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Now let's see the arrangement of item on store and the ordering methods
Here is a typical eatery shop under eatery/restaurant shop category
These are some of the items in the store arrange in categories
When any item is clicked details and booking modal appears
Down part of the details/order modal
When customers are booking in eatery/restaurant shop they need to specify where they want it delivered either at the shop cafe of customer's address. The date and time to deliver is also included for customers to fill in.

Here cafe is chosen
If address if chosen then additional fields appear for delivery information
After filling the form it redirect to cart modal.

In the cart, the first to be delivered at the cafe while the second to be delivered t the specified address
Then when clicked on checkout it redirect to checkout modal
For now there are three payment gateways:
👉 bank transfer
👉 wired transfer
👉 pay on delivery

Pay from wallet coming soon
Now as shop owner, you get the notification at the order notification (bell icon) button with the total new orders. As at now it's 1
When click on the order notification icon you now get details of the item(s) ordered

These are the customers the made orders so far but the one not checked would make a description (New: 1). The number indicates the number of new orders made by the customers. If it was more than one it would have indicated the number
Then click on the image of the customer you will see the order(s) made by the customer and the new ones are in front with coloured background white the old ones are behind with their respective dates
Then when clicked on their respective dates it fetches the corresponding details
Now you can download the invoice by clicking on invoice button
Here's the invoice in PDF format
At this point only invoice is generated and not receipt. So in our next training session we'll look into how a customer will interact with the shop owner to get their items delivered and documented here
This is where we will draw the curtain for today.

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