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Distributed platform for deep learning of neural network and synthetic data generation using computing power of miners.
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The new NeuroNuggets article is here! Neuromation researchers are currently attending ACL 2019, the Annual Meeting of the Association for Computing Linguistics, which is the world’s leading conference in the field of natural language processing. While we do have a paper here, “Large-Scale Transfer Learning for Natural Language Generation”, in this series we will be concentrating on some of the most interesting works we are seeing from others. Learn more in the latest post by Neuromation Chief Research Officer, Sergey Nikolenko.
Neuromation is pleased to publish our Quarterly Report, for Q2 2019.

We are excited to announce the launch of the Neuromation Marketplace, offering all community members the opportunity to utilize Neurotokens (NTK) to purchase AI products and services. The launch of the marketplace marks a significant milestone for Neuromation and we appreciate all of your incredible support throughout our development journey.

The purpose of this report is to provide current and future customers, NTK holders, supporters and other community members ongoing information regarding the progress and goings on at Neuromation. Read more in our blog.
Neuromation is excited to announce the launch of the Neuromation Marketplace, which is open and available to the entire community of NTK holders!

What began in 2017 with a vision to unite the three pillars of Artificial Intelligence into an ecosystem, is now live. In accordance with our Whitepaper, the Marketplace is open to all AI professionals and enthusiasts to exchange their NTK for Synthetic Data, Computational Power and AI Services — on the Neuromation Marketplace.

What’s on the Marketplace? Read more in our blog.
Neuromation researchers attended ACL 2019, the Annual Meeting of the Association for Computing Linguistics, which is the world’s leading conference in the field of natural language processing. With this second part of our ACL in Review series, Neuromation Chief Research Officer Sergey Nikolenko continues the experiment of writing draft notes as the ACL sections progress. Read more in our blog.
We are happy to announce that Neuromation has been named a Gartner Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies for 2019. From the report: “Artificial intelligence core technologies are being democratized in myriad ways. IT leaders can consider the Cool Vendors outlined in this research to help address their AI skills gap, utilize synthetic training data, and leverage augmented intelligence to enable AI initiatives.” Constantine Goltsev from Neuromation commented, “We believe our recognition in Gartner’s Cool Vendors in AI Core Technologies Report is a testament to our continued success as a leading provider of AI services and products for enterprise companies around the world. Neuromation is proud to make AI accessible to a wide range of businesses.” Subscribers can access the full report at:
We continue our ACL reviews by Chief Research Officer, Sergey Nikolenko. For the third part, we will be recapping the second day of the ACL 2019 conference. This section of the conference is titled “Machine Learning 3” and contains several interesting new ideas in different areas of study, three of them united by the common theme of interpretability for models based on deep neural networks and distributed representations. Read more in our blog.
We are excited to announce that Neuromation team goes to New York! This time we will present our Platform at the Strata conference, September 24th to 26th. Visit us at the booth #1355 to learn more about Neuro!
After success at Strata conference, Neuro Team continues it's US tour with Twiml conference in San Francisco. Twimlcon is focused on the platforms, tools, technologies and practices necessary to enable and scale machine learning and AI in the enterprise. Come meet us at the booth to learn more about!
We continue our ACL reviews by Chief Research Officer, Sergey Nikolenko. In the fourth part of our ACL in Review series he highlights the “Machine Learning 4” section from the third and final day of the main conference. Read more in our blog.
This September, the Neuromation team participated in one of the largest conferences in the world with a focus on data science and artificial intelligence — Strata Conference in New York. Learn more in our blog.
To the Neuromation Community,
COVID-19 is having a profound effect on communities, companies, and markets around the
globe. At Neuromation, our first priority is the health and safety of our employees and
community members, as we navigate these strange times together. We urge all Neuromation
community members to please follow the guidelines set out by your respective national health
administrations to stay safe and contain the spread of this virus.
Here is an update on the steps we have taken and what we expect in the near future.
First, since early March, all Neuromation team members have been working remotely. This
includes all engineers, researchers, sales and administration at all Neuromation Labs around
the world. Thankfully, Neuromation has been a distributed company since day one, so the
transition to isolated workspaces has been relatively simple.
We are pleased to report that all Neuromation team members are healthy and working as
normal, with no major disruptions from COVID-19.
Neuromation would like to apologize to the community for the late release of the Q4 2019
Report. We have decided to release the next report in April, and we will include the impact of
recent COVID-19 developments.
Second, Neuromation has suspended all business travel, physical meetings, and conferences
until further notice.
Third, Neuromation is dedicating resources to assist in the search for an AI-driven solution to
COVID-19. We are making Neuro Platform available for free for up to three months to partner
labs and researchers working in COVID-19 research in machine learning. We will add or adjust
these activities as the situation evolves.
Finally, Neuromation recognizes that COVID-19 has had, and will have, a severe effect on the
international economy. These effects may impact demand for machine learning for some time.
Neuromation has prepared for potential market impacts by implementing cost-cutting measures
across all Neuromation Labs teams. Also, we are adjusting our focus to sectors that are
well-positioned to thrive in the new market environment that COVID-19 is defining.
Neuromation maintains its view that demand for machine learning will continue to grow over the
long term. We continue to modify our short-terms activities to navigate through these difficult
times for success for the Neuromation community. Be safe and we will beat this virus together!
Neuromation is pleased to publish our Quarterly Report, for Q4 2019. During the time since our last Quarterly Report, Neuromation has been primarily focused on expanding and improving our core product, the Neuromation Platform — now called To learn more, follow the link.
Are you an engineer or researcher developing an ML-driven solution to COVID-19? Use the platform and GPU computing power, completely free of charge, to work on solutions to COVID-19. Learn more here.
Neuromation is pleased to publish a bi-annual report, for the first half of the year 2020. We would like to use the opportunity provided by these reports to update our token holders primarily on product development, research, client work and expectations for the future. We would also like to briefly review our available services for business clients and token holders as offered by our “Neuromation Labs” business practice units. To learn more, visit our blog.
AI is helping microbiologists to better understand the ‘cell cycle clock'. Neuromation Chief Research Officer, Sergey Nikolenko, and Senior AI Researcher, Alexander Rakhlin, collaborated with the European Molecular Biology Laboratory to advance DeepCycle, an AI-driven technology to model the lifecycle of cells - how they grow and divide. Using approximately 2.6 million microscopy images of canine kidney cells, the deep learning model is able to reconstruct complex biological phenomena based solely on visual data.

Theodore Alexandrov, Team Leader at EMBL, says: "It was my pleasure working with Alexander Rakhlin and Sergey Nikolenko, true deep learning experts who made it work. It's a pretty advanced use of deep learning." This new methodology can be applied to various types of cells and could soon benefit scientists studying the development of cancer cells. The DeepCycle network was developed and trained on the Platform and was supported by’s MLOPs service. Learn more here:
Neuromation is pleased to publish a bi-annual report, for the second half of the year 2020. With an update for the following categories:

Product: our product team over the past six months has focused on implementing robust out-of-the-box integrations between MLOps platform and best-in-class tools for each stage of the machine learning development cycle.

Marketing: we are proud to announce that Neuromation and MLOps platform is now listed as one of the most popular “MLOps services”, “MLOps platform” in the world with the top position on the first page of Google search results and we are glad to announce that our contribution to the core technological standards of MLOps is being recognized by key industry players, the professional community, and ML practitioners alike.

Partnerships: MLOps platform is now a Core member of the AIIA (AI Infrastructure Alliance), a member of CAI (Content Authenticity Initiative) alongside Adobe, Microsoft, and Twitter. Neuromation is also an AWS Partner, Microsoft Partner, Google Cloud Partner, and a member of Microsoft Startups and the NVIDIA Inception program.

NTK: As an additional way to increase utilization of NTK, Neuromation has begun to test deployments of a payment gateway for general AI/ML services and computing power in pilot projects with regional cloud providers in EMEA, aligned with other potential channels for accelerating utilization of NTK. Neurotoken (NTK) can still be exchanged for AI services including data labeling, model development, synthetic data creation, AI strategy consulting, and fundamental research.

Read the full report in our blog
Neuromation is pleased to announce that Martin Birch, managing partner of Empire State Capital Partners, has joined the core team as non-executive Chairman. The appointment brings more than 30 years of experience in capital markets and knowledge of the current industry challenges to the Neuromation board.
Neuromation is excited to announce that NTK will begin trading on WhiteBit this week.

WhiteBIT is a European licensed centralized exchange that offers crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat transactions with 0.1% trading fees. WhiteBIT averages over $1 bln in trading volume daily and boasts more than 300,000+ users globally registered on the platform.

This is a major step in providing both Neuromation’s users and token holders with NTK liquidity to allow seamless transactions on the Platform. NTK will be listed initially with the NTK/BTC pairing with USDT to follow in a couple of weeks.
Neuromation is pleased to announce that the USDT/NTK pairing will launch on WhiteBIT today the 11th May. This pairing is in addition to our BTC/NTK pairing which went live on WhiteBit in April.

“This is another step in our plans to bring Neuromation and NTK to the attention of a much wider audience during 2021 as Neuromation’s AI and MLOPS platforms go live and begin to generate native demand for the NTK token.”

Said Martin Birch, Non-Executive Chairman of Neuromation.
The latest article “Walking in the valley of the giants”, by Martin Birch, Neuromation's Non-Executive Chairman. Introducing the Neuromation concept of artificial intelligence (AI) with particular reference to Neuromation’s specific specialty, being deep learning, and its application to the global marketplace in the 21st century. Read more in our blog.