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Anyone interested in testing NikGapps on android 12? wait for test 2, see you soon
Up for Android 12?
Alright guys,

Android 12 gapps are up!

Mostly everything is working (tried on AOSP - thanks to @raghavt20 and ArrowOs (thanks to @Joker_V2_0/@merothh for the build)
Although you may encounter some crashes here and there, remember the Roms aren't exactly stable yet.

The builds were already in Canary-Releases for a while (will add them now to stable too)

Changelog? check website.
Download? here or soon will be here

Have fun!

Report in @NikGappsSupport group if you encounter any bugs. Happy to address them.

P.S. custom/config builds are also setup (with nikgapps.config v18) so go ahead and create a custom gapps build for android 12 for you!

New Stable Release is up! (Q/R/S) (25th Dec 2021)

- Fixed aosp dialer being unset as default dialer even when GoogleDialer was not flashed (like with core package) (for those who noticed :P)
- Fixed an issue with installing a few apps such as GoogleWallpaper on android 10 (thanks for reporting)
- Fixed gapps size being miscalculated in some scenarios
- Introduce use_zip_config value starting nikgapps.config v19 to use nikgapps.config from zip while installing
- Update YouTube Vanced apps to latest versions (Vanced YouTube - 16.29.39, Music - 4.57.52, Manager - 2.6.2)
- Drop PixelTips, GoogleTalkback as those aren't so much useful, Move GoogleTTS from full to separate addons
- Bring back PixelSetupWizard for now (and also include it in omni, stock and full)
- Installer script improvements
- Playstore Updates (25th Dec 2021)

- You can always dirty flash the gapps (although, you need to update gapps only when you clean flash).
- Take backup before if you plan to dirty flash gapps.
- v19 is up and I recommend updating your nikgapps.config to v19.
- you can set use_zip_config=1 in nikgapps.config if you want the installer to pick config file from zip, this can be used while sideloading the gapps or when the /data is encrypted.
- NikGapps doesn't rely on nikgapps.config to function, nikgapps.config just comes with additional features for you to customize the installation.


Thanks for choosing NikGapps!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Happy new year guys!

Cheers 🍻

Next update is going to involve a lot of changes/new features/fixes.

Thanks to all who have flashed canary builds and test builds provided in @NikGappsGroup and helped bring the release to perfection.

Those who wants to try out the new features early can try out canary releases and let us know your thoughts about it.

Changelog as usual can be found here

Stay tuned, the release is around the corner! :)
Highlights of some of the upcoming features!
Alright guys, we're here with a major release. (22nd Feb 2022)

You'll find everything about it on below link.

Needless to say, countless hours were spent after making these changes. Hope it helps you!

Enjoy the release!
What? An award? No... Awards...!!
Well, that's an achievement!

Thanks everyone for the support! Cheers! 🍻
Android 12.1 Initial release



- clean flash is must since sdk of apks is updated
- nikgapps.config is updated, new version will be released with stable release. meanwhile, I'd appreciate feedback on the canary builds.

Android 12.1 Hotfix update

- fixed pixel launcher crashes (silly deployment issue)


Can be dirty flashed over 7th April build
Clean flash if you previously flashed a12 build on 12.1 Rom

Config release (custom builds) will only be enabled once the feedback confirms that it's stable enough for config release!
For those who wants to flash Pixel Launcher addon on Android 12L
New Stable Release is up! (SL, S, R, Q) (13th April 2022)

- Android 12.1 (12L) release
- Many addon.d fixes (faster ota update and fixes)
- Fixed Pixel Launcher and Setup Wizard for android 12.1 release
- Fixed an issue which requires formatting /data partition to boot
- use addon_version = 3 (dropping v2 support)
- Fixed Aosp apps not being deleted for some users
- Dropped Vanced and Adaway support as those are non-gapps
- Enforce Android Auto to be clean flashed only to avoid unnecessary issues
- Add Google Talkback addon (for those who wants to include them in custom builds)
- Script improvements
- nikgapps config version updated to v21

- Clean flash recommended if coming from android 12
- Dirty flashing is fine if you are on canary 12.1 release (however, you don't really need to dirty flash unless you want to consume any fix mentioned in the changelog)
- more on that: here
- Since we've removed the support of some of the addons, if you use nikgapps.config v20 to build your custom gapps, you may not find those built as part of your packages, update your config to v21.

If you come across any issue or you have any feature request, I suggest you add it on github (here). It is really very simple and it will help us track the underlying issues and feature requests.

Hi Everyone,

A new release is up!

You'll find all the information on the website -

For questions and support - join @NikGappsGroup
How many of you are still on Android 12? (others, this is inapplicable for you, only for Android 12.x)
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Yes, I am on Android 12
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