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We are looking for volunteers who can help us to prepare and translate Whats New for upcoming releases for all app stores and for our website on a more or less regular basis. Or for any other ways to help us speed up the translation process not only for Whats New, but also for other texts. Any ideas and help are appreciated! Want to peek at the full list of changes?

The full list of languages is available here for Android and here for iOS. We can add all languages to our website (its other pages are translated now using Weblate).

Drop us an email if you are interested at
We are excited to announce our first update of 2023. We’ve included a comprehensive list of improvements, as always, thanks to the support and input from our dedicated Organic Maps community. Great work by all of us. 🙏

• New OpenStreetMap data as of January 21, 2023
• Fixed import of some KML tracks
• Automatic search for the current position in 30 hours of inactivity instead of 8 hours
• Improved search categories results
• Proper spelling of Australia in search results
• leisure=track is now searchable

iOS 🍏
• Fixed invisible text hints in Settings in the dark theme

Android 🤖
• Enabled Basque, Belarussian, Croatian, Norwegian, Marathi, Swahili in TTS

Routing 🚗
• Proper handling of elevation for hiking and cycling
• Fixed inter-region routing
• Fixed routing via some bridges
• Busways are supported
• Added Croatia to Schengen area

Styles 🎨
• Fixed Buenos Aires metro icons
• Added Bowling Alley
• Fixed historic=fountain and tourism=information-office icon
• Equal icon sizes for springs & hot springs

Editor 🗺️
• Allowed editing names with /\°[] symbols
• Added amenity=public_bookcase
• Increased the maximum editable building floors from 25 to 50

Translations 🌐
• Fixed Brazil, Czech, French, Hungarian, Spanish (Mexican), Turkish
• Fixed TTS translations for Finnish and Portuguese

Linux 🖥️
• Import upper-case KML and KMZ files on case-sensitive Linux file systems
• Use Organic Maps server to check if a connection is alive
108.9 MB
This Android beta version installs separately from the "store" version. It includes changes by the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Please let us know if there are any issues, and help us with release notes translations here.

What's new:

• New OpenStreetMap data as of February 8
• Filtered wrong search results in the list and on the map
• Fixed crash on opening
• Better icons for main and secondary building entrances
• Improved animation centering on the current position
• Improved next-turn voice notifications for smaller distances
• Fixed Persian, Polish, and German translations
This release includes the updated map data for Turkey and Syria, including the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team changes after the recent earthquake. Accurate maps are crucial in disaster response, as they may assist with better planning and navigation for those who help on the ground. We appreciate everyone who has ever contributed to the OpenStreetMap. If you would like to start contributing now, please follow this link.

The list of changes in this Organic Maps release:
• New OpenStreetMap data as of February 10
• Filtered incorrect search results in both the list and on the map
• Improved next-turn notifications for shorter distances
• Better icons for main and secondary building entrances
• Improved Persian and fixed some errors in the Polish and German translations

• Fixed crash on opening
• Fixed not visible error messages in the Editor

• Fixed crash when opening om:// and links
• Show the shared POI's name in om:// and links

See more examples of our API and URL schemes for both Android and iOS at
OpenStreetMap and Organic Maps helped Dr. Bilgehan Çevik, a Turkish doctor, to get to the damaged areas in the first hours after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. His message to the mappers: “Thank you all, you are doing really great work”.
Finally, iPad users can use their keyboards without Organic Maps freezing, and Android users can enjoy reading Wiki articles for bookmarked places 😉 We've also improved the search function, particularly for users who search by categories. Specifically, we've separated vegan and vegetarian cuisine searches 🌱and added some new POI types, such as psychotherapist, speech therapist, audiologist, and blood donation center, which were previously grouped under one 'healthcare' tag.

Here's a complete list of what's new in this version, which is available in the AppStore, Google Play, FDroid, Huawei AppGallery:

• New OpenStreetMap data as of February 27
• Fixed and improved search
• Split vegan and vegetarian cuisines in search
• Fixed styles for airports, land uses, waterways, and hatching fill areas
• Some smaller areas are not obscured by large ones anymore
• Added healthcare specialists: alternative, audiologist, blood_donation, optometrist, podiatrist, psychotherapist, sample_collection, speech_therapist
• Added communication towers, loading docks, solar, wind, gas, and hydropower generators
• Fixed the Bilbao metro icon
• Historic ruins can now be added in the Editor
• Improved Arabic, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Turkish translations

• Fixed freeze on iPad when a keyboard is connected
• Fixed unnecessary double click on the route button
• Removed duplicated floors and zip/postal code cells
• Enabled OpenStreetMap editor notes for all selected places

• Wiki articles are now clickable and visible for bookmarks
• Fixed opening email from the Place Information Page (PP)
• Fixed several crashes
• Removed the "Description" label and "More" button when a POI is selected on the map
• Redesigned the Help dialog
• Fixed some not displayed complex opening hours
• Correctly display multiline names in the Download Maps dialog
• Fixed missing Traditional Chinese localization

We are grateful 🙏 to everyone who contributes the code, translations, or supports us with good reviews and donations!
Does anyone use Organic Maps on Pixel 7 device? Did you see any strange freezings, crashes or device reboots when you were using Organic Maps? If yes, please let us know here:
109.3 MB
Please test this beta version with turn lanes support (it can be installed separately from the store version), and let us know about any related (and unrelated) issues 🙏