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CDC Reports Largest Infant Mortality Rate Increase in 20 Years

The only conclusion evident from the NCHS data is that something changed in 2021 — but what?

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Media is too big
Premeditated Murder: They Knew Remdesivir Would Kill, and They Did It Anyway

Prior to COVID, Ralph Baric's and Tony Fauci's pet drug, Remdesivir, had a 53% mortality rate in clinical trials done in Africa.

"53% mortality if you got Remdesivir!" stressed Dr. David Martin.

"There is no such thing as a 53% lethality of anything nature does ... and that's what we chose to use in COVID."

Full Interview:

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Media is too big
Did you know the World Health Organization, in its founding document (1946), exempted itself from criminal prosecution?

"Why would an organization need to give itself exemption from criminal prosecution?" asked Dr. David Martin.

"The reason why they wrote that into their founding charter is because they knew they were already breaking the law."

Full interview:

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Dr. McCullough: "The United States Should Pull Out of the World Health Organization"

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Forwarded from Dschlopes
The U.S. Army: "Hey, sorry we unjustly fired you and ended your military career prematurely but good news, we are going to correct your military records!" 🤡

Forwarded from World Council for Health
🆕 Moderna Monitors 150 Million Websites for ‘Anti-Vaccine’ Narratives


Through a pharma-funded nonprofit and a “social listening” company, Moderna’s team—run by a former 20-year veteran of the FBI—deploys AI to monitor everything from mainstream news to gaming sites.

Moderna is spying on you.

A new report sheds light on Moderna’s behind-the-scenes strategy within this new media landscape. It exposes key actors and how they worked to monitor 150 million websites for the purpose of censoring speech that undermines the company’s COVID-19 vaccine narrative and actively shaping public discourse to benefit Moderna’s bottom line.

“[Moderna’s] intention, as we have gleaned from the emails exchanged, was not only to combat misinformation, but also to affect the content and tenor of public debate,” investigative journalists Lee Fang and Jack Poulson wrote in UnHerd.

Visit the WCH Substack to read the rest and please do share this important information with your network.

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Hey y’all. For the time being we’re gonna add a topic or two to the Nothing But The Truth channel. Maybe David will have his own channel if and when he feels like. Hey David, here’s a suggestion for a name for your channel: Gardens ‘n Guns.
I don't need critical thinking skills—I trust my gov't.
I suppose that most people I know have heard of Yuval Noah Harari, YouTube's pride and joy. If you haven't. . . .
This ought to make you want to get it 😂😂 NOT!
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Moderna is losing money on the vax so much so that they have been forced to increase the cost per dosage of the vaccine from $15 (or even free if you recall) to $130 per dose.

They are also rebranding as the "spikevax" with a new creepy dystopian ad campaign that says "spikevax that body"
The end of cash—will it happen?

Sure it will. But when?

As I was reading today I stumbled upon something called, "Quantum Financial System". Here's a random link if you want to check it out: