in 1/5 the words.
It sounds like high court justices in Australia are as pussified as our own.

Throughout the tyranny they cowered under their desks… But after citizens rode it out, fought back, and won, they finally make the decision they should’ve made three years ago.

Well, this seems like a rather significant thing for Michigan’s see you again Secretary of State and Attorney General to have lied about.
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An oldie but goodie. Now confirmed through FOIA.

One day in late December, I was walking a brainwashed journalist through various documents and clips. I showed him some of these clips. He replied, “but where is the EVIDENCE?” 😖
How wonderful: a judge who respects the principle of “consent of the governed“ via the operation of constitutional “meta-rules”.

What a novel approach.

Delaware's early voting and permanent absentee laws are unconstitutional, a judge says - ABC News