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The truth isn't always what we get or believe. Hopefully, it is what we're in pursuit of to possess because only truth matters.
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Yes, I remember what I wrote. I thought I was finished. A few weeks of thinking more about quitting and It looks like I don't need to be so quick-on-the-draw. I do apologize.

I hope you get a chance to check out the message just above this one. I downloaded both items Mike talked about and found that for the AI to run on my computer I need more RAM. I had 4 GB when my computer will hold 16. Be here tomorrow😃
Forwarded from The Justice League 🏴 (Toria Brooke)
JUST IN — From Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY):

"Proposed Constitutional Amendment:

"The right of the people to grow food and to purchase food from the source of their choice shall not be infringed, and Congress shall make no law regulating the production and distribution of food products which do not move across state lines."'

As I've referred to Mike Adams often, especially during the last decade or so, It has been noticed how folks seem so uninterested. A few years back, I even had a man to call me, after I had sent him a text with a link to a article, to say that he was not interested in anything Mike Adams had to offer and that he had listened to him years ago and that he didn't like being bothered with all that dooms-day stuff. It was so obvious that I had gotten on this man's nerves. Needless to say, I have since respected his request.

I've already put this channel's readers onto something that was, and still is to me, awesome. And here it is again. I hope you take time to visit the link to the article.

For anyone who is keeping up: I have downloaded and used the easy version of Neo LLM. The version I downloaded and really wanted,was too much for my CPU—you have to have a processor that supports AVX2. My computer is 10 years old, so... If anyone wants to follow up with this, find out what you need first. For instance, my laptop only had 4 GBs of RAM. I did upgrade it to 16 GB. That's as much as my computer would take. I suggest that 16 GB would be what you would need for starters and 32 GB of RAM would help for further uses of more advanced models.

If you have any questions after reading and listening to the information I have referred to then please ask. I believe that you will see why I am so enthusiastic about Mike Adams' Large Language Model (LLM) if you learn what you can by at least going over the material I've linked to.
What's The Matter With "God's People"?

Nothing. Hopefully.

But then again, to put it another way, what is wrong with people who believe and declare themselves to be Christians when they aren't? Why are so many dropping out of church? As anyone can see, if they do an Internet search, Christianity as a whole has a problem. A big problem. It's unbelief. A problem so huge that it makes one ponder why it cannot be seen by most. Even if it's (the problem) pointed out it seems to go in one ear and out the other. The attitude seems to be: Who cares?

Unbelief comes from deception and that's hard for us, as individuals, to swallow because who wants to be told they have been fooled?

Propaganda works. It most definitely has its intended results on most people most of the time and some of us some of the times. In 1928 Edward Bernays wrote a book called Propaganda. Many of us have read this book and have had an appreciation for having heard it straight from the horse's mouth.

Propaganda works. Mind control works. They work so well that it can be witnessed by simply observing the much talked-about, spiritual phenomenon of the great numbers of people fleeing church.

Fooled? Oh yes! Fooled!

Long story short, I believe that the human mind can be conquered, including the minds of most professing Christians. Visit this link: Get the book and read it. I did. It is an eye-opener.
Wikipedia: A Trustworthy Sources of Information?

You decide: Go to Wikipedia and search for Natural News (Here is Wikipedia's Natural News URL).

It's too bad that so many people believe, without question what their "educators" teach them. They don't / can't question because they do not have the ability to think things through.

I'll take a chance on provoking a reader or two by requesting, "If you trust this source of information about Mike Adams, then do not say anything."
Trump has no wisdom. The same is true of all Christians who see him as the savior of America. The only way to keep the USA from final destruction is for His people to repent from their wickedness, especially that of killing the innocent, and turn wholly toward our only and true and Almighty God. That must begin with you and me. If this doesn't happen very soon then what is happening now will continue at even a greater speed and terribleness. At His time of judgement it will be too late—He will laugh at our calamity of crying out to Him for help when there will be none. There is a line drawn for all of us. Why do we still challenge God with continuously being overcome by the desires of the flesh—by choosing sin instead of loving Him more than all? I ask that of myself first. Are we in the same boat? There is more peace and assurance in walking on water / walking by faith.

Stop trusting Trump and trust Jesus instead. Be single-minded. Your votes aren't going to count, just like they didn't the last election or... are you still crawling and stumbling around in the dark, presenting yourself as a fool as is this wanna-be-president:?
Some already are aware of this but it a good reminder of how the system works.
Forwarded from Orwellian Dystopia
Using the average statistics from 1999, if a pediatrician has 1,000 patients, 264 can be expected to be 2 years old or younger. If all are fully vaccinated, the pediatrician would be eligible for a $105,600 year-end bonus.

Primary care providers across the U.S. were bribed with incentive programs to coerce patients into getting the toxic COVID-19 shot. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield paid doctors $50 for each Medicaid patient aged 6 months and older, who got the experimental jab.

Doctors have been financially incentivized to vaccinate children for a long time. In 2016, Blue Cross Blue Shield paid pediatricians a $400 bonus for each patient that completed 10 vaccinations before their second birthday, provided 63% of their patients were fully vaccinated.