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The National Justice Party Condemns Israel’s Terror Campaign Against Palestinians

"The National Justice Party condemns the ongoing terror campaign against the Palestinian people by the Israeli government. We further condemn all lackeys and agents of Zionism in the United States who enable this terror campaign through their traitorous subservience to a foreign power."
In Depth: How Israel Created the European Refugee Crisis

New article by Mike Peinovich
Warren Balogh: “Juneteeth” Propaganda Onslaught Crowns Orgy of Black Violence
Rogue Agency Running Amok: NJP Renews Call to Abolish The FBI

New statement by Warren Balogh
“The Failure of Focus Group Nationalism” delivered by Tony Hovater to the 5th mass meeting of the National Justice Party on July 24, 2021.
“Our Democracy” delivered by Warren Balogh to the 5th mass meeting of the National Justice Party on July 24, 2021.
“The Blood Libel of ‘Domestic Terrorism’” delivered by Mike Peinovich to the 5th mass meeting of the National Justice Party on July 24, 2021.
On July 24th, 2021, the National Justice Party held our fifth mass meeting before a large crowd of supporters in America’s heartland. Speeches were delivered by NJP Chief of Staff Tony Hovater, NJP Secretary Warren Balogh and NJP Chairman Mike Peinovich. The topics of the day were the crisis of American democracy and Biden Administration’s declaration of war on White Citizens under the aegis of fighting “domestic terrorism.”
Mike Peinovich: Exoneration of Ashli Babbit’s Killer Shows America’s True Racial Hierarchy
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Media is too big
Stay tuned for Media2Rise's new episode on America's newly emerging grassroots political alternative, the National Justice Party. In the coming episode we will go behind the scenes with the NJP to speak with its committee and those in attendance at their 5th national event. - For more info check out and to support go to
Forwarded from MEDIA2RISE
Our goal: to offer a media outlet that will counter the leftist-controlled media and the narrative that is used to degrade the efforts of nationalist movements and personalities. We wish to give our own people a voice to promote our ideals in a positive and truthful presentation. We believe communication to our people is the key to winning hearts and minds. For too long our movements have suffered without an outlet that can offer this style of documentation in a modern and engaging way.
We will tell our own stories. We will communicate our own ideals. We are Media2Rise.