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To import bookmarks from MapsMe and other apps which support KML/KMZ on Android, open Bookmarks menu from the bottom toolbar and press Import button.

Automated import from iOS is not technically possible, so here is a small guide
There are already many requests from users to add public transport support. It would be great to start using that existing OpenStreetMap data and add/update transport schedules directly from the app. For anyone interested to volunteer, there is also a good starting point here:
πŸš— iOS update with a (finally!) working CarPlay is live. Happy driving!

Please don't forget, as there are 0 (zero, none) analytics and statistics libraries in Organic Maps, we rely entirely on your detailed feedback about issues you encounter.
A list of maps data mirrors (supported by community enthusiasts) for those in need is available here:
A new 2021-06-24 update is available on Google Play πŸ“¦

In this update we:
β€’ Improved maps downloading speed for certain regions
β€’ Fixed uploading of map edits to OpenStreetMap
β€’ Fixed bookmark sharing from Bookmarks (Categories) screen

Updated OM 🧘 version 2021.07.08 is here!

Both platforms:
β€’ Finally, meet the updated OSM map data!
β€’ Fixed failing OSM login due to OSM backend changes
β€’ Resized car repair, charging station, museum icons
β€’ Updated hostel, kindergarten, clothes, dentist icons with a white filling
β€’ Reduced timeouts for map downloads
β€’ Fixed crash in the search on regions boundaries
β€’ Fixed routing crash when point doesn't belong to any map file (in a gap between)
β€’ Fixed texts in the FAQ

β€’ Removed annoying top panel when selecting a place on the map
β€’ Fixed issue when new bookmark set is not assigned to the bookmark after creation
β€’ Enabled DownloadManager notifications
β€’ Replaced icons for adding and removing bookmarks
β€’ Fixed "Mobile Internet" settings

β€’ Disabled backup for map files
β€’ Removed non-working traffic button in Navigation mode
β€’ Added gradient to the app icon
Meet a new app update with:
β€’ πŸ—ΊοΈ Updated OpenStreetMap data
β€’ Added πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬Bulgarian and πŸ‡§πŸ‡·Brazil translations (thanks to our contributors!)
β€’ πŸ–Picnic tables are on the map!
β€’ Wrong regions are not offered anymore for cross-region routing
β€’ Improved ETA for remote tracks and roads
β€’ Fixed FAQ

🍏 iOS:
β€’ You can now edit/move/delete tracks and bookmarks
β€’ CarPlay map is properly aligned
β€’ Failed downloads are now resumed
β€’ Aligned bottom bar buttons

πŸ€– Android:
β€’ Fixed layout bugs, including RTL languages
β€’ Fixed some non-working search queries
β€’ Fixed wrong encoding in bookmark description
β€’ Fixed import of KML/KMZ files
β€’ Silence media volume while announcing navigation directions
β€’ Display and edit multiple phone numbers
β€’ Reduced apk size

As always, we're counting on your feedback about bugs and issues.
Have a happy weekend!
News for anyone who wants to support the development of free, open-source, offline, privacy-focused maps for travelers, hikers, motorists, and cyclists. We're accepting πŸ’°donations for servers and new features for your favorite app.
Read more here:
We have a temporary issue with Google Play app availability. Hopefully it will be fixed soon 🀞
A minor update is available in Google Play

β€’ Fixed download progress stuck at 0% and made it fractional
β€’ Fixed metro/subway entry icons in some cities
β€’ Added "Report a bug" button in the main menu
β€’ Fixed invisible button in the navigation panel on Android 6+

Please let us know if you still have any issues with maps downloading, or any other issues. We will fix them ASAP!
A new experimental Android beta version with improved map downloader is available for testing:

This version should fix 0% problem once and for all! Please let us know if you still have any issues with maps downloading, or any other issues. We will fix them ASAP!
With the help of our community ❀️, in the 21.08.26 update we:

β€’ Increased maximum number of intermediate stops from 3 to... try to guess πŸ™‚
β€’ Fixed rare crash when downloading maps
β€’ Made farmlands more visible on the map
β€’ Updated πŸ‡§πŸ‡· Brazil and πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή Portuguese translations

On Android, in addition:
β€’ Finally, maps download should work for everyone! You don't need to enable Internet access for Download Manager anymore!
β€’ Bookmark button ⭐ shows "Save" and "Delete" instead of just "Bookmark"

Get it here:
ℹ️ The latest 21.09.01 update is available in Google Play, App Store and AppGallery with updated OSM maps πŸ—ΊοΈ data snapshot, made on 25th of August.
FDroid version is not available yet, because there are some build issues. But with the help of the community they should be resolved soon 🀞
21.09.14 app update is available in Google Play. We:
β€’ Fixed missing buttons on the toolbar after the search on Android 11, very annoying bug 🐞!
β€’ Updated some translations, thanks to our contributors ❀️
β€’ Fixed incorrectly toggled WiFi when editing a phone number
Here is the list of OpenStreetMap metro/subways validation results:

You can help us by fixing red metro lines directly in OpenStreetMap. Then every @OrganicMaps user will have an updated Public Transport map (subways and S-Bahn at the moment).

Some general instructions are here:

And here is info how to validate a separate city:
Sorry, the latest 21.10.07 release for Android has a bug: if you clicked before on coordinates in the place info (to switch coordinates format), then you'll have a crash on startup. Only reinstall can help (but you'll loose your bookmarks!). If you have root access, then close the app and delete /data/data/

If you didn't click on coordinates before, then it should work.

Good news: the fix is already on it's way into app stores! After updating to the latest 21.10.09 version everything will work back again.

Here is the fixed Google Play apk which can be installed manually (the same as is waiting for review now): or
A new app update is available!

β€’ New OSM maps data as of 02.10.2021
β€’ Added healthcare=laboratory type
β€’ Fixed some map icons and their visibility
β€’ Fixed rare routing crash
β€’ Fixed junction, building=hotel, power=substation, railway=subway, tourism=artwork types
β€’ Fixed missing addresses for some buildings
β€’ Minor localization fixes

Also for Android:
β€’ Editable Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and VK links for places
β€’ Copy OSM and Open Location Code coordinates links
β€’ Fixed black screen on PowerVR Rogue G6110 chips