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^ SiaCoin, 94 sats is good buy
As long as BTC stays above 8600 from the previous trend setup, there is hope. Any bearish continuation would indicate a lower low below 6000.
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Just an update, no new chart. Press play :

NEO is sitting on 50% fib. Should go sideways slowly, down to the 61.8 for a final capitulation. This is denial/depression imo.

Anywhere under 60usd for NEO is a good buy and hold till December 2018 or whenever alts rally.
^ bought NEO. Press play :)
NEOBTC targeting 0.11 long term. Holding spot from my entry. I am also expecting further downside if there is no additional buying. Looks like a deadcat for now. NEOBTC trade is 23% in profit, and stop is at 10% profit. (If it goes down to 10% profit I'll be out of the trade)
^ OMGBTC, perfect buy.
Buy already happened, I am in OMG since 0.00115
^ STRAT, looking for a short term correction for an entry at 0.00052
All alts in profit! Check out the calls above :)

BTC might be targeting 5500 in a week or two. Keeping my options open.