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Distributed platform for deep learning of neural network and synthetic data generation using computing power of miners.
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On November 15th, Neuromation's Head of New Initiatives, Maxim Prasolov will be speaking at the ESA Earth Observation Ф-week in Frascati (Rome), Italy. Maxim's keynote speech will be "Onboard AI for Nanosat Clusters: Distributed computing power in space with permanent Earth observation and onboard image analysis.", which will deal with exciting new AI applications in the space industry! Learn more here.
NeuroNuggets are back! Today we present to you another installment where we dive into the details about a few papers from the CVPR 2018 (Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition) conference.

Today, we turn to a different problem that also warrants a detailed comparison. We will talk about face generation, that is, about synthesizing a realistic picture of a human face, either from scratch or by changing some features of a real photo.

With this, we are finally done with CVPR 2018. It is hard to do justice to a conference this large; naturally, there were hundreds of very interesting papers that we have not been able to cover. But still, we hope it has been an interesting and useful selection.
Chatbots have already gotten a bad reputation, but don’t give up on them just yet — advances in AI will revolutionize the interface. Read the latest article by Neuromation Investor Relations Analyst, Angus Roven. Enjoy your weekend read!
You may have heard a lot of hype recently about the new AI chips that are making their way into the latest smartphones. But what do these chips actually do? What do they mean for consumers today? Buzz aside, we can see there is a major AI hardware trend happening in mobile right now. Samsung, Qualcomm, ARM, Nvidia, as well as Apple and Huawei, all have brand new mobile AI chips. Read more in our blog.
Over 50% of the global population now lives in cities and this is projected to grow to over two thirds by 2050! Now we are seeing the latest big boost to Smart City initiatives in the form of Artificial Intelligence. AI gives computers the ability to see, hear, move, and reason. Learn more in our latest article.
As the CVPR in Review posts have finally dried up, we again turn to our usual stuff. In the NeuroNugget series, we usually talk about specific ideas in deep learning and try to bring you up to speed on each. We have had some pretty general and all-encompassing posts here, but it is often both fun and instructive to dive deeper into something very specific. So we will devote some NeuroNuggets to reviewing a few recent papers that share a common thread.

And today, this thread is… cut-and-paste! And not the kind we all do from other people’s GitHub repositories. In computer vision, this idea is often directly related to synthetic data, as cutting and pasting sometimes proves to be a fertile middle ground between real data and going fully synthetic. Read more.
Great news from the Neuromation Research team! Our long-term collaboration with Insilico Medicine, a company that focuses on artificial intelligence for drug discovery and longevity research, has borne some very important fruit. We have released a benchmarking platform for generative models, which we named MOSES (MOlecular SEtS). Congratulations to the whole team! Read more in our blog.
AI-powered predictive analytics promises to revolutionize analytics and point the way forward for companies to dramatically improve efficiency and better understand their customers. Major players from the big data platform market have been entering this market via acquisition. Read the latest article by Neuromation Investor Relations Analyst, Angus Roven.
Happy Holidays from the Neuromation team!
It’s been quite a while, but the time has finally come to return to the story of deep learning for drug discovery, a story we began in April. By now, researchers from Neuromation have published more than ten papers, we have told you about some of them in our Neuromation Research blog posts, and, most importantly, we have already released our next big project in collaboration with Insilico, the MOSES dataset and benchmarking suite. But today, we finally come back to that first paper. Enjoy the new NeuroNuggets post from our Chief Research Officer, Sergey Nikolenko!
The Neuromation Team on tour in Hong Kong this week. Feeling honored to have been invited by the HKSTP team to exhibit at this year's AI+U event. Big shout out to organizers and special thanks to Dr. Crystal Fok and Dr. Maggie Mai.
In 2018, Neuromation went from a breakthrough idea to a global technology company pioneering cutting edge technologies and building best-in-class products. The tremendous support of our token community has enabled the growth of the company and we are sincerely grateful for your strong, sustained support.

Neuromation is pleased to publish our Quarterly Report, for Q4 2018. The purpose of this report is to provide current and future customers, NTK holders, supporters and other community members ongoing information regarding the progress and goings on at Neuromation.

Read more in our blog.
One of our core values is an intense focus on our customers. We aim to delight our customers with great products and responsive service and work in partnership to solve their problems. In the last quarter, we took important steps forward in our relationships with our partners by delivering key solutions for our major enterprise customers and opening up our Platform to early beta-testers.

Neuromation is pleased to publish our Quarterly Report, for Q1 2019. The purpose of this report is to provide current and future customers, NTK holders, supporters and other community members ongoing information regarding the progress and goings on at Neuromation.

Read more in our blog.
Synthetic data is a hot topic these days. Neuromation has been featured in Forbes, quoting CEO Yashar Behzadi: "Synthetic data can help companies test placement for optimal price/performance trade-offs, we are working with PDC, a Panasonic company, to create virtual environments where perspective can be changed in order to place cameras in stores. Not having to test with real world footage saves PDC and its clients time and money while providing better store coverage.”
The new NeuroNuggets article is here! This time we will discuss the paper “Variance Networks: When Expectation Does Not Meet Your Expectations” by Kirill Neklyudov, Dmitry Molchanov, Arsenii Ashukha, and Dmitry Vetrov. Learn more in the latest post by Neuromation Chief Research Officer, Sergey Nikolenko.
Synthetic Data is fast becoming an essential component of autonomous driving and computer vision AI systems. It is a cost-effective solution that cuts down on the time and effort needed to acquire, clean and organize driver data. Learn more in the latest article by Neuromation CEO Yashar Behzadi.
On May 22–23, Neuromation had the honor of taking part in one of the most interesting interdisciplinary gatherings in computer vision and graphics: the LDV Vision Summit, hosted by the LDV Capital foundation. Members of our team in attendance included CTO Artyom Astafurov, CRO Sergey Nikolenko, Head of Product Matthew Moore, and VP Digital Economy Arthur McCallum. Read more in our blog.